Prettier banners

I miss BiteSMS for so many reasons, and one of them is that the tweak adds the photo of your contacts in Messages notifications, assuming you do have a photo for that contact to begin with of course.

Prettier Banners is a new tweak that will certainly fill that void, at least until BiteSMS gets an update. Developed by Mohamed Marbouh, Prettier Banners will replace the Messages app icon with the photo of your contact when receiving a text message notification.

There is no setting to configure for this tweak. Simply download it from Cydia, and wait to receive a message from a friend. If you have assigned a profile photo to this contact in your Contacts/Phone app, then his photo will show in the banner and on the Lock screen.

The tweak works as advertised, as I haven’t encountered any issue during my limited testings. Whether you receive a notification on the Lock or Home screens or while inside an application, the notification will effectively come with a photo of the sender.

I do wish the photo displayed was a bit bigger as it is somewhat hard to easily identify the contacts from the small photos. Hopefully the developer can address this in a future update. Besides that, Prettier Banner is a tweak that I’d feel comfortable recommending to anyone looking for that sort of feature.

Prettier Banners can be downloaded from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for free.

If you do give it a try, make sure to come back here and share your impressions of the tweak.

  • ant3kn

    Square photo doesn’t match with the iOS UI, prettiest would be the circle one, but maybe in the future updates 🙂

    • Danny Rios

      I agree, it would be better if it was the size of the actual imessage contact photo used on 6+. Also if it was round. Because square doesn’t look good.

    • Cal J

      I agree 100%. I won’t be getting the tweak until this happens. I really want it though.

  • Ian Leon

    “Prettier Banners”? Depends who texts you…

    • Cameron Nelms


    • Edvard Rølvaag

      “I don’t always text, but when I do, I look pretty.”

  • czarczarczar

    I agree with ant3kn it would be better if the picture was Circled instead of squared . I hope the developers makes circled as an option

  • pnh

    Based on your reference to BiteSMS, you should know that I’ve spoken with the developer and he said it could be “months” before an iOS 8 compatible version is released.

    • Yes I am aware of that, unfortunately

      • Curious, is that Disqus profile picture actually you? No offence, but it looks very different from all the other photos of you at events, screenshots in reviews of tweaks involving contact pics, and in Jeff’s video reviews…

    • Wa1t


      • dnice

        from what i saw, the main dev left.

      • Wa1t

        Wowwww. Well that would explain it. smh….
        Darn Shame,..its really the only reason i jailbreak

  • I’m with ant3kn on this one! It would fit in better with the aesthetic of iOS8

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I wish the picture was circle not square.

  • Hopefully the dev will update it with circle or rounded square contact

  • dnice

    crashing like crazy, had to uninstall.

  • Out5poken

    How well does it play with tinyBar?

    • Dave Newcomb

      So far, so good 🙂

  • Antzboogie

    It’s a cool tweak I love it.

  • Dude, connect your iPhone with power, when i see your battery i get nervous. 😀

    • coLin

      it is charging. look at the thunder icon on the right of the battery