Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will star in an upcoming reality show called ‘The Woz’, where with former Mythbusters star Kari Byron he’ll show off the latest gadgets and future of technology. 

According to a press release obtained by Gizmodo, ‘The Woz’ “introduces the audience to facilities where science fiction is quickly becoming reality.” Woz will have hands-on time with futuristic gadgets, and if you remember anything from Mythbusters, Kari will more than likely provide some hilarious anecdotes and hijinks.

Wozniak has always been known for his love of new gadgets. Interestingly, the Apple co-founder is never scared to criticize the Cupertino-based company, having said Apple is three years late with the iPhone 6 and that it should make an Android phone.

Exact details for the show are still scant. Gizmodo reports the show has been pitched to Discovery, but it’s not clear exactly where it will be picked up.

This should be entertaining.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    I just have a feeling that this show will make me cringe because it probably will be really cheesy or something, which won’t stop me from watching it though! 🙂

  • coLin

    I love Woz

  • Croak

    I’m still mad at Woz for selling GameaVision to that jerk Larrity.

    On topic, should be a good watch. Im in.

  • AlmightySatan

    It’s about time. Love ya Woz, but please lose some weight. It’d be nice to see you a little more fit and healthy. 🙂

  • Jonathan

    Can we like, please bring Kari back to Mythbusters?

  • MichaelNotMicro

    Familiar with the woman on the photo, yep.. I have saw her on Mythbusters….