IntelliScreenX 8 teaser

Mario Ciabarra, the man behind IntelliScreenX among others, recently tweeted a photo of an iPhone 6 running ISX8, an updated version of the feature-rich tweak compatible with Apple’s latest mobile operating system. While there is no specific ETA for ISX8 to hit Cydia, it appears that the tweak is in late development stage and could potentially be available sooner than later.

IntelliScreenX is one of those staples of the jailbreak community. It is a full featured tweak that aims at making both the Lock screen and Notification Center much more useful than Apple would allow, by letting you add specific widgets and more.

With iOS 8 and Notification Center extensions, one could argue that tweaks like IntelliScreenX have lost their appeal, however ISX8 allows for much more than what Apple would let any developer submit to the App Store.

It is still unclear when the tweak will be available in Cydia and whether it will be a paid or free upgrade, but we’ll make sure to let you know once we find out more. In the meantime, those that aren’t familiar with the tweak can have a look at the IntelliScreenX for iOS 7 which was released earlier this year.

  • Abid Patel

    “With iOS 8 and Notification Center extensions, one could argue that tweaks like IntelliScreenX have lost their appeal…” That line pretty much sums IntelliScreenX up. Esepcially considering how much they charge for the tweak. Maybe they should focus on a proper AppStore app and integrating it in to Notification Centre rather than a Cydia app. That might generate better sales as non-jailbroken phones have a much wider audience.

    • Jason Baroni

      Marketing exemplified.

    • Матт Реякіпѕ

      If you had ever used IntelliScreen you would realize that taking it off Cydia and making it an AppStore app would reduce it’s functionality greatly. It’s meant to be a lock sceen app not a notifications app. If you don’t wanna jailbreak or pay the cost for added features that’s your business. But people who jailbreak would be royally pissed off if the developer made a half assed version that Apple would approve of.

      • But you can access the Notification Center on the lockscreen…

      • FrankensteinBlack

        Why not do both? A watered down app store iSX NC widget for the paper-weighters (yes, because a non-jailbroken iPhone is a paper weight) and continued development for a full function iSX for jailbroken devices?

      • Completely agree. They could even make the AppStore version free or a low cost and use it to advertise the superior jailbreak tweak version…

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Apple would never aloud developers to developed both on Cydia and App Store.

      • Andrew

        1. Apple doesn’t control Cydia. At all.
        2. People have already done it. (iKeywi Keyboard, for example)
        3. Apple has taken MANY ideas from jailbreak tweaks and used them in iOS (Apple’s “QuickType” is an exact duplicate of the tweak “Predictive Keyboard”, for example).

  • kraigeriginal

    By calling it ISX8, and based on Intelliborn’s history, I’m guessing this will not be a free upgrade for ISX7 buyers… which means I’m done with them if that’s the case because they’ve taken too much of my money and provided so little updating and customer service.

    • Jonathan

      Not a guarantee. Think Springtomize. Buy Springtomize 2, and 3 is free.

      • James G

        If I recall correctly, didn’t ISX5, 6 and 7 each have an upgrade cost?

      • If my memory serves correctly 5-6 did but 6-7 didn’t (or perhaps this is the other way around?)

      • James G

        Yes I think that’s right. At least that’s what looking back at some old iDB articles indicated.

      • kraigeriginal

        Yeah, but Springtomize is run by an active and awesome dev who doesn’t just run to the bank with our money and neglect his product(s). Intelliborn has proved time and again they only care about the money, not the community/products.

    • Diego Milano

      Yeah, I stopped using this tweak a while ago as it is a huge package and I personally didn’t find anything appealing according to my needs. That being said though, that doesn’t mean the same applies for the rest of the audience, as the tweak itself is well coded and presented to the users.
      I agree with you -on the other hand- that this should be a free upgrade from ISX7 users, as the biggest UI change involved only the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7, however there are no major changes introduced on the last firmware iteration that would make the upgrade worth to make it a paid package.

    • Матт Реякіпѕ

      Usually you get one free upgrade then the next one is at a discount.

  • Roy Chang

    That looks really outdated. They did not change/tweak the UI since the release this 3/4 years ago

    • Guest

      Agreed, the least I can have on my screen, the better. That is one of the main reasons I stopped using this tweak- those feeds.

  • James G

    There is so much stuff going on in there…I don’t see how this is pleasant or informative to look at every time I go to my lock screen.

    • Diego Milano

      Agreed, the least I can have on my screen, the better. That is one of the main reasons I stopped using this tweak- those feeds…

      • James G

        I get the “at a glance I can see everything” approach, but usually you are grabbing your phone for a purpose: to complete an action or to respond/read a notification.

        This tweak is just a distraction. Your phone buzzes with a notification and then you hit the lock screen and see 10 different things, poor user experience.

