walmart friday

Following Target and Best Buy, Walmart today released its Black Friday circular, showing what deals it will be offering during the holiday shopping weekend at the end of the month. As usual, it plans to discount a number of items, including several Apple products.

Among the promotions is an original 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini for $199 with a free $30 gift card, essentially knocking the tablet’s price tag down $80. The retailer is also offering original 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Airs for $397 with a $100 gift card, pushing the price under $300.

Here are some of the other deals worth noting:

  • Fitbit Flex fitness tracker: $69
  • iPod Touch 16GB: $195 with free $30 gift card
  • Beats by Dr. Dre Pill Bluetooth speaker: $99.95
  • Beats by Dr. Dre wireless headphones: $149
  • $30 iTunes gift card pack: $25
  • 16GB iPhone 5s: $79 with free $75 gift card (requires 2-year contract)
  • 16GB iPhone 6: $179 with free $75 gift card (requires 2-year contract)

Now, these deals will be available at different times during Black Friday weekend. Walmart has setup three sales events for November 27 and 28, and it says in the ad when each promo will go live. The good news is it has a 1-hour availability guarantee on select items.

In my experience, Walmart and Best Buy typically offer the best Black Friday discounts in terms of gadgets, cutting prices on everything from TVs to video game consoles. Expect to see many more ads popup in the coming weeks, but be sure to keep this one bookmarked.


  • Yousif AL-Failakawii

    What about free contract iPhone 6 ?

  • Tim smith

    Excuse me if I’m wrong, but how is the ipad mini going to be $80 if it is $199 and you only get a $30 gift card?

    • Heath

      “knocking the tablet’s price tag down $80” not “knocking the tablet’s price tag down TO $80”

  • George

    Support humanity and do not shop on thanksgiving day. #rediculous

    • Dani Hayes

      But that’s when all the vultures come out to shop.

      • Cyber Monday is so much better and you won’t have to worry about getting stepped over in a line.

      • Dani Hayes

        Cyber Monday always has better deals with the added benefit of not having to deal with people .

  • Black Friday used to be fun but not anymore. Some stores are opening at 6pm this year. Like wtf?! Might as well wait for Cyber Monday instead.

    • TwinSon

      I agree completely. Making you choose between your family and savings is bogus.

  • Rupinder

    I just need a good deal on a PS4 and I’ll be very happy.

  • iKhalil

    This is so cool!!
    Here in Mexico the “Buen Fin” is just a joke 😛

  • I love going Black Friday shopping! But I never buy anything. The only thing I did buy was an iPhone case. 😛