Things 2.5 for iOS (teaser 001)

Things for the iPhone and iPad, the popular task management application by Cultured Code, is now available at no cost in the App Store until next Thursday, courtesy of Apple’s ongoing Free App of the Week promotion.

You’re looking at a cool combined savings of $30 on both the iPhone and iPad edition of Things which normally sell for $9.99 and $19.99, respectively.

Things for Mac has received a nice discount to celebrate the promotion and can be now downloaded for $34.99 in the Mac App Store, 30 percent off its full price of $49.99.

Download Things for iPhone and iPad at no cost until next Thursday, November 28.

Things for iOS recently received a refresh bringing out a fresh new coat of paint in addition to a new app icon, Handoff support, background refresh and a new “Add to Things” extension.

Things 2.6 will introduce the Today Widget for iPhone and iPad.

Things 2.5 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Featuring a gorgeous interface, Things figures out which tasks you want to do today and puts them into your Today view. You can receive alerts for due and scheduled items, switch between Next and Scheduled views and put tasks in Someday if you can’t work on them right now.

Other features include the ability to organize tasks in Projects and Areas of Responsibility, assign contexts, priorities, time and other items to tasks, add to-dos, create recurring items, review completed tasks in the Logbook and so forth.

As a bonus, your tasks get synced across iOS and Mac devices with Things Cloud, a free service from Cultured Code. I wholeheartedly recommend taking advantage of Apple’s promotion because Things is a premium app and it’s never been offered for free before.

Grab Things for iPhone and iPad for $0 in the App Store.

Things for Mac is $34.99 in the Mac App Store, down 30 percent from its normal asking price of $49.99

  • Ian Leon

    I “GOT” it

    • Truc

      yes, you litterally got it for Free, I paid 10 bucks for it just 2 weeks ago.

      • Rizwan Rasheed

        I paid 10 bucks just 2 days ago :/

      • Ian Leon

        But anyways this app is the best, I think the 10 bucks were worth it

      • Ian Leon

        Don’t feel bad, I had paid 10 bucks for the iPhone app. I’m just happy that I got the iPad app for free.

      • Ian Leon

        It’s pretty stingy of them to sell those apps separately at those prices

      • Ian Leon

        If you got it just 2 weeks ago, I guess you must feel terrible.

  • Ian Leon

    Best app of the week ever

  • czarczarczar

    Is it free or is it “Get” in the App Store ?

    • Merman123

      It is “Get” yet found under “Free”.

  • Abdul

    No widgets?!

  • Martynet

    what’s the point of this app when you have reminder and calendar from apple? Did I miss anything?

    • Tommmy

      Yeah, also 35 bucks for a task app? What a nice way of scam.

    • Marcus

      This is exactly what I’ve been thinking like forever.

  • I wish they’d have a web version. I would barely use the Mac version, so I’m not going to buy it, but I’d like to be able to at least see my lists online.