Pocket (iOS 8 sharing)

Popular read-it-later service Pocket pushed out a notable update for its iOS client today, bringing the app to version 5.6.2. The update includes a number of improvements, including support for Dynamic Type and the 1Password extension.

The addition of Dynamic Type support means that text in Pocket will now reflect whatever you have set as your system font size preference. And of course 1Password extension support means users can now login to Pocket with Touch ID.

Rounding out today’s update is your standard array of bug fixes, as well as a batch of “significant improvements” to the Share Extension, which Pocket says will make saving content on any type of connection—including offline—lightning fast.

Pocket has long been my go-to read-it-later service due to its beautiful design, reliable syncing, and cross-platform support. If you haven’t ever looked into it, or it’s been a while, I recommend grabbing the latest version from the App Store for free.

Note: you will need the 1Password app and iOS 8 to take advantage of these new features.

  • James Anderson

    Why use those when safari has its own reading list? Does Pocket have a feature that works better? I use Safari’s reading list feature about once a week so not very often.

    • Siannath

      My top reasons for using pocket are:

      1. Pocket is multiplatform, even has a web interface; Reading List is limited to Apple devices.
      2. Reading List is very slow when you have lots of articles (tested on multiple devices). Pocket works always fine, even with hundreds of articles.
      3. You can save articles from dozens of apps and places directly to Pocket. You can’t do that with that many apps and services with Reading List. So, Pocket has a better ecosystem.

      • James Anderson

        Thanks for the reply! Sounds like I need to give it a try.

      • Siannath

        You’re welcome 🙂