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Now that third-party keyboards are allowed as defaults in iOS 8, developers are flooding the App Store with amazing typing features we iPhone owners never thought possible. If you thought swiping to type was awesome, just wait till you hear about this keyboard.

Nintype takes the swipe-type function to a whole new level by making it possible for you to use both hands, add taps, and adjust the keys on the screen to give you the most comfortable typing experience around.

This app is so much more than just a keyboard. There are shortcuts and word transformers, stylized text, a calculator, and more. There is so much to learn that, for the first five minutes, you will be subjected to a game that forces you to correctly type words in order to proceed. You can skip the tutorial by sliding down on the action bar at the top of the keyboard, but if you have the time, I suggest going through the guide to learn some of the cooler features.

Nintype 2

The most amazing aspect of this app is that you can swipe-to-type with both fingers on one word. No other swiping keyboard has made that possible, that I am aware of. That means you can start typing with your left thumb and switch to your right thumb, and back again, without disrupting the word. You can even swipe some letters, tap a few more, and swipe the last few to write out one word. The keyboard engine recognizes that you are still typing and won’t try to put a space between letters after you’ve lifted your finger from the screen.

You can resize your keyboard by splitting it in half (very useful on the iPad), centering it, pushing it to the left or right, or filing the bottom half of the screen with it.

If you type a word that is not in the default dictionary, you can teach it. Tap out the letters of the new word and it will learn it. You can swipe left or right on the space bar to activate a cursor and move between words. You can also select a variety of options, like all caps or alternate words, by swiping upward on the space bar.

Nintype 1

To create a shortcut, type out the word, then, choose the letter you want to use for the shortcut and hold down the space bar at the same time. You will be asked to confirm the shortcut. Then, to use the shortcut, hold the space bar and that letter at the same time.

The only problem with this keyboard is that the animations burn up a lot of your battery life. However, you can turn them off in Battery Saving Mode if you are concerned with the energy consumption. It also helps for those of you who think the disco lighting effect is a little too much.

You do not have to give permission for full access to use all of the features of this app.

Check out the tutorial to see the keyboard in action.

Nintype is available for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $4.99. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of Nintype? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Dan

    always loved this keyboard, nice to see this app is finally out

  • Abi Manyu

    this keyb kinda hard getting used to…

    • xBoomBastiKx

      Takes some time to get use to. I opened up notes app and went through tutorial twice!

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Best keyboard out there! Im actually typing this with the keyboard as we speak.

  • Jonathan

    A couple notes about the keyboard (may be randomly updated):
    Request for full access will be added later to allow keyboard sounds. (yes, it needs full access for that)

  • Eni

    That keyboard is super duper beautiful (in an french accent) lol. and also noting is a super duper expensive.

    • Abi Manyu

      yup, considering buying it but i don’t wanna be mad when it becomes free later as apple app of the week…

  • Jason Dennery

    Amazing keyboard. Pricey, yes, but worth it considering the sheer amount of features it brings to the table. It can be difficult to retrain your brain to using it, however once you do, it is incredibly useful.

  • OWashe

    Swipe will definately be deleted today. I’ve been waiting for this keyboard long enough

  • Jeep204

    Finally! This keyboard is awesome and have been beta testing it for months. Definitely needed some solid coverage. Awesome job!

  • T_Will

    This keyboard is so crazy, yet so awesome! 😀 Definitely takes some getting used to, I think the main advice is to start out mostly tapping, but begin to include some short swipes between two or three letters.

  • iRy757

    Glad he got his keyboard on the Appe Store. Can’t remember the kids name but he’s been working on it for a years.

    • Kevin Osborne

      Jormy. He’s one of the best devs I’ve spoken with. Awesome guy.

  • RookFlair

    This keyboard is perfect for the “flamboyant” community

  • Ds

    I love this keyboard!! it makes texting fun again. I helped beta test the keyboard for iOS8 and its gotten a lot of improvements with each update! it is well worth the $4.99 to get this app because of all the features it comes with. besides being a 3rd party keyboard the app itself is a note talong app. be prepared to spend some time with learning this keyboard though. the developer (jormy)<— that's his twitter account) is very good about answering questions when it comes to features. there's also a subreddit you can also go to /r/nintype if you have any questions about the keyboard. its features. or just need some advice on a good keyboard color.

  • Cesar D

    Looks awesome.

  • The tutorial made it seem harder to use than it actually is. I found myself using it alot easier just texting on the messaging app itself, definitely going to give it a couple of days to see if I can train my brain into using it properly but for now I’m really slow on it!

    • eXoguti093

      Oh trust me after a while your fingers will be flying all over the screen

  • Jason Dennery

    One thing which would be nice is the ability to save the custom themes that you make. I haven’t been able to find a way to do this.

    • ARX8

      It’s coming soon. Also sounds.

    • T_Will

      The developer said it’s on his list of features to add.

