T-Mobile Cyber Monday (iPhone 6)

T-Mobile, the nation’s fourth-largest carrier, is taking a cool hundred bucks off the iPhone 6 model with sixty-four gigabytes of storage. That’s basically giving you the 64GB iPhone 6 for the price of the 16GB version, a savings of $100 dollars.

The Deutsche Telekom-owned company normally sells the 64GB iPhone 6 model for the full price of $749 (or $99 down plus monthly installments).

And as part of its Cyber Monday deal, T-Mobile is also discounting other iPhone models, including the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Today only, shoppers in the market for a previous-generation iPhone can pick up an iPhone 5s with sixty-four gigabytes of storage for the price of an iPhone 5s with thirty-two gigabytes, which stands at $599.

Likewise, you can get an iPhone 5c with thirty-two gigabytes of storage for the price of an iPhone 5c with eight gigabytes ($449). The iPhone offer ends midnight Pacific Time tonight.

Other smartphones are available with a $100 discount, including Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Note 3 and Note 4, Google’s new Nexus 6 and LG’s Optimus L90.

This is a web-only offer and quantities are limited.

Check out T-Mobile’s Cyber Monday page.

  • John Smith

    omg if i was in america i would but this in the blink of an eye

    • Roozbeh39

      Same mostly for most of us đŸ˜€

  • Rodney Coleman

    Only T-Mobile lol. I dislike that company.

  • TwinSon

    So they are taking $100 of retail if you buy it outright as well as if you finance it? I got my 64GB 6+ for $99 down as well so from the viewpoint of someone who chose to finance their device, it doesn’t really sound like much of a deal. Maybe if that $100 off translated into $0 if you chose to finance it.

    • n4nd4

      the handset was $99 cheaper even with financing. right off the bat you were given a $99 credit towards the iPhone 6 final price…even with financing.

      • TwinSon

        Right and I understand that but it’ really only beneficial on the backend if you choose to finance your phone(and pay it off) or if you but it outright. If you use the JUMP! program then it really doesn’t make a difference if you upgrade early. Only surefire way to make it a deal is they still treat it as a device paid for at full retail, since JUMP only pays for up to 50% of your device’s total value.

  • singhay559

    If only they had good cellular connection

  • Sweetening a ripoff is…still a ripoff.

    • James G

      How, exactly, is the iPhone 6 a ripoff? It’s an extremely powerful computer in the palm of your hand and in your pocket.

      • Powerful to quickly search for details, play light candy crush games and make payments. Not worth a Surface Pro.

        The OnePlus One is the only reasonably priced SmartPhone IMO.

      • James G

        Yes that phone is reasonably priced but that’s because the software it runs on isn’t as tightly integrated with the hardware as is possible with Apple devices.

        Thanks for commenting though. I had not heard of the OnePlus One and just checked it out. It looks awesome.

      • That integration stuff presumes I’m interested in buying the other overpriced devices with which it “integrates”…which isn’t always the case. Also, being tightly integrated into a restrictive, compatibility-breaking, feature-lacking, and inflexible system, just for a small gain in simplicity, is far from a justification for being overpriced IMO. If anything, the disadvantages nullify the advantage, so, it’s not a reason to be overpriced.

      • Cody

        The iPhone 6 isn’t powerful at all, it is the software that makes it powerful, if it wasn’t for iOS the iPhone would be dead already.

      • Manuel Molina


        The reason I keep an iPhone over an Android device is software. The iPhone is very outdated on specs (1 GB ram, 8MP camera, 1.3 camera in the front). The software optimizes all of that to keep as good as it is. If the iPhone put more hardware under the hood of their devices while keeping software or continuing to improve it, the iPhone would be the biggest beast in the world.