If you’re an iOS gamer, or have one on your holiday shopping list, you might want to check out this deal on this NES-style Bluetooth controller. It’s called the NES30, and for a limited time, Stack Social is offering it at 25% off of its regular retail price.

The controller features two additional action buttons, and two shoulder buttons, but other than that it’s nearly identical to Nintendo’s classic gamepad. It works via both Bluetooth and USB, supports multiplayer, and has a 20+ hour rechargeable battery. 

The NES30 connects to iOS, Android and Windows Phone Devices, as well as Nintendo’s Wii console and both Mac and Windows computers. 8Bitdo doesn’t say it’s MFi-certified, but it does say “supports iOS 7 games” and works with the iCade platform.

What’s in the box: included in the box is the NES30 gamepad, an Xtander stand for your devices, an FC30th Anniversary key chain, a USB cable and a user manual. The product is covered by a full one-year manufacturers warranty with replacement.

Typically the controller goes for $40, but for the next 5 days, Stack Social is offering it for $29.99 with free shipping. The promotion is available in dozens of countries around the globe. For more information on the deal, or to by the NES30, click here.

  • August Ebbesen

    I would love to see this controller with the GBA4iOS app.

  • Merman123

    2-3 week shipping time.

    • Drew Diver

      $34 on Amazon with Prime shipping. I’d rather pay the extra $4 and get it by this Friday…

  • Tyler

    The nerd in me wants this

  • John

    my iPhone 6 jailbroken iOS 8.1 was dead on battery so i put it on charging and after 10 minutes it was still on the apple logo and really hot so i did hard reset reboot but it turns on the apple logo bright then goes dim and stays there and won’t let me in safe mode by the volume up button. Please help?

    • Dante

      Did you have a passcode set on your phone? If so, you unfortunately will need to restore and re-jailbrake, but this time after your do it DO NOT open cydia until AFTER your restore your back up. There was a now patched bug with Cydia and passcodes. I’m not 100% certain this was your issue, but it sounds very similar to what what was happening to me and this was my resolution.

  • Linton Findlay

    would rather use my ps3 controller and controllers4all when it gets updated to ios8

    • Kimball

      lets hope it gets updated soon, its one of the biggest reasons I jailbreak!