  • L J

    Damn they took it to the next level… That’s gonna take some getting use to though

    • ARX8

      That’s a next-gen keyboard. Single finger swipe so last gen.

  • ARX8

    2 years in development. Jormy worked really hard on 3 platforms to perfect this keyboard. He was about to give up iOS 8 app extension because of apple’s memory limitations.
    Jormy is a really good guy too. He responds to everyone and helps the ones in need. The price is totally fair. Because he put that much time and effort into this.

    • David Villamizar

      It’s amazing how the best keyboard is made by an indie developer.

  • KingKon_NL

    It might seem a bit confusing at first but I think you’ll get used to it fast enough. Just keep practicing and go through the tutorial a few times, that helps a lot.

  • Mustang5Oh

    That looks interesting.

    Also seems odd Borat is the voice in the video lmao.

  • HeavyComponent

    I’ve always wanted a keyboard to swype with 2 hands. Since this just came out I’ll give it some type to update to get rid of some bugs.

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      hes had it in beta mode for 2 months. it works great, much much better than the first beta from october i used.
      plus he had the keyboard inside his notes app last year and it was a jailbreak keyboard for ios 7 so its not like its just brand new

  • Rodney Coleman

    Too bad none of these keyboards actually work 100%.

    Can’t use them on quick reply so they all are worthless.

    • HeavyComponent

      Works on the default iOS pull down quick reply.

      • eXoguti093

        Although not on the lock screen if you have a passcode

      • HeavyComponent

        Maybe not now, but this keyboard does more than any other 3rd party keyboard.

    • Rodney Coleman

      I’ll have to try that out.

  • Shion915

    Been using this keyboard since the cydia version and I’m glad it finally came out on the App Store. It does require the user to get a custom to it which actually takes days and I think that’s where all the bad reviews arewhich is a shame. Learn the keyboard fully and you’ll never go back to any other app.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    I’ve had this keyboard since being jailbroken on iOS 7. Loved it since. Planning on buying it soon.

  • zouggar lyes

    So expensive 😮

  • I wonder when it’s going to sink in that it’s not $4.99 for a keyboard. The app is a full note taking app that has been around for a while, but now has a system wide keyboard…

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    No doubt, the best 3rd party KB.

    • Terence Ng

      but can it select the words just like swipe selection??? It’s the only feature that I use a lot.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Nope. Just tried

      • Terence Ng

        ok thank you. If only it can select words will be the best keyboard.

      • Kevin Osborne

        That’s an iOS 8 limitation unfortunately. Nothing the dev can control. You can have it act as if it is with full word deletion and stuff, but actually highlighting it isn’t possible.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        ios 8 limitation, like said before, but if you use the cursor movement and slide up from space bar it will change the word you’re on to a new choice. (like if you it says your and you wanted you’re you swipe up and itll change it)

  • Benjamin J Schwartz

    I loved using this jailbreak via Cydia on iOS 7. However, this official iOS 8 version is really a pain in the ass to use, and the text prediction is nowhere near swiftkey. For a while there he kept trying to use two hands for swiping with Swifty, but now, somehow, I can’t seem to type the least bit accurately with this keyboard.

  • Ian Leon

    Not buying it. Waiting until it turns into app of the week.

  • n0m0n

    Is there a detailed learning video? I’m a bit slow these days. I very much would like to master this. Looks very nice a lot of usefull functionality, as well option rich. Purchased just from the brief video attachment to show my support for your work. Thanks

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      the best way to learn this, i think, is to start pecking like you normally would and then slowly start sliding in between letters and youll start flying.

      • n0m0n

        OK I have been (not well) but there is so much hidden functionality and options that I was hoping to view a video or something.
        For-instance is there a way to turn the watery ripple effect when I touch the keyboard?


      • Kevin Osborne

        @n0m0n just hold the spacebar down to get to the menus and just experiment with the settings. Just remember to test after each setting change and remember what you did so you can set it back if you don’t like some. 🙂

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        yeah press and hold the speace bar and turn on battery save / zen mode

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    been using this since march on cydia and then beta tested for the developer since october for ios 8. the developer is awesome and is very helpful on reddit and twitter. great developer. great keyboard!

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    also, since ive been using this for 9 months i figured i would say.. if you want to use this with one hand, DONT use one handed mode. just pick your finger up when swiping opposite sides of the keyboard and put it back down. ie: for awesome swipe awes then lift and swipe om then tap e.

    • Kevin Osborne

      ^ Exactly. Still almost pretend as if you’re typing with two hands.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Bought it and deleted it right away

  • Justin Linnell

    So this keyboard is awesome, except…it’s not stable enough. This is probably more of an iOS issue, however it left this unusable for me. The keyboard wasn’t showing up on lock screen for quick reply, if it defaulted back to the stock keyboard (so at least I could type something) I could live with it, however having no keyboard at all show up is a deal breaker for me. This seemed to happen at random in other places as well. Back to hand key from cydia for now, hopefully this issue gets fixed soon and I can try it again but for now it’s a waste of $5

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