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Christmas might still be a month away but we want to beat Santa Claus to the punch and offer you a chance to get something fun without you having to wait until December 25th. That is why we teamed up with the folks at Orbotix, the company behind the famous Sphero, to offer you a chance to win one of the three connected gadgets we’re putting up for grabs.

Two Sphero 2.0 and One Ollie to win

Sphero is this fun little ball that you control directly from your iPhone or iPad. I know for a fact that it drives your kids green with envy, and your pets completely crazy. But that’s ok, because Sphero is completely pet-proof as it’s made of hard plastic that’s virtually indestructible.

Ollie is the newest addition to the Orbotix family. Just like the Sphero, you can control it from your smartphone or tablet. But because of its shape, Ollie goes where Sphero can only dream of going. It’s perfect for playing on rugged terrains and it can go as fast as 14 mph.

How can you win?

All you have to do to enter for a chance to win either a Sphero or an Ollie is to visit this page, make sure you read the Terms & Conditions, and fill out the form. You have until December 2nd to enter for a chance to win, so hurry!

The small prints

The small prints are all in the Terms & Conditions, which you should definitely read, but note that this giveaway is only opened to US residents. The winners will be contacted on our about December 9th.

We want to thanks Orbotix for teaming up with us for this awesome giveaway. Good luck, everyone!

Enter here for a chance to win

  • Jeep204

    The only downside of being Canadian, never able to enter for free giveaways!

    • Y4VIN

      The downside to being American is that I feel obligated to enter every time there’s a giveaway.

      • Manjot Singh

    • Andrew


  • Midyro

    US only?

    • McBobson

      yes, it says in the last paragraph.

    • Manjot Singh


  • Buzz { Light:Year; }


  • Ali

    Done. But “Second Name” should be “Last Name” on the form.

  • chjode

    You guys had me until “address” on the form. You don’t need that information if I’m not a winner.

  • Agree to the pdf file for entering.. goes to read pdf..

    404 Not Found… ok I agree! (2nd page link) 🙂 These look pretty amazing! Happy Holidays!

    • Beni Koka

      tony can i ask you for somthing ?

      • yes

      • Beni Koka

        for iphone 4 have jailbeak ?

      • That device does in fact have a jailbreak, what IOS firmware are you running?

      • Beni Koka

        version 7.1.2

      • Pangu for iOS 7 is what you would need to use. You can find the download for Pangu by going to the top of this page. There’s a tab that says Download, click that and scroll down to find Pangu for iOS 7. Download either the windows or mac version depending on what machine your using. Make sure you backed up your device first. If you did an Over the Air upgrade to 7.1.2 then you might want to back up, reinstall the firmware in DFU Mode, restore and then use Pangu. But that’s your call, I would just backup before jailbreaking though. You never know.

      • Beni Koka

        i will try thanks for the inormaton

      • Your welcome! Have fun! 🙂

      • Beni Koka

        tony ive try but with mac came out a table that says app not found

  • Abdo

    Still waiting for idownloadblog iOS app !!
    When will it be available in the AppStore ?