Staples’ Black Friday circular has been released, showing what deals it will be offering during the infamous holiday shopping weekend at the end of the month. Like other retailers, it plans to discount a number of Apple and Beats products in hopes to reel in customers.

Among the promotions is a 16GB Wi-Fi original iPad Air for $319, which is a savings of $40 from where it’s currently priced. There will also be a $239 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini 2, which is $30 cheaper than its current sale price. We’ve listed all of the Apple-related deals below.

  • 16GB Wi-Fi original iPad Air $319
  • 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini 2 $239
  • 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 4 $279
  • Free $25 Visa gift card when you buy a Jawbone UP or other wearable
  • Apple TV $79
  • 15% off iTunes gift cards worth $50 or more
  • 10% off of all Beats headphones

This is just Staples’ Black Friday sale preview, so it could add more deals between now and the end of the month, but for most of these items I’d recommend checking out Walmart or Best Buy. They tend to have better deals—although this is the cheapest I’ve seen Apple TV.

Black Friday takes place on Friday, November 28 this year, and runs through the weekend. We will continue covering promotions throughout the month, in an effort to help you sort prepare for the madness. You can check out Walmart’s ad here, and Best Buy and Target here.


  • Rusty

    Some day (if not already, idk I’m not American) somebody is going to be killed at one of these things. I think they call it ‘Black’ Friday because it’s always a very dark day for humanity.

    • George

      Every year it happens, people should just stay home and stop buying Chinese crap.

      • Rusty


      • Gary le

        Chinese crap? I bet you own a few of these!

    • Maxim∑

      People have been killed in black Friday by bring stepped on during openings

    • Jeffrey

      Haven’t you watched South Park?!?! There was an amazing realistic documentary about the last Black Friday, lots of people died, and Randy Marsh got a scar over his eye. Very serious stuff!