Microsoft Skype ad (WiFi orchestra 001)

Microsoft Canada on Friday published an interesting commercial on its Facebook Page depicting “the world’s first wireless orchestra” comprised of New York City’s celebrated subway musicians kept in sync with a remote conductor thanks to Skype.

The video features a bunch of Apple’s MacBook Pro notebooks that run the Skype software, while iPhones make a few notable appearances as well.

Someone in Cupertino should send marketing wizards in Redmond a thank you note for advertising for Apple.

“We searched NYC for a variety of subway musicians to unite for a live experiment,” explains the firm. “We stationed them at nine different subway stops with Wi/Fi and had them simultaneously connect to composer Ljova.”

The composer then led the orchestra in a performance of “Signal Strength,” an original piece he wrote for them. Check out the world’s first wireless orchestra in Microsoft’s Skype ad below.

The point of the ad is not Apple, it’s Skype and its low-latency video chatting capabilities. Speaking of Skype, Microsoft just announced a web version of Skype with chatting, audio and video running directly in any modern desktop browser, no plug-in needed.

I like that the musicians in the ad are all using iPhones. In fact, I challenge you to find a single non-Apple device in the commercial, Bose headphones excluded.

[Microsoft Canada on Facebook, Skype Blog via Cult of Mac]

  • Microsoft has a secret crush on Apple. But obviously after launching word excel and powerpoint free for iPad and iPhone before Android and now this that crush is not so secret anymore xD

    • Ian Leon

      I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Zylito

      Well making something for iOS is easier.

    • I believe the word you’re looking for to describe the relationship between Apple and Microsoft is “frenemy”. As much as Apple hates Microsoft and Microsoft hates Apple the reality is they both need eachother…

      This is evidendt in multiple places and probably most notable when you consider the fact that the default searchengine for Siri and Spotlight is Bing…

      • Jeffrey

        Well they don’t really hate each other, it’s just that they have to compete in business. They grew over their hate or each other a long time ago. You probably already know, but Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were good friends for a long time! The advertisements that mock each other is just purely business, unlike Samsungs advertisements…

      • AnArcticMonkey

        What are you on about? They do not hate each other, without Microsoft there would be no Apple. They are competitors, not “frenemey’s” or hateful of each other.

      • Perhaps hate is too strong a word maybe dislike would have been more appropriate. Either way there’s no disputing the rivalry between Apple and Microsoft, it’s very real 😉

    • AnArcticMonkey

      I mean if Microsoft had not bailed Apple out in 1997 it’s a safe bet to say Apple would not be where they are today. Has never really been a secret.


    If he was whereing beats head phones that would be halariois.

    • Robin Zaalberg

      dat spelling doe



      • Andrew

        saem 4 u dawg

    • Jonathan


  • A man

    This is impressive. Shamesung should learn from this ad how to advertise.

  • Ian Leon

    Well why wouldn’t they, Microsoft loves Apple products .

    • Rowan09

      Yep they did lend Apple money when they were doing bad. It’s all in competition because they both own each other’s stock.

      • Jeffrey

        Talking about stocks, Apple’s stock technically reached 800 today, if it weren’t for the 7-split! It’s an all time high!

    • Jeffrey

      Did you know that a lot of people at Microsoft work on Macs at work? (LOL)

      • AnArcticMonkey

        Bill Gates designed his house using a Mac

      • Jeffrey

        Oh I didn’t know that hahah:P

  • Tronjheim79

    This isn’t new. Before, they’ve even placed the iPhone on the foreground of devices that advertises what was then SkyDrive on their own website. Windows Phones were on the background. And then just recently, their Xim photo sharing app video shows nothing but an iPhone silhouette/vector.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    This seems more like an Apple ad than a skype ad

    • Jeffrey

      Very very true. Must be the same advertising team. Looks exactly how Apple makes their ads.

  • Jeffrey

    What?? So it’s Apple and Microsoft VS Samsung and Google now when it comes to advertisement? It really really shocks me that Microsoft would show MacBooks which run OS X, their direct competitor, in their advertisements. Respect Microsoft! Honestly!

  • Gilbert Gonzalez

    With all those Apple products, they might as well just switch to FaceTime. It works way better than Skype in my opinion.

  • mahe

    The hidden point of this ad is: Skype from MS runs on non MS systems too.
    Let me think why they chose Apple devices … hmmm … FaceTime and iMessage only run on Apple (I really would love to see those services independed from OS).