Zagg Sparq

For the next 48 hours, Zagg is having a sale on its line of portable battery packs, offering 40% off the Sparq, an iPhone backup battery that I’ve actually reviewed a while ago. The Sparq comes in two different flavor. The ZAGGsparq 1220 will give you one extra charge and comes will only one USB port, while the ZAGGsparq 3100 will give you no less than two extra charges for your iPhone and comes with two USB ports allowing you to charge two devices at the same time.

Both variations have been heavily discounted by 40%, significantly reducing the price to only $23.99 for the Spar 1220 and $41.99 for the Sparq 3100.

My favorite feature of the Sparq is that it can actually be plugged in your wall, effectively replacing your stock iPhone charger if needed. While plugged in the wall, it can recharge your iPhone, while charging its internal battery to offer you extra power while on the go.

If you’re in the market for a portable battery pack, look no further. At this price, it would also make a great stocking stuffer for Mom or Dad.

As always, you can always find cheaper options from Amazon, but when you buy a Zagg product, you’re also buying into the brand, which usually is a sign of quality.

Get 40% the Sparq on Zagg’s website.

  • Linton Findlay

    You can get a 20,000 Mha battery by anker for £50, makes this seem like a rip off

    • Merman123

      Anker makes great battery packs at very affordable prices. Even at discounted prices these Zagg packs are a rip off.

      • Linton Findlay

        exactly, Anker have amazing customer services too from my experience

  • Richard Gomez

    you can get a power bank of 15,000 or higher starting at $20, i mean i appreciate the post and everything but Really? you should know that this is not even a good deal compared to the other power banks out there. The one i ordered was from LimeFuel it is a 15,000 mha battery with two ports, a flashlight, led indicator, and a free lightning cable that is also reversible compatible with android devices for $20. Like i said i appreciate the article because some Zagg fanboy will probably love it and buy it. Someone will probably get at me for writing this towards sebastien but honestly i feel like the articles i find here are just about the same old companies when it comes to the accesories such as zagg, logitech, etc. i dont recall many articles about great findings on amazon for something cool such as a LED lightning cable, a car mount for those who have the new iphones or some thing else i cant seem to think of right now as i am writing this. You guys should explore the accessories market more better. Hey i dont mind at all to give you guys some Ideas 🙂