iOS 8 (Health, teaser 001)

The US Federal Trade Commission is seeking assurances from Apple that it will prevent sensitive health data from being used without the users’ consent, reports Reuters. The outlet says Apple representatives have met with FTC officials multiple times in recent months to discuss the matter.

More specifically, the FTC wants to be sure that Apple will not sell health data collected by its upcoming smartwatch and other devices to third party marketers, or allow app developers to do so. It also wants to be sure proper measures are being taken to protect the data against malicious attacks.

Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller told Reuters that it works closely with regulators around the world, including the Federal Trade Commission, to describe built-in data protections for its services. “We’ve been very encouraged by their support,” she said, indicating that the talks are going well.

Apple introduced HealthKit in June as a platform for aggregating health data culled by third-party apps and accessories into a single database. In September, the company updated its App Store guidelines with new rules that forbid apps from sharing HealthKit information or storing it in iCloud.

Additionally, Apple recently launched a new privacy site in an effort to increase transparency on how it protects user data, and to educate users on how they can better protect themselves. In a letter published on the site, Tim Cook makes it clear that Apple is not in the business of selling user data.


  • nyangejr

    Apple Apple Apple

  • Chris Buck

    It’s Apple, not Google, feel pretty safe here. It is Good in this mind that the FTC is asking though;-)

    • George

      Yeah because “it’s Apple” is a real world excuse.

      • Chris Buck

        Nope, ‘they, a.k.a. APPLE’ are More Transparent in what they collect/use, plain and simply for what we ‘consumers’ get a choice at buying/using.

      • Cody

        How are you so sure?

      • Chris Buck

        I’m not Just Like You Guys, But Apple’s “””””main”””” business model is not on selling info like many other companies we know and most use daily…now is it?

        I’m not here to continue to bicker about ‘personal’ politics.

    • Antzboogie

      Sorry but everyone is always trying to collect data from its users Apple or Google they are both information hungry. We need to be protected. I said it from the start.

      • John

        Exactly what proof do you have of this nonsense claim.

      • What

        Collecting data is one thing, but selling/giving it to other parties is another.

    • Danial

      What ever you search in the spotlight in IOS8 and Yosemite will be collected and send to apple even your location!

  • If all goes well with the necessary regulative bodies that Apple must speak to I think health and fitness (specifically HealthKit as a whole) will be the first real legup Apple has had over the competition for a while…

  • questioning apple about data? Really? How about asking them why the app never holds the data it’s suppose to? Seriously it deletes its own data every day! It doesn’t work. I’ll stick to the apps that already hold my data and I trust them.

    • Wolfer

      Maybe u got some setting or app that it is causing the problem!!! All my data since first day; the ones I had to enter manually, the ones that are entered by other apps and the ones entered by others hardwares(like fitbit) are there…never has had a problem and my neurologist use all that info to see how my body in general is working, and my sleep patterns!!! Good luck

      • John

        While I agree that I’ve had no issues with HealthKit, Fitbit is probably the worse example to use since they do not support HealKit.

        In fact, they have even publicly declared they Arnott supporting it.

      • Wolfer

        Yes man I know…sorry for using fitbit…it was the only name that come to my mind, at the moment of writing this. I was not in my home like now..well Im usin the heart monitor from runtastic, and their Orbit wrist band…I think thats the name!!! Sorry if you missunderstood me…well I hope everything is more clear now…the App Im using is Runtastic Pro and it use Apple Heath, and Im usin the Sleep that monitor to the sleeping patern. Everything is in there so I dont have to be opening the apps to see my health history. Good luck God bless

    • John

      Definately sounds like an issue.
      I’ve had no problems, and I’ve been using it since the first beta.

      What have Apple said about the issue?

      • It shows sometimes and others it acts like it isn’t there. It’s pretty sad actually because it’s a good concept app but it’s not working as delivered.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    oh privacy. you give up your privacy the moment you use the iPhone. just like obamacare. you forfeit any of your privacy when you even try to sign up.

    • Wolfer

      Are u ok??? Come on man, why you bring politics things into this? You give your privacy since your parents sign you to obtain your social sec number. Since that moment you are put into a computer. Everything from there is on to fallow your live. How do you think you credit is obtain without your concern? How do you think at 18 years old you get letters to sign the thing at the post office for the military thing that is obligated. How do you get a loan? How do you get a banck account? How do you get services from a hospital or Dr if you are sick with a cold? How do you got your cellphone, even if it is prepaid, you need to give some info. Todays privacy does not excist, never been since the Greeks, or Romans, etc. The men and women that live in this Planet Earth always have been looking for the knowledge to know how is the live of the others. Even put your name into a search engine for the internet and you will find many pages that give some info of you!!! I have received even calls from Japan, and England and I have never been there. I work for manys, I help people and save people. Since I was little my dad always teach me that the only privacy that exist it is the one inside your house or the place you live, and becare full, because todays nor even there is privacy because your neighbors. God bless you and all. Im a proud American. Im proud of my family, and proud that in a way people knows about me, because in a case of an emergency and I can not talk; by using my iPhone, or a computer or an Android phone; the people that get to help me will know if Im sick with something, or allergic to something so they dont get to kill me using some medicine that can not help me. God bless America and everyone in the World.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        yes of course i’m ok. just wanted to see if anyone would reply with a wall of response and looks like I got it. thank you.