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Apple announced to developers on Wednesday evening it will be shutting down its iTunes Connect service December 22 to December 29 as part of the holidays.

In an email to registered developers, Apple said: “During this time, you will not be able to submit new apps, updates, or In-App Purchases.” While the connect service will be shutdown, Apple will allow developers to schedule app releases and price changes during the December 22 to December 29 period. 

So why the shutdown? Apple gives its iTunes Connect employees the week off for the Christmas holiday. Any changes that developers want to occur during the time, they must submit their app changes by December 18 “to ensure your app remains available during this busy period.”

During the time, Apple will also cease access to iTunes Connect, Application Loader, iTunes Connect for iOS, and changes to TestFlight Beta Testing.

  • Chris

    Shouldn’t it read “iTunes connect unavailable during 22-29” rather than “shutting down”? To me shutting down reads as never coming back.

  • iPodDroid

    *Itunes Connect will be unavailble December 22-29 Better Title, considering the current one is somewhat misleading..

  • Jesse

    Really it should say that you should submit your app a week prior because of all my experiences it has always taken about a week.

  • George

    This is why android is better when it comes to pushing updates through your app, in apples eco system it takes days.

    • Lurker22

      and it shows in the bugginess of the apps

      • George

        That doesn’t make sense though. What do buggy apps have to do with being able to push an update in a couple hours verses a week.

      • Guest

        Development vs deployment. Do you even know what you’re talking about?

    • Noah

      They’re two completely different systems. I believe Apple have a lot more quality applications than what Google does. Of course, both stores have that ~4% range where quality is lacked, and you wonder why, especially Apple lets them in to their App Store.

      Android is probably better with pushing updates because it doesn’t need to be through Google Play, for example, a cracked .apk store doesn’t need to be updated through GP.