TaiG released a jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1 devices this morning, roughly two weeks after Apple closed the latest Pangu jailbreak by releasing iOS 8.1.1. For those unfamiliar with the TaiG team, they were behind the third-party Chinese app store-evad3rs controversy last fall.

It’s surprising that the team chose to release at this time, given that the previous jailbreak has only be defunct for a few weeks, and Apple is in the middle of testing iOS 8.2. But long-time jailbreak community patriarch MuscleNerd speculates that it likely had something to do with money.

You can learn how to jailbreak by viewing our video walkthrough and reading our iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak tutorial.

While MuscleNerd essentially confirms the jailbreak is legitimate here, he does warn that folks should wait a few days “just in case.” TaiG does not have a track record in releasing widely-available jailbreaks, so of course concerns of stability and safety are going to pop up. Proceed with caution.

Device compatibility

According to Taig’s website, the new jailbreak is compatible with iOS 8.0-iOS 8.1.1 on the following devices:

  • iPod touch 5G
  • iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Air 2

Preparing to jailbreak

You should always backup your device before attempting to jailbreak, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong, and we usually recommend doing a fresh restore/install of the latest compatible firmware before proceeding, as it tends to make things run much more smoothly. Additionally, the TaiG team asks that users disable their Lock screen passcodes and the “Find My iPhone” feature, as they can potentially interfere with the app’s jailbreaking process.

As for how to jailbreak, we are currently testing out TaiG on our own devices and will provide our usual step-by-step tutorial in a separate post when done.

Initial impressions

It looks like the TaiG jailbreak utility is Windows-only right now, and there’s no word yet on when a Mac version will be available. Also worth noting is that users are given the choice to install Cydia during the install process, along with something called “3k助手.”

The consensus seems to be that the jailbreak works great with iOS 8.1.1, but some users are running into issues with beta 2. The good news is that many users are reporting that a majority of their tweaks still work (perhaps unsurprising given that iOS 8.1.1 was a fairly minor update).

But despite the positive early signs here, we still recommend holding off on this jailbreak for now. Again, we don’t know enough about it in terms of safety and reliability, and we’re not sure it’s worth the risk of losing your current stable jailbreak. If you want to check it out, you can download TaiG from our Downloads section, and be sure to tell us about your experience down in the comments.

Stay tuned.

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  • Alex Blaha

    WHAT. NO. WHY. They will patch it again by the time 8.2 GM is released!

    • Donovan

      Well, then when 8.2 is released, wait another 2 weeks and there’ll probably be another jailbreak out already.

      • Niclas

        And then when 8.3 is released, hey dudes, we’re all out of sploits atm.
        Oh well, at least we released that great 8.1.1 jb! (While 8.1 was signing and jb’able)

    • Nima Kian

      Jailbreak will live on!!! Apple will never stop it and there is an article on an already upcoming jailbreak for iOS 8.2 so suck it!!

  • Mac_Guy

    Why not wait for 8.2…… seriously

    • Brian Brown

      That’s what I’m saying.

    • daniel awde

      Like musclenerd said.. Theres lot of money involved. So who ever released thr JB first get the worm

      • coLin

        I wonder who is sponsoring the “race”…

      • pheonix31121

        how abt the thought of apple?

      • coLin

        you have a point

      • pheonix31121

        its just a thought but who knows. i read once a long time back that apple had hired some hackers of the jb community to work for them as programmers for the os.

      • coLin

        Or like Apple is paying hackers to find the flaws so they can fix them

      • pheonix31121

        haha yeah. totally sounds like apple

      • Niclas

        It is 25PP and 3K.

    • Walter White

      no worries , there will always be exploits …


      • Manuel Molina

        Unless they burned a good one that could have been used on 8.2. I think 90 Percent of people are like wtf, 8.2 is around the corner.

      • Nima Kian

        so what iOS 8.2 comes out and boom jailbreak is out.

