Microsoft ad (Cortana bigger than Siri 001)

Friday, Windows giant Microsoft published a new Apple-bashing ad on its YouTube channel.

The 30-second television commercial shows off the latest version of Cortana, Microsoft’s Siri-like personal assistant, running on the Lumia 830 and interacting with a bunch of built-in applications.

Cortana amusingly brags to Siri about being able to perform functions Apple’s personal assistant can’t, like alert users to leave early for an appointment using traffic alerts, remind them of things based on who calls or texts and more.

“Maybe what you need isn’t a bigger phone, but a more personal, personal assistant,” Microsoft’s marketing argues.

Check out the video below.

For those who didn’t get the joke, Microsoft is saying that Cortana’s latest update lets her do more for the user, as opposed to the iPhone 6 Plus refresh which only makes the iconic smartphone and Siri bigger, not smarter.

[Microsoft Lumia on YouTube via SlashGear]

  • Cody

    And that’s so true.

    • If they wise up and make Cortana an app available on all markets it would be sweet.

      • Di MaRiaz

        thats what bbm shouldve done with its app too :))

      • BBM is on Android and iOS though..

      • blu

        about 6 years too late though.
        If BB had released their app on iOS/Android in 2008-2009 BB would still be relevant.

      • Di MaRiaz

        YOU DONT SAY!!! :O

      • Cody

        Surface pro 3 is amazing compared to the iPad. Siri haven’t really changed since the beginning besides now being able to control your brightness and things like that. I would love to be able to navigate in Siri without having to open Apple Maps..

      • Gucciipad

        Tried the surface pro. I prefer my iPad.

      • WaterTrooper

        The Surface does seem better than the iPad. If only it would play all PC software. Then again I guess I could get an 3 in 1 ultra book.

      • You’re thinking of the Surface RT, all the Surface Pro line can run the same software you run on your everyday Laptop.

      • Robert Larrance

        Get the surface pro 3, you will like it.

      • TheShade247

        If they do that than i don’t think any one will buy Windows phone lol

      • Thats the point, that way they can focus on a better OS on tablets and desktops.

      • They heard your feedback…

      • No link this time? Thats unlike you lol.

      • Haha, figured you’d just google it (http://bit. ly/1gMgU21).

      • Lol, I only google after you link to verify. Not sure when Apple will allow it but soon I hope.. Just to try it out..

    • Marvin

      No i got bigger

    • Only in the US, Cortona does not work in any other language than english!

  • Derp

    Cortana is better than Siri but either way you look like an idiot using these talking assistants in public.

    • Agreed! And Siri voice still sounds computerized, but Cortana actually sounds like a person.

      • It doesn’t sound computerised to me and in regards to Cortana being better than Siri can Cortana integrate with accessories to do things like turn off lights, open garage doors, lock house doors, etc?

      • Chris Gilmore

        can siri?

      • Yes. It does so via the HomeKit framework / api

      • yermum

        Sir I hasn’t sounded like depicted in the video ever since iOS 7 was released. Typical of MS, living in the past.

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        I just tried, and that’s true, still a little computerized, but is far less than that in the MS ad.

      • Javier Peralta

        And cortana doesn’t sound as ‘human’ as depicted in the video…

      • yermum

        Well there ya go. MS, another Samsung…

    • Cesar D

      I think you would look more like a weirdo using cortana instead of siri. Siri is very well-recognized everywhere and Cortana would be weird to hear someone using it in public

  • avd98

    Thats a genius ad.

  • Di MaRiaz

    this is so accurate … siri should be more advanced by now … it was years ahead when it launched but now it lags behind the competition 🙁

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Cortana is better than Siri in some ways. In other ways Cortana would be better on anything but that terrible Windows 8.

  • Di MaRiaz

    such a brilliant voice assistant on such a crappy mobile OS

  • George

    This is because apple stopped actually working on improving the iOS experience.

    • Does Apple need to work on “improving the iOS experience”? Why fix what isn’t broken? The only thing I’d like to see from iOS is improved multitasking on the iPad which I genuinely believe is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later.

      • Dan

        Why fix what isn’t broken?
        The reason why it takes so long for Apple to integrate useful functions, good thing we can jailbreak, but it’s sad that it’s needed.