        I will say, though, that the development behind it is done well and the capabilities are strong.

      • Niclas

        1. Most people look at their phone. Just to see whats there. Without a notification, without a specific purpose.

        2. You can configure it. for example, if (notification on LS) {show only notification(s)}

        3. There’s more to it…

      • James G

        I’m not trying to oversimplify that which isn’t simple. But that is kind of my point. ISX is not simple, it’s packing too much into one space and that kind of goes against the principles that iOS and Apple, really, is built around.

      • Niclas

        That’s your opinion and that’s fine. Problem is, a lot of other people thinks otherwise.
        You can configure ISX to be simple, or complex.
        And basically that’s what Jailbreak is all about.

      • Diego Milano

        Agreed, however like I said above, after testing the tweak on a test device, I found out that after disabling all the features the package had to offer, I ended up with pretty much everything disabled for the most part, haha.
        In other words, I got rid of the tweak altogether and will probably never have it installed permanently in my device for that matter.
        Although once again I agree that while this isn’t for me, it may be otherwise for others, and that is precisely the whole purpose of jailbreaking: customization! 😉

      • Diego Milano

        Agree 100%. We share the same goals when it comes to how our devices should work and look like.

      • Diego Milano

        Oh absolutely, I tested the tweak on a test device and wasn’t impressed at all and none of the features were of use (to me). I do agree the tweak is very well developed so I give the developers credit on the fact things work as they intended to.
        It’s just not for me. 🙂

      • Diego Milano

        Yep, my very own thoughts, indeed. I’m into minimalism, I don’t like overwhelming screens. The original Apple had this premise; unfortunately Steve Jobs is no longer around, but I’m still clinging towards simplicity instead of overcrowd.

  • Steve Norris

    The guy who wrote Lockinfo (The ORIGINAL lock screen for iphone) is following the same pattern as last year, he is updating his weather tweak (Forcast) and once that is perfect and not buggy, he will update Lockinfo… Worth the wait, key take home here is “not buggy”…

    • Chris Buck

      Looking forward to seeing Lockinfo 8 and what he will do:-)

    • Jukkmoddr

      How do you know? Does he have a twitter so I can follow him? I reaaalllyyyy want forecast haha.

  • Shawn

    I will never buy anything from this company after I used their customer support.
    I had purchased the previous ISX and was working good then all of a sudden it said I hadn’t purchased it. I emailed them 3 times and never got a response. I went on Reddit and asked around and a few said they had the same issue with no help.
    Then an awesome person named Saurik came onto my post and told me to get the Tranaction ID from when I had bought it. Thankfully Amazon keeps a good long history.
    About an hour later he had refunded the price to me. That was exceptional customer care and I can’t thank Saurik enough for being so awesome.

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Thats y we call Saurik, Living Legend. And love him soooo much! 😀

    • Dan

      same thing happened to me, I ended up getting a refund after it stopped working after a few days. ISX team couldn’t be bothered to answer my emails.

  • Blip dude

    Too freaking crummy of my lockscreen, and while I understand the yearly charge to help put bread on the developer’s table, he’ll have to find others to help him pay for the bread, because I’m done with supporting this tweak. Like I said in another post, I’ll stick to Grabby, Auki, and Forecast on the lockscreen. The fact that multiple tweaks in my experience still keep things simple in my lockscreen than this one tweak tells me a lot about it.

  • iPodDroid

    Anyone know of alternatives to InelliscreenX?

    • kraigeriginal

      LockInfo. And stock Notification Center at this point.

  • Jamie

    I love ISX. That and messages + is 2 of my favorite tweaks. I was actually debating on upgrading to 8 because of wondering how long it would be for the upgrade. Auxo too is awesome!

  • Dan

    Of course this will not be a free upgrade, these guys pretty much only care about money. I bought the last version and never got any replies when I had issues.

  • LockInfo offers pretty much the same thing and has a dev that somewhat cares about the customer…screw you Greedassborn.

  • Burge

    ISX5 paid
    ISX6 discounted if brought ISX5 if not full price
    ISX7 free if you had ISX5 and brought ISX6 at discounted price.

    ISX5 paid
    If you didn’t buy ISX6 you got ISX 7 at a discounted price.

    ISX 6 full price then ISX 7 discounted.

    ISX 7 full price is not got ISX 5/6

    Springtomize paid

    Springtomize 2 discounted upgrade from Springtomize or full price if not a upgrade.

    Springtomize 3 discounted upgrade from 1/2 or full price if not got upgrade .

    Springtomize 3 IOS 8 free upgrade. It still works on iOS 7

    As you can see BOTH of these dev’s have done the same thing.

