Sony Pictures has dropped the highly-anticipated Steve Jobs biopic penned by Aaron Sorkin, according to Deadline. The outlet reports tonight that Sony has put the film in turnaround—meaning that another studio can purchase the movie.

It sounds like that studio is going to be Universal. Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr says he is hearing that the Comcast subsidiary is nearing an agreement, and the deal could close by tomorrow, meaning the project should lose little momentum.

There’s no word on why Sony decided to back out, although the film has had some issues nailing down an actor for the lead role. Both Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale were attached to play Jobs at one point, but neither actor signed on.

Rumor has it that Michael Fassbender, of Prometheus fame, is now in talks to play Steve Jobs, and comedian Seth Rogen is being considered for the part of Steve Wozniak. Danny Boyle is directing, and production is expected to begin soon.


  • Cody

    Is it that hard to make the movie or something? No actors want to take any roles at all, something must be going on

    • Franklin Richards

      Either they are making this film on a very tight budget or the actors are worried about how the last biopic of Steve Jobs worked out. My guess is though, they don’t want to be limited in advertising opportunities by portraying themselves as the Apple icon.

      • Creavite

        Well, Ashton Kutcher played steve jobs, and now he’s working for Lenovo. So I guess this is not the case.

    • nonchalont

      I assume the actors do not want to mess up playing jobs. It’s a hard role to do and they don’t want that type of criticism or repretation for playing a bad impersonation, especially if the script is not good.

  • Pretty obvious the script is awful. With such an iconic character to play it would be easy to get a big actor. But if the writing is bad they won’t touch it.

  • sup

    most likely a terrible script.

  • Stephaughn Alston

    Does this also mean that Aaron Sorkin is out as well?

  • Tommy Gumbs

    This is because its not “highly anticipated.”

    • Guest

      True. What’s highly anticipated is ‘Age of Ultron’ and ‘B vs S’ and other super hero movies.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Correct. And as it stands, highly anticipated movies aren’t sold, post postponed, and have no real place in the market. Plus it’s not relevant.