      • Completely agree! For me though the pros of iOS outweigh the cons so although Apple may occasionally fall behind I’ll still keep on buying their products…

  • leart

    Microsoft is trying to get people attention in samsmell style 😉

    • @dongiuj

      But Microsoft pulls it off better and with more truth/logic.

      • leart

        Dont get it who the hell is voting your comments :))

      • @dongiuj

        People who know how to think for themselves :))

      • leart

        Yeah right

      • Kurt

        I am

  • Jeff Maxwell

    No matter how good Cortana is, Microsoft’s commercials that constantly compare it to Siri just highlight that Apple is the one to beat. I like Cortana but it’s absolutely abysmal advertising that just continues to treat Apple as the winner and Microsoft as the undeserved loser.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      Unfortunately not everyone is as smart as you..

    • JaeM1llz

      It’s the same exact advertising Apple has been using for years.

      • Jeff Maxwell

        How so? There was the famous 1984 ad (which only ran one time – during the 1984 Super Bowl – and never again). Then there was the “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” line. The difference in my mind was that they didn’t compare specific elements of specific products. Both were conceptual comparisons. They presented them as lifestyle choices. They’re both also widely regarded as classics in advertising with a very different feel than these types.

        I’ll also say that I was never a fan of the Mac vs PC commercials because they came across as really arrogant. However, that arrogance kept them from looking like they were playing second fiddle to Microsoft (despite the fact that they were).

      • I didn’t like the Mac vs PC ads either, but at least it wasn’t “Mac vs Windows”

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    There nothing wrong with Poking fun at the (MVP) iPhone. If your in the same league. If your in the (Windows Phone) Practice Squad I would just shut up, get some water for the rest of the team and behave.

    • Jeff Maxwell

      Ha! Nice analogy. It’s like an FCS team talking trash about an FBS opponent that’s beating them 50-0. If you’re the FBS school you just laugh and continue pummeling them with your 3rd string. Which is basically what Apple has been doing. They barely even acknowledge that Microsoft mobile is even a real thing.

  • Eikast

    Microsoft may have a better personal assistant but that’s ALL that they have. They have a redundant app store, limited third party support, okay UI, NO killer feature, meh looking products, meh performing products, meh for microsoft

    • Dan

      Yeah they only have their OS on about 87% of the world’s computers, have over a billion people using Office, have an extremely sucessful gaming console (if I recall reading somewhere, sold over 100 million)… meh for Microsoft indeed!

      • Eikast

        Clearly you are going off topic. I’m talking about phones. Also having their OS on 80%+ of the world’s population means nothing. They are a software company, like Google vs iOS. They don’t make their own crap, they license their OS to manufacturers.

        As for the Xbox….lol. Clearly we have a Microsoft fan boy here. Sorry to have hurt your feelings Dan.

        I said meh Microsoft because their phones are crap compared to Android and iOS. I wasn’t talking about anything else. Microsoft posts ridiculous ads mocking iOS devices when their devices are nothing to celebrate over. When a new iPhone is released, people give a damn, it’s relevant. When a new Nexus, Note, Sx, HTC One phone is released every year, people care.

      • Dan

        No feelings to hurt, actually I’m a Wii U guy 😉
        You are right, I went offtopic, my apologies.

      • jack

        can you read?

      • Dan

        No, I can’t. Thanks for rubbing it in.

      • GuyWithTheThings


  • Matheus Lisboa

    its true… cortana is really smart, way smarter than siri… and apple is not putting much effort on siri as they should, its been around for over 3 years and still there are a lot of languages missing that came stock with cortana and s voice, and she didn’t get much smarter since launch… what a shame

  • Wesh

    And still no Dutch Siri despite the word on the streets about it maybe coming in iOS 8.
    How hard can it be? It can speak Mandarin for crying out loud.

  • Franklin Richards

    True. But I’m still not going to buy a Windows Phone. I’d rather buy an Android.

  • Jonathan

    iOS 9 has some catching up to do..

    • GuyWithTheThings

      I’ll get iOS 9 on my iPhone 6S Plus Air Feather or whatever the next iteration of the 6 Plus is

      • Jonathan

        All of these above most likely.

  • springer85

    LMFAO!This is totally pathetic!!! as if people buy IPhones or iPads for Siri!!!!
    The amount of people that use Siri on phones is so low and why Apple does not upgrade it.
    iPhones users prefer Google talk app which destroys both Siri and Cortana!!
    Way to go Microsoft you have just released videos that are worse than Samesungs that will do NOTHING to stop people buying Apple products!

