Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro ad (breaking MacBook in half)

You may recall that Lenovo recently teamed up with Microsoft on a television commercial which dissed the MacBook Air because the ultra-thin Apple notebook is not a convertible machine like Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro. Now the computer maker is back at it with a new video Tuesday.

Crafted in co-operation with UCB Comedy’s funniest prank shoppers and presented as a hidden camera prank, the clip depicts a guy pitching Lenovo’s new Yoga 3 convertible to mall shoppers.


By breaking MacBooks in half to demonstrate how the Yoga 3 combines two devices into one, a traditional laptop and a tablet.

The video runs two minutes and 26 seconds long, give it a watch below.

By the way, the Yoga 3 was designed by Ashton Kutcher, who works as a Product Engineer for the Chinese firm.

The Lenovo machine isn’t bad at all.

It’s foldable, 13mm thin (versus the MacBook Air’s 17mm on the thickest part), runs Windows and Office software, has a physical keyboard and more.

Too bad it costs $1,300 versus $899 for the MacBook Air.

[Above Average on YouTube via 9to5Mac]

  • August Ebbesen

    I don’t know whats more the joke here.. Them making fun of apple or the fact that they’ve made a computer named “Yoga”.

  • Tom


  • G.Dash


    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      I don’t know what’s more sad, comparing windows to mac or the fact that it’s a tablet hooked up to a keyboard that iPads already have as accessories.

      • Kaptivator

        Thats what I think when I see the commercials. Just get a keyboard for your iPad.

      • anonymous

        u guys are comparing the wrong products, u can compare a tab to an ipad, and a mac to a laptop, why would u compare an ipad to notebook or even a macbook, u guys realize that tablets OS such as ios or android has not yet been given full consumer utility like a laptop right.

      • A Tablet hooked up to a Keyboard is exactly what a Laptop is. Bastardized or not, that’s up to the OS (Operating System) to define, not the form-factor…only difference is, the MacBook Air restricts you to the Laptop form-factor so that you cough up more cash to Apple for the Tablet form-factor.

  • kurt

    I don’t understand the need to attack Apple for this. Or really any of their other products, but especially this one. So what, they made a laptop that folds. Why attack a company that has a normal laptop? In my opinion its completely stupid. Two remotely different products, of course they aren’t going to compare… I am not an apple fanboy, but I am someone who can’t stand when companies spend millions just to bash their competitors! If your product is good enough, it should sell itself without the need to make their competitors look like crap. Yes, apple used to do that in a way with the mac vs pc commercials but technically they weren’t calling out a specific company, just pc in general. I just think its ridiculous when you have to bash another company to sell a product. whether its phones, computer or even toilet paper. Let your products speak for themselves!

    • GuyWithTheThings

      “If your product is good enough, it should sell itself without the need to make their competitors look like crap. Yes, apple used to do that in a way with the mac vs pc commercials but technically they weren’t calling out a specific company, just pc in general. I just think its ridiculous when you have to bash another company to sell a product. whether its phones, computer or even toilet paper. Let your products speak for themselves!”

      My thoughts exactly. Can I give you more than one upvote?

    • The same reason Microsoft creates Surface ads comparing to the MacBook Air; to get the attention of Mac users, and it’s working perfectly to their advantage (see all the reviews from former Mac users, bit ly/1tVwdIy).

      They have dozens of other ads that don’t compare to anything. These comparison ads get 10x or even 100x more views…smart and efective marketing if you ask me.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    I really don’t get the point of “2-in-1’s” or whatever they’re called. If your laptop is touchscreen and you fold it over into a tablet, you’ve got a big clunky keyboard in the back. If you have the tablet and you fold it into a laptop, you’ve got a bunch of fingerprints on the screen. To top it off, there’s Windows 8, which is probably the most unintuitive OS I’ve personally ever used. I’d rather carry around an iPad or dedicated tablet, such as a Nexus 9, and my MacBook Pro.

    • kled23

      well the product is for ppl who are fond of laptops more than tablets, guys using tablets wont necessarily switch to this device but for the ones who are using a laptop and want a tablet experience which is similar to their favored windows ecosystem will find this attractive, by the way windows 8 is not unintuitive, its an improvement wilh some vital features missing like start menu, which can be brought back in 5 min using 3rd party software., but since u said its ur personal opinion, ill respect that.