      • Niclas

        It’s better to have an extra set of exploits than to be one short…
        This jb adds nothing atm.

      • Nima Kian

        there will always be exploits no matter what.

    • Ian Leon

      iOS 8 is probably so full of vulnerabilities that they have another exploit in their pocket

  • KravMagaBen

    this a big surprise keep the jailbreaks coming

  • Vatsal Manot

    Apple’s whole Gandalf-like “You shall not pass” thing against jailbreaking is really not working out.

    • Shawn

      All Apple does is path security holes. Not really them locking jail breakers out as much as patching security exploits.

    • Andrew Breyen

      Just want apple to let us JB w/o JBing 🙂 ha… Cydia bundled in iOS 8…


  • Ralph Castro

    Nooo. They should have waited till iOS 8.2

  • TwinSon

    Apple is just going sit back and wait until this pissing match Is over and then s**t on both of them and close up any holes they found. Just perfect.

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    idiots!!! wait for a stabil 8.2 8.3, then break the gimp

  • thetkaeo

    As amazing as this is, they should have waited for 8.2. Great job anyways TaiG!

  • iPodDroid

    Ummmm…. I don’t know how to feel about this… On one hand you’ve given quite a few people the chance to jailbreak, but on the other hand it feels rushed…. Eh?

    • Manuel Molina

      Like 5% of people are on 8.1.1. It does nothing for any iDevice but the 4S and I believe one more. The update was a jailbreak killer and to make the other device move faster on iOS 8.

  • Joseph

    Why now?! Apple is still signing iOS 8.1 T_T

    • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

      Year….idiots!!! wait for a stabil 8.2 8.3, then break the gimp RUSH RUSH, Money , Money

  • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

    Why the hell are we jailbreaking iOS 8 still? It’s pointless, wait till iOS 9 then exploit it! They’re burning essential vulnerabilities for pointless iOS versions.

    • Jeroen Claassens

      coz… yolo?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        I was expecting a more technical answer.. But that’ll do

      • waqass

        lol 😀

      • Jerry


      • Wilber Flores


    • Vatsal Manot

      Hackers are opportunists. Besides, exploits come and go, the cycle becoming more frequent as the complexity of software increases.

    • Mark Kramer

      Why they hell are you commenting on it if you don’t care? Your post is pointless.

    • Lurker22

      Because there is no guarantee that Apple doesn’t find the security hole in the next major release…

      • Nima Kian

        they probably won’t lol knowing apple they will release iOS 8.2 with plenty of the same exploits.

    • Nima Kian

      why not?

  • latinlegacy

    they have a jailbreak ready for 8.2 as well

  • Yehya Mansour

    I don’t know if many will agree with me, but I think the jailbreak community is on its way to death. Back in the days when I had my iPhone 3G, jailbreaking was great/cool. It unleashed the phone’s capabilities and improved the way we use it. It really gave us the customizations we want and need for such a device. However, as iOS advanced, the need for a jailbreak was decreasing with every major iOS release. I continued to jailbreak all my iPhone/iPad through out the years and used most of Jailbreak softwares from JailbreakMe and RedSn0w to GreenPosi0n and Evasi0n.
    However, when Pangu popped up, I was a bit hesitant, even though Saurik said was fine, I had my doubts about such a jailbreak, I feel it’s insecure in a way of another and now God knows if TaiG is so or not.
    Moreover, we Apple users are known for our love for simplicity and ease of use, but over time Cydia our great store turned out from being neat and organized to be a total mess. Most of the packages on Cydia now don’t work with current devices, and most of the Apps are taking months to be updated. Add to that, I think one of the worst things that happened to the jailbreak community was the death of ICY(Cydia’s Alternative which is now owned by Saurik, and “incorporated” in Cydia). I don’t blame Saurik for this mess, he is a great guy devoting his time so that millions can get the most of their devices but I think he should step it up and CLEAN Cydia, let it be more organized and neat, let go all the old packages, and give it a facelift.
    I jailbroke my iPhone 6 Plus, few days after I got it, but the lack of support and the bugs I faced, obliged me to restore directly, I’m now on 8.1.1 and personally I don’t think I need to jailbreak. Apple is being more open and it’s giving users their freedom with every iOS release. I miss the days when a brilliant jailbreak tweak pushes you to jailbreak, now tweaks are not on the old level.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      ..wow how long did that take you to type?

