iphone 6

Apple tonight posted two new TV commercials to its YouTube channel showcasing the recently-launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The spots are entitled ‘Gamers’ and ‘Reservations,’ and the first demonstrates the gaming power of the new A8 processor, while the latter shows off the new Continuity feature in iOS 8.

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and recording artist Justin Timberlake return for both adverts, which are shot in a similar fashion to recent iPhone 6 ads. The camera zooms in on a pair of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets, and the duo provide comedic voiceovers as they demonstrate various phone and iOS features.



The game in the ‘Gamers’ ad is Vainglory, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title that Apple used to showcase its new A8 processor and Metal technology at its September iPhone event. And in the second ad, the duo demonstrate how to make phone calls from non-iPhone devices using Continuity.

What do you think of the new commercials?

  • Renan Benatti Dias

    Funny! ^^

  • iBanks

    Whelp! Let’s see who all is going to call the numbers displayed on the devices shown in Reservations.

  • john diaz

    Good for you apple!

  • L J


  • Ian Leon

    “Reservation” has Meme potential

  • I shouldn’t have laughed so much on the second one 😀 Love the second one

  • Cristian B

    Haha This is why I love Apple. Their so humorous and cheery in their commercials while all Samsung and Microsoft do is try to bash them.

  • Jeffrey

    That Reservations ad was kinda funny but the Gamers ad was just…. Ugh…

    • Litchy

      It was clearly aimed at gamers. I used to play alot and to be honest… That Ad makes me want to start again 😀 Liked it very much

      • Jeffrey


  • Chindavon

    Gamer one was lame, but Reservations was pretty good.

    • Litchy

      For people who really play much RPGs and so on the ad is really quite funny. Its funny because its true 😀 Hardcore Gamers talk exactly like that. Enjoyed both ads

      • Chindavon

        Ya, that’s probably why I couldn’t relate. I don’t play RPGs.

  • Canman

    What’s the game they’re playing???