  • Shane

    I think you got the pricing wrong 😉
    going for the lowest i5s…

    Yoga 2 (Core i5 1.6, 500GB/4GB) $849.00 (now $679.00)
    MacBook Air (Core i5 1.4, 128GB/4GB) $899.00

    Yoga 2 Pro (Core i5 1.7, 128GB/4GB) $1,299 (now $949.00)
    MacBook Air (Core i5 1.4, 128GB/4GB) $999.00

    • ali_plus

      They are advertising Yoga 3 Pro. Please check again.

      • Shane

        there was a reason I posted specs ;), anyways even with this the price of a 13″ device was compared to a 11″, so technically wrong.

      • Andrew

        But you gave the specs for a Yoga 2… This is the Yoga 3…

      • Shane


        if you had actually looked carefully, I wouldn’t have to break it down,

        in the article,

        the price of the 11″ MacBook Air ($899) was used and compared to a 13″ Yoga ($1300 & rounded up),

        why is this important?

        because there already exists a 13″ MacBook Air that could have been used as comparison base, which is more expensive ($999/128gb , $1199/256gb)

        was this intentional??

        PLUS, no where is this video it mentions Yoga 3, it just says Yoga, so go figure…

        and spec wise:

        Yoga 3 Pro (13″, Core M 5Y70 1.1, 256/8GB) $1300
        MacBook Air (13″, Core i5 1.4, 128GB/4GB) $1000
        if you still don’t see it, I don’t what to say…

  • sNick

    Didn’t get the point .. should this be funny?

  • NekoMichi Kobayashi

    Making a public spectacle of vandalising a competitor’s goods is never a good way of marketing anything. First there was OnePlus One’s “Smash” campaign and now this.

    • Odd you should say that, ’cause it’s actually working perfectly for Microsoft; look at all the reviews from former Mac users (bit ly/1tVwdIy). These comparison ads are doing exactly as intended; getting the attention of Mac users…

  • Apple makes a phone that does bend and gets lambasted, they make a computer that doesn’t bend and get attacked! Poor Apple can’t win.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      They did fix the bending issue though. I read an article a few weeks ago where the newer iPhone 6 Plus’s (as in being produced around four weeks after they were released) weighed slightly more than the ones first sold. Upon disassembly, there was a little red plastic piece around the volume buttons that added about a tenth of an ounce onto the weight and fixed the bending issue.

      • BoardDWorld

        Next year it’ll will be properly fixed, and you’re going to get S class internals and camera. Just waiting this version out…

      • George

        Only fools buy a new $800 phone every year

      • BoardDWorld

        I’m on a 4S which I bought secondhand a few months back. Just bought my Mother a secondhand 64GB 5S for USD485, she was meant to get a 6 Plus 128GB but a phone that bends likes that just isn’t what I call an Apple class product. I only buy new when it’s worth it. Still waiting on a good reason to upgrade my mid 2012 Macbook Air. A graphics bump doesn’t cut it and battery isn’t a big deal as it’s for around home. So yes I’m definitely with you on that comment.

      • I have had a 6 Plus from day 1 and I have had absolutely no issues with it. I was being facetious with my remarks.

  • Matt Taylor

    Who needs a bending laptop when you can have a bending phone :-p

  • GzyOnline

    i LOVE my lenovo yoga 13! 😀

  • mark arellano

    So I going to switch to Lenovo cux it can blend …….. Why others try to hard and the more stupid way to get people the already use Mac are they think that breaking and making look bad to Apple products is the way of get more sales? I just love more my MacBook air after see this shite

  • Lhu

    how come Aston Kutcher is a product engineer?

  • Silly joke…

    • N&LH

      Mac users are able to think, chose and decide…

      • Maybe the minority that got a Mac not due the misleading “Macs don’t get viruses” or “Macs don’t slow down” BS…the rest, they clearly require someone to do their thinking for them, and these ads are doing that perfectly.

  • John Tremendol

    Funny thing is ashton kutcher played steve jobs in jobs!

  • Ian Leon

    You just literally gave a customer a bad experience. They’ll never forget, how bad you made them feel.

  • bega

    I think those people will hate Lenovo Yoga after the prank

  • s0me

    “Too bad it costs $1,300 versus $899 for the MacBook Air.” Too bad you are biased and dont even do your reserch. Yoga 3 Pro is 13 inch with 256gb SSD so you should compare it to the 13 inch 256gb Macbook Air wich is 1299. Besides that the Yoga has newer and more suitable hardware for mobile use and lets not forget about the touch screen.

  • DeathSlashsr

  • daniel awde

    That must be the most expensive prank ever

  • Gary LE

    The wuestion is how the heck is ASHTON KUTCHER A PRODUCT ENGINEER? Does he need a degree?