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Apple is working to bring its Apple Maps app to the web, according to a new job listing on its website. First spotted by 9to5Mac, the listing calls for a “talented and passionate web developer” to help make the company’s mapping software “work seamlessly on the web.”

This is fairly significant, as the lack of a web version is one of the most glaring holes in Apple Maps right now, other than perhaps transit and maybe some sort of Street View-esque feature. The mapping service is currently only accessible via iOS and Mac hardware.

The new position will be responsible for client-side web development of maps-related experiences. Apple says the person will be “working closely with world-class designers and many other teams to quickly implement and iterate on new features and experiences.”

Key qualifications for the job include experience creating beautiful and responsive user interfaces using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The person must also be familiar with modern development techniques and frameworks, and have excellent communication skills.

Apple has in the past indicated that it wants to push its Maps app beyond proprietary mobile software. In 2013 it published a desktop version of the app for Mac, and in October of this year it launched Maps Connect, a way for business to manage their Maps listings.

[Apple via 9to5Mac]

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Or they must focus on making Apple Maps on par with Google Maps? Come on Apple!

    • Rowan09

      They did maps is significantly better than it was before. I use both Google maps and Apple maps and I never get lost with Apple maps anymore. Google maps still has more POI though but Apple is catching up.

      • Someshwar

        I am talking at Apple Maps for India. It just sucks! It can’t identify about 90% of the locations in India and can’t provide directions for any two locations. Boy! you can’t call it a maps app in any possible way.

      • Rowan09

        Try Google maps in Turks and Caicos or Jamaica and it sucks too. Apple maps has ways to go but it’s definitely gotten better, but you wouldn’t know according to your location right now. Try GPS Nav from skobbler it works great worldwide and most places with offline support.

  • Jonathan

    Sorry, but it still doesn’t pass Google Maps.

    *cough cough* Okay Google, take me home.
    Google Maps: Here is your route home.

    Hey Siri, take me home.
    Siri: Here are the directions to your home, which somehow you end up at a trash dump.

    • Siri takes me home just fine… I used to prefer google but Now I’m leaning towards Apple maps but I do sometimes use Google for finding certain places if they don’t come up correctly in maps.

      • Rowan09

        Google still has more POIs but Apple maps looks better to me and usually gets me to my destination faster than Google. The big issue with Apple maps that they seemed to have fixed is putting in an address with a – giving you absolutely different directions. They did come a long way from IOS 6 though but they need to include HopStop for transit directions.

  • diggitydang

    Anyone from Canada (more specifically Toronto and GTA) that can vouch for Apple Maps over Google Maps? It seems each time I test out Apple Maps, I get lost and regret not using Google Maps instead. I like the look and feel of Apple Maps better though, but Google Maps wins on accuracy and especially in remote areas (eg. cottage country).

    • I can vouch for it if you’re looking to spend a cold night outdoors…

      • diggitydang


  • Tommmy

    Lol, what’s the god damn point?! The maps are practicaly useless outside USA.

    • Not useless just broken. As soon as the data gets better I’ll use Apple Maps over Google Maps any day. Apple is also supposedly making changes to Apple Maps every day although I suppose Google is probably doing the same thing too…

      Google Maps didn’t really happen overnight and Apple Maps won’t either. It’s a big project that’ll take time to complete. It doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t use it just check with an established map app first to make sure you’re going the right way…

      • Tommmy

        Well, broken may also be an appropriate word. I live in Ukraine and Apple maps are useless here, not because of route calculation but because only main streets are marked on map and that’s all. No buildings, no alleys, parks, and other small things. Of course there’s an alternative – Yandex Maps which is great for my country, but seeing Apple bumping more buck into making a “web version of Maps” just confirms that they won’t update maps for other regions of the world.

    • Kr00

      So you’ve tested it all over the world then? No? Didn’t think so. Keep your hyperbole for trolling other sites, thanks.

      • Tommmy

        So read my second comment before replying, ok? I’ve tested it in my country and the maps are shitty as hell. I also read and saw screenshots people posted from other parts of the world.

        So keep your mouth shut and learn to google, thanks.

      • Kr00

        Oh yes, googling is proof of everything. You really are a moron aren’t you?!

  • Jacob S

    Good Lord help us! I had a chance to meet a gentleman who was a top executive of Apple other day. He said half of the map team quit. Apple map is not even able to recognize Apple buildings in Cupertino. Yuck!

  • al7oot

    Google Maps is waaaaaay much better than Apple Maps in my country. Beside Apple Maps is outdated.

  • Dennis

    That’s actually some really good news.