  • Stefano Polo

    I really want to use Siri, especially every day. But each time I use it, I get disappointed for various reasons. It’s so bad that I even forget that I have it on my iPhone and iPad. If there was a JB tweak to imbed Ok Google into the core of iOS, I would jailbreak right now (that is if iOS 8.1 is still being signed by Apple).

    I always think about those commercials where ‘it just works’ when they showcase Siri’s capabilities but it’s like 1 in 5 chances that ‘it just works’ for me.

    e.g. Having Siri send/reply to a text message while your outside walking with your headphones even when there isn’t much noise….good luck getting that done on the first try. You have to slow/dumb down your speech to make sure Siri get’s it on the first try.

    • deepdvd

      I assume you’ve tried the NowNow + Googiri tweak combo? Primary limitation with it is that you have to unlock first to use it.

      • Stefano Polo

        I’ve used NowNow in the past but it doesn’t really do what I’m looking for. I want Ok Google in the iOS core. What I mean by that is that I can use Ok Google to ask to do system related tasks like create/send a message, or update my calendar or something like that. I believe NowNow only allows you to launch whatever app that is used to imitate Ok Google but it’s not the same

      • Dan

        Gotta go over to android for such deep integration, Apple will never allow it. iOS is too closed off for Siri to be as deeply integrated into apps and functions.

      • Stefano Polo

        I know. I’ve had an Android phone before but I’m not a fan of their operating system. I really do prefer iOS over Android but it’s just so sad how much Siri is terrible compared to Ok Google. So much potential especially from a company that can make it so much more. But it’s jut so lacking

      • deepdvd

        I think you missed the Googiri part of my comment completely. It’s a workaround, yes, but it has the same end result.

  • G.Dash

    Does Microsoft and Samsung have nothing better to do but to talk shit about the best selling smart phone in the world please don’t compare that piece of shit Microsoft smart phone to the iPhone 6 Plus

  • Jesse

    All Microsoft talks about is the personal assistant. On my iPhone 6 I’ve used Siri 1 or 2 times in the whole time I’ve had it. Yes the personal assistant is cool, but I don’t see myself buying a phone for the assistant. They need to stop working on the assistant and start working on their App Store and get more developers developing for windows phone.

  • singhay559

    Hahaha that’s so fucn funny

  • @dongiuj

    Hahaha~ and so true!
    I can’t believe people now make excuses about how it’s fine that apple hasn’t really made Siri any better but ALWAYS say negative things about EVERY other company that doesn’t improve things much.
    Anal displeasure displayed at its best by apple fans in the comments section today.

    “For those who didn’t get the joke”
    Who doesn’t/wouldn’t get it? And it’s not a joke but very true.

  • TheShade247

    Sad but True!

  • GuyWithTheThings

    Let’s not forget…. Windows

  • jp2002

    windows 8.1 just broke a lot of things on my dad’s lumia. The interface is so idiotic. Took me like 10 minutes to figure out where contacts get stored – in an app called people.

  • Competion. Puts pressure on Apple to innovate. Love it.

  • Why are all of their commercials just bashing Apple stuff now? Have they run out of ideas for anything else?

  • JaeM1llz

    Pleasantly surprised by the comments. Accurate ad is accurate. Siri is still nothing but a gimmick, the only thing I use it for is setting alarms and timers. Whenever I ask it something a bit more complex, it usually results in “I’ll search the web.” And that’s if it translates what I’m saying correctly(which is rare).

  • Jerry

    Have to say it that was actually funny and true. Step it up Apple all Siri does for me right now is tell me the weather and set my alarms.

  • Kurt

    Haha such a funny ad. Siri’s voice on iOS 8 still sounds so computerized. I hate when the sentence ends in a question mark. Other than that I like Siri even though I don’t use it much. My favorite assistant is Google Nows (whatever it is called)

  • Charles222

    …Says the guys providing the default search option in Siri nowadays. >-<

  • Robert Larrance

    This isn’t 1984, anymore. Apple is looking old, chubby and vulnerable. In particular, the Surface Pro ads chew up and spit out the MacBook not just with subtle jibes but with facts. Apple hardware is becoming like vapor escaping from behind the Wizard of Oz’s curtain. This time Steve is really gone, they are in trouble, and they know it.