AT&T announced a new promotion today regarding its Mobile Share Value plans. The limited-time offer gives qualified customers 15GB of monthly shareable data, for the price of 10GB, which typically runs $100 per month plus device access charges.

The change puts AT&T’s 15GB plan on-par price-wise with Verizon’s 15GB More Everything share plan, which also runs $100 per month plus access charges. These access charges for both plans run $40 per device, unless you subscribe to Next or Edge.

AT&T points out that with 15GB of monthly data, customers are able to stream 160 hours of music, 30 hours of video, or 300 hours of web usage. You could also post 1000 messages with photos to social media, and send and receive over 10,000 emails.

The 15GB promotional upgrade is available now to both new and existing AT&T customers, who can take advantage it by visiting or via the myAT&T app. The carrier doesn’t say how long the promo will last, but it should stick through December.


  • coLin

    I’m good with Straight Talk: 3GB with $45/mo and unlimited talk and text

  • Rodney Coleman

    My work discount covered the 30GB bump up. So I’m still paying the same!!! Lol unlimited data to me… Hahahahah

    • Merman123

      Same here. That employee discount is awesome.

  • jebelius

    Unlimited data 4g speed 25 euro in finland

  • manwiththemasterplan

    If you call at&t and speak to their retention department, they will give you 20gb for the price of 10gb. Only the retention department is authorized to give you this deal. I tried it, it works.

    • JDB

      This no longer works. Tried it a couple of weeks ago. Too many people called only to try to get the extra data so AT&T dropped the offer.

  • James G

    Way too little, and way too late AT&T.

  • Blip dude

    Ehh, I’ll stick to the 30GB. So far that’s been coming in handy.

  • Juan Genao

    If yo have the $100 plan now, will you automatically be bumped to 15gb?

    • L J

      No you have to call or go in to your local AT&T store.

      • Todd Sorensen

        Or make the change online.

    • Juan Genao

      Yep, I called and they changed my plan.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I made the switch to T-Mobile a month ago. Unlimited without the pocket bleeding.

  • mark arellano

    Ah stupid att,my first moth with T-Mobile already used 6gb of 4g speed in just one week for the end of the moth it will be 20gb of use, what do I need surch stupid plant.

  • iKhalil

    And here in Mexico, 200 MB -> $15 USD monthly

    • Steve R.

      It seems like in Canada,the U.S., and Mexico, the carriers are gouging us with high prices.

      • iKhalil

        Well, but it’s worst in Mexico!

  • RJ Carver

    This will not start until tomorrow

    • Todd Sorensen

      Yep. Just did mine on 11/18.

      • Jason Trump

        Did it change any of your per line fees? Will you see prorated charges on your next bill?