One of the useful features of iOS is definitely the dock, where you can place your four favorite apps to access them quickly, no matter which page of the Home screen you’re on. If you ever wished to get rid of the dock, you should definitely check out a solid new tweak called Abeo.

The tweak has just one purpose and it does it nicely. With Abeo, you’ll have the ability to hide the dock on your iPhone’s Home screen leaving space for other icons to fill in. The tweak doesn’t add a new row of icons, but rather increases the spacing between adjacent rows of icons to accommodate the empty space. 

This means that the icons will move a little further down to fill in the empty space previously occupied by the dock, as can be seen from the screenshot below. For example, on iPhone 5s, the fifth row of icons will take the place of the dock. Although the tweak might sound appealing to some, it would’ve been better if it replaced the dock with an extra row of icons.


Abeo comes with no settings to configure and once you’ve installed it, you should notice the last row of icons taking place of the dock. If you’ve never been a fan of the dock, I’d definitely recommend that you give this tweak a try. It works flawlessly as advertised and is worth the try.

Abeo is available for free and supports iOS 8.x devices as well. To get your hands on it, you should first add the following repo to Cydia: http://repo.cpdigitaldarkroom.com .

What do you think of Abeo? Did you ever want to get rid of the dock on your Home screen? Leave your opinions in the comments section below.

  • Jad Boukai

    It’s not good or bad, but it will take some getting used to

    I think I will pass

    • iTw3aks

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  • If you have Springtomize 3, then there is no need for this tweak.

    • Ali

      Correct. Springtomize does this. Setting > Springtomize > Dock > Hide Dock

    • iTw3aks

      that is very true

  • Jonathan Singpradith

    Not to be rude about this app but, you can use Springtomize to remove the dock on the jailbroken devices that on iOS 8

    • Merman123

      But this is free.

    • Mr.DnQ

      TransparentDock… Free, no issues and works as a charm.

      • Cristiano Silveira

        Thanks mate, it works!

  • Ethan Humphrey

    Instead of spreading out the icons they should add one more row on each page

    • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

      That is i was expecting. The tweak gives you option to change the number of rows and columns, but when I tried to change it, the tweak destroyed my springboard!

  • Rodney Coleman

    They need to update dock for iOS 8. So we can remove this dock the swipe to the left or right and get another dock

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    Destroyed my springboard!
    Fortunately cydia was running in background, so I could remove it!

  • NP92

    Use springtomize 1000% better.

    • justme

      dat wallpaper :O

    • iTw3aks

      I would agree with that

  • Skoven

    Been running dockless since i started jailbreaking… you do have to get used to the look though.
    Springtomize does this as well. Just remember to remove the icons from the dock before you disable it.
    Heres how my iPhone 5 looks without the dock, with iPhone 6 resolution and an added column. This alone if worth jailbreaking for 😛

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Does anyone know of any tweak that can hide the dock? Not remove it. It can be baught back with a gesture? Anything of this sort?

    • Warmachine69

      Idk maybe ask this question on reddit

    • DockWare does this. It can hide the dock on the springboard and call it back up anywhere with an activator gesture. It’s a paid tweak ($1.99) on the BigBoss repo but it hasn’t been updated for iOS 8 yet, in case you’ve updated. However, I bought it on iOS 7 but the activator gesture to call up the dock while in an app was glitchy and wouldn’t work half the time. When it did, it didn’t work well with Apex 2 icons in the dock. I uninstalled Apex 2 to test it and the activator call was still glitchy. I was pretty disappointed as I really looked forward to using it with Apex 2. The developer seemed to think nothing was wrong and there weren’t bug/glitch reports so your mileage may vary.

      • ‘Ariff

        Dockware is fine for me on 7.1.2. Glitchy on 8.1. What settings do you use to recall the dock?

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Hmm.. I think im gonna pass. The dock is something i need to access immediately. Glitches are not acceptable,specially if its paid. Thanks for the help anyways!

  • Warmachine69

    My opinion is springtomize can do the same + more options but if you want a one shot tweak and this exactly what you want for free I don’t see why not

  • NeftyCorrea

    This Tweak is so point there no many other tweaks that do this already

  • Toon

    Dock is useful this tweak isn’t

    • ‘Ariff

      Some people prefer hiding the dock.

  • daniel awde

    It look like samsung springboard :/

  • Jordan Brown

    This is one of those tweaks I would use for a week and get bored with.

  • Zavier Owens

    This Closes & Reopens Apps, Then On Exit,The Springboard Gets Stuck On Mid Closing, Locked Then Unlocked & Now Theres No Springboard.

    • ‘Ariff

      Boot holding volume up then open cydia and remove

      • Zavier Owens

        OMG Thank You

      • ‘Ariff

        No worries

  • Rahul jain

    How should i get the springtomize free on my 5s

    • CasonAsherTech

      Step one. Pay for Springtomize
      Step two. Download Springtomize

      Step three. Enjoy, and don’t support pirating! 🙂

      • Zavier Owens

        Step 1: He Said Free, Not BUY.
        Step 2: Enjoy The Shade I’ve Thrown.

      • CasonAsherTech

        If you would have read my comment, you would understand that I knew he wanted it for free. Springtomize is a paid tweak and the only way to get it for free is to pirate it. Which niether IDB or myself support.