      • Vatsal Manot

        5.34190427084 minutes to be exact.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Haha how’d you calculate that?

      • Vatsal Manot

        I didn’t.

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      • kallan hannah

        i lolled you mother in her lol

      • rockdude094

        Its not that long actually

    • bega

      lazy to read this

      • Mark Kramer

        You are what’s wrong with society today. If the message doesn’t fit on a bumper sticker your brain can’t process the extra characters. That is your failing, not the OP’s. It also explains why most people can’t hold an intelligent conversation or debate. They can’t think beyond a bumper sticker slogan and defend a position.

      • bega

        Dear Mark, I have read the first sentence of the post. I got his opinion in a first sentence. I dont want to read further because my point about jailbreak is opposite. Thats why I am feeling lazy and pointless (to me) to read further.
        You have no clue what my brain can process.
        Have a good day!

      • Gucciipad

        Lazy to read this

      • bega

        Guccipad, you have already read that. This text you read too.

      • Dan

        maybe he just don’t want to read some random dude’s wall of text, better things to read?

      • bega

        yeah, totally correct. From first sentence of post you get an idea what he gonna talk about. And I am not interested to read further, there are many things you can spent time on.

      • Patrick

        Mark Kramer I am voting you for President. You are so right and on point and very funny!!!

      • kallan hannah


      • Then have your iPhone or MacBook read it to you.

      • kallan hannah

        you suck cock cunt

    • Mark Kramer

      I agree that Cydia is a mess. While Saurik has kept it running he clearly doesn’t care about organizing things by ios version or phone model to make it easy to find things. His search engine in Cydia is a joke and doesn’t return things in alphabetical order to make it easy to find things. His themes button the main page is a joke and just lists random things from multiple ios families. Sadly there’s nothing we can do about it. We’re a captive audience so he doesn’t need to do anything further.

      However the iphone lacks many features I WANT and I will pay for these features in the jailbreak world.

      • Lurker22

        Problem is Cydia is based upon code and design from 5-6 years ago. It’s SHOCKING with all the money he has generated he didn’t bother with at least updating the GUI by now.

    • leart

      The last worthy and made from the old devs it was evasion 6 and the ih8snows 6.1.3.

      • kabalan

        its always about money and piracy? if you think this is just happening now youre missing alot since IOS 3.x.x

      • leart


      • leart

        You are missing what I wrote.

    • Marcus

      I agree with you completely. I remember the first device I jailbroke was my second generation iPod Touch with JailbreakMe and then I always used redsn0w for everything after that. I believe I’ve used some other tools as well such as Absinthe, GreenPosi0n, and Blackra1n; but I’ve always found redsn0w to be the best. I used Evasi0n when it came out because I trusted everyone involved with it, but when Pangu was released on iOS 7… I never updated my phone. I stayed on iOS 7.0.6 (or 7.0.4 I don’t remember) with Evasi0n. Everyone said Pangu was legit, but I just didn’t like how they were anonymous and 100% new. I’m jailbroken on iOS 8 with Pangu now and I trust them, but I don’t think I’ll ever use TaiG as long as Pangu is around.

    • mickey

      I agree to an extent. The progression of iOS has eliminated many tweaks and that was inevitable. But there are still new tweaks being developed and at least for me there about a dozen tweaks I prefer to have my phone running and at least a handful I wouldn’t like to live without. But that’s just preference.