    • Dan

      Filippo (Springtomize) doesn’t charge out of the wazoo for the tweak though

      • Burge

        I never said anything about price.

        Intelliborn have always been costly
        Just look at MyWi.

        The other thing is intelliborn make there apps/tweaks so you can not get cracked versions. You pay for there security of their tweaks.

        Springtomize cracked versions are on every cracked repo site there is.

        ( I hope that makes sense )

      • kraigeriginal

        That’s also false, though. I’ve personally gotten ISX off cracked repos before (as a means of testing it before I did eventually purchase it). I care more about the lack of response and updates to their product than I do about the extra couple dollars.

      • Burge

        So you got the only one time it got cracked.

      • kraigeriginal

        This argument isn’t worth my time as you’re clearly an Intelliborn apologist (or employee).

      • Burge

        Haha. And that’s why I stopped posting on this site.

        Nice to post again Seb still enjoying the site..

      • I have bad news, MyWi 6 and 7 have been cracked and are on the SiNful iPhone repo…

      • Burge

        And they are so unreliable. I used to use them when MyWi first came out OS2 I think it was. And that’s when it was a lot easier to crack apps.

        Now I wouldn’t use one of them. Who knows what else your downloading when you put a cracked Tweak/App on your device. And I’m carrying more personal data on my device then ever before.

      • Don’t worry Inteliborn sales man, SiNful iPhone is a well trusted repo…

      • Burge

        It’s not the repo it’s the person doing the cracking of the tweaks/Apps and then putting the on the site. Because there very trustworthy !!! As for sinful is a trusted repo. You trying to be funny. That’s why this comes up.

      • Burge
      • The person who did the cracking () is a well known hacker on SiNful iPhone, Julio Verne. His intentions have as much potential to change as that of Inteliborns, so, I’m not any more worried about him than I am about Inteliborn.

        FYI, Every repo containing pirates d tweaks isn’t trusted by Cydia, so…learn to think for yourself.

      • Burge

        so someone cracks it. Now what’s to stop someone from putting there code in it and putting it somewhere else’s. But it’s all good because a well known hacker cracked it first.

      • SoylentGreen

        There are endless ‘what ifs’ you could add, bottom line is you dont need to buy nothing, ppl dont normally get cracked debs from ‘somewhere else’ you mention. Most ppl with a brain use repos that have staff that unpack/analyse/repack these things & just dont get debs from this ‘somewhere’ else. Anyway have fun buying fresh air. Oops i meant intellectual digital property lol,
        Ps. Julio does not really crack the tweaks per-se, he has some complex manouvres and a time machine that just sends that intellectual property to a time when it is free, and because time is relative, some people pay, others use good repos.

      • Dan

        True. I just meant that because of the steep price, they could offer better service and possibly discounted upgrades. Seems to me they are only interested in money. Lockinfo does the same thing and costs less.

      • Burge

        I’ve never said anything about the upgrade price. Yes they are steep. But I was more making a comment because someone said that Springtomize was a free upgrade. it was this time but so was ISX 7 if you got 5 and 6
        and Springtomize has been a paid upgrade every time until now.

        All of the dev’s are going to charge what they will think they can get away with even if it’s not worth the price. And I’m sure we all can think of a tweak that falls in to that category. And if they can charge for a upgrade they will. Right or wrong at the end of the day people will pay.

  • cet376

    I really like Lockinfo primarily for the ability to put my “favorites” contacts on the Lockscreen.

    That said, it would be nice if someone wrote a tweak to put “Today” notifications on the lockscreen.

    • kraigeriginal

      Like TodayLock perhaps?

      • cet376

        Thanks very much. But after doing more research I was able to get it without a tweak (just requires a swipe down in the lockscreen).

        “Choose whether to show Today and Notifications View on a locked screen. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (iPhone models with Touch ID) or Settings > Passcode (other models), then choose whether to allow access when locked.”

      • kraigeriginal

        Pretty sure that was the default on my device. I thought you meant just on the LS without invoking the NC. Glad you found what will work for you.

      • cet376

        my ip6 had “today” greyed out, but I was able to change it by activating the passcode. Thanks again.

  • ready1take1

    Really excited about this. This (and Auxo) was a big reason for me not to upgrade to ios8.

  • john diaz

    I used to love this tweak and i mean no disrespect to the developer but could you please come up with new exciting things i mean its always the same thing with intelliScreenx… has improved notification center themselves they already allow widgets so lets see something different.

  • Lemerio P.

    I am a big fan of ISX but would much rather they invest time into making a blink feed type of tweak for the lockscreen. If someone made this I would be more the willing to pay for it..

  • Poporopo

    I just want something to Dismiss All and that is it!!
    I paid for this tweak but is not for me. I need something simple. Might be to great for me 🙂