    • Lurker22

      Agree completely. This is the first new iphone I have not bothered to jailbreak. There just isn’t anything that matters to me in the jailbreak software store anymore. ACtually, just F.Lux otherwise iOS 8 (coupled with a modern cell phone plan which includes tethering) really gets most of the functionality. The folks taht still jailbreak are teenagers who showed off to me some themes and a couple useless tweaks, but nothing that adds in any way to the FUNCTIONALITY of the device.

    • m0tm4t

      Even though later versions of iOS have integrated functions that you would previously have to jailbreak for, ex. toggles, I feel you’ve lost interest in customizing or researching latest ways to customize. There’s been some roadbumps as newer versions of iOS have been released and software has needed to be updated, but I wouldn’t discard the “need” for jailbreaking. Lets not forget that Apple hired developers that created tweaks and/or used concepts that were initially developed in the jailbroken environment. I think it’s detrimental for the evolution of iOS for developers outside of Apple to continue to add features so later Apple will adapt. Regarding latest tweaks, personally, it’s difficult to live without IntelliID (get a lot of calls), NoSlowAnimations (my phone is much faster than Apple is allowing omg), MyWi, & iCleaner Pro (I only ever buy 16GBs).

    • Ted Forbes

      All good, but in all truth I think Apple loves the daring and challenging jailbreaking community no matter who does it, it helps Apple to make Apple devices the safest and toughest in the world. Well, at the expense of our devices that is!.

    • Nima Kian

      hey dude no one cares what god thinks. ok? you only live one and if you don’t try and find out then you will never know. taiG could be the next big thing who knows but you can’t sit and pray. Oh dear lord let this be virus free. i mean who cares just jailbreak and find out

    • Nima Kian

      jailbreak gives you a lot more freedom than apple

    • Nima Kian

      when was the last time apple let you make your icons twirl like the app called barrel. or cylinder?

    • Nima Kian

      i mean congrats they let you use third party keyboards wow I’m so impressed still i can do a lot more with jailbreak

  • intellectual traits

    Dumb asses. Now when 8.2 is out it’ll be patched…..waste of exploit smh..

    • Mark Kramer

      Your the dumb ass. I haven’t heard of any jailbreaks you’ve released.

      • ✯Mike✯

        you’re^ lol dumbass

      • intellectual traits

        It’s not about me, idiot. It’s about the the future of the JB community.

  • A Boy Named Dheeraj

    no need to worry, they have so many exploits with them waiting and other members are not sitting idle!

  • Chris

    The next 3-4 weeks will be interesting, however it’s interesting to see Taig releasing their own jailbreak considering all the negative feedback they had about their store.

  • Riar Jotz

    they have waited or not… but at the end of the day apple gonna patch them.. e.g iOS 9. etc

    • Mark Kramer

      And they are just going to get jailbroken again. Hello, we’ve been doing this for 8 years now.

  • Cristian B

    Wow. Way too fast….

  • Brian Brown

    Not doing anything until Jeff makes a video on it

  • markelite

    Jailbreaks are being released rapidly nowadays… Wow Unbelievable, The Chinese are very good at this.

  • Riar Jotz

    and as always wrong time jailbreak released for idb guys..lol

  • Eikast

    People are looking at this the wrong way. They’re not jail breaking for us, people who do not use that Chinese app stores. There’s probably a ton of money to be made by having a jailbreak out for the latest iOS version just for that App Store.

  • I’m all for them releasing jailbreaks for each firmware that gets released, it seems as though these teams from China are finding this jailbreaking thing to be rather easy judging by the speed of release for each jailbreak, I say good luck to them whilst at the same time I can enjoy the latest iOS version and a jailbreak

  • Exstinction

    huh? taig and pangu are not the same?

  • Matt Taylor

    Gone are the days we had to wait months on end for the evad3rs to release a jailbreak! The Chinese are making it look like child’s play…

    • Sheeezy

      and keeoing us updated in contrast to the evad3rs where they won’t talk to public in month !
      I like this chinese guys way more just for the fact, that they’re so fast. Also I’m not mad that the (few) first version were only for developers.

  • Tim

    Great news, as I updated to 8.1.1 and jailbreak:)

  • HoodFlow

    Can somebody confirm that tweaks updated to iOS 8.1 also working on 8.1.1?

  • enifome

    jailbreak war that is liking

  • Eni

    Sorry for my ignorance but is iOS 8.1 still being signed?

    • Jeremy


  • Andrew

    No iPad 2 and 3 support?

  • Eni

    Next year or so we will need to pay to jailbreak with all this going one, hope that pangu stays ‘alive’

  • battosai

    Competition is good for jailbreak now we don’t have to wait month 😀

  • Eric Castro

    The fact we see so many jailbreaks at this pace can only mean one thing: chinese hackers were brought to the scene by $$$$$$. Which makes me think jailbreaking wasn’t that much difficult, when there is enough cash to motivate fully qualified hacker dream team quickly. Which seems to an easy thing in China knowing the whole piracy marketplace business they have there.

  • Nirvana

    Somehow Apple will spot this TaiG Jailbreak and patch the vuln. right when 8.2.x is out. If so, this jailbreak would be worthless, only valuable to 4S and iPad 2 for the time being.

    • Kieran.Lillis

      If I follow your logic correctly, the iPod Touch 5g as well.

      • Nirvana

        Yeah, I missed that. 😀

  • Sasuke Konodo

    I jailbreak using TaiG and now my iPad mini is successfully jailbroken. I install tweak from cydia and it’s work fine.

  • Ian Leon

    Does iOS 8 have a jailbreak API built in or something ?

  • Chocolatewe

    Thank you! 😀 But if this jailbreak gets patched in 8.2 im gunna be a unhappy chappy

  • Melma

    Some people dont understand the term “Money”, wait for what?? They just knocked out 8.1.1 nd they Gonna do the same shit to 8.2 in some Mike Tyson way lol..so I would say good punch Taig..Im just gonna wait nd see if the Jailbreak is safe..das it (Por la Plata baila en Mono) for the money the monkey dance..

  • Wow, jailbreaking is getting to a whole new level. It’s becoming more like a regular app; iOS updates breaks compatibility, the devs release a quick update and all is good until the next iOS update.

  • mike

    I choose to not get upset about “burning” exploits. These hackers are excellent at their jobs, and know the science of finding exploits. I won’t complain that I can now be jailbroken on the latest firmware, even if Apple decides to patch it right away. No one should be worrying about waiting for an exploit to be found these days.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Who cares.. These Chinese guys beating America to all the fun. They said everything was patched in 8.1.1 but it’s not. So who cares?

  • Munday

    I haven’t had a problem at all. Works great and all my tweaks still work

  • zeman tamy

    if you are on ios 8.1.1 firmware – since apple is still signing IOS 8.1
    all you have to do is downgrade to ios 8.1 and jailbreak using pangu
    so why do we need TaiG

  • robert soutar

    why mention 8.2 JB when this is not available to JB from TaiG

  • Yunsar

    Would it be good to update to 8.1.1 from jailbroken 8.1 and then jailbreak it with TaiG?

  • Niclas

    Oh really? Where’s the Jailbreak for the AppleTV?
    You don’t know how hard it is to create a jailbreak.

    • Nima Kian

      i never said jailbreak was easy..Maybe you should read every single word and comprehend every single word.
      i know jailbreaking is hard all I’m saying is there will always be an exploit in apples code

      • Niclas

        Dude, I can read.
        Just because an exploit exist, dosen’t mean that “finding an exploit” will be done in a few days. Some exploits existed and was not found in code for 20 years before being used in a jailbreak.
        Please comprehend what I say instead of wondering what I comprehend.

  • Amir

    Hi guys..
    I just jailbraked my ipad mini on ios 8.1.1 all is good but my App Store not coming up
    Does any one know whats the solution or had same problem?
    Thanks in advanced

  • Dizzlerocksj’s

    its always been about money