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Episode 55: This week we talk about the iPad mini and its future, who’ll play Steve Jobs in the upcoming biopic, and iPhone 6s 3D rumors.

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  • CS

    The future of the mini = nonexistent. I have a Mini Retina and now the 6+. I still use my mini daily, but if I had the money I would go get an iPad Air. The 6+ and Mini sizes feel similar, but also very different. apple just doesn’t have anywhere to go with the mini. At least with the regular sized iPads Apple has options for making it thinner, since there is more room to flatten the battery and internals. Mini is gone when they release the bigger 12.2 iPad, which i believe is really happening!

  • Dev D

    I love my Mini Retina, wish Apple puts GSM calling feature for future Mini’s, I know it won’t be easy to carry mini iPad all the time but just add it please with compatible Bluetooth headset 🙂

  • Chris Gaffka

    I have to agree with Jeff.. Down here in Florida, any time I walk into Starbucks, the number of iPad Minis I see always outweighs the number of full sized iPads. I find myself using my iPad Mini with Retina far more than my iPad Air. The Mini is just the perfect size.

  • Chocolatewe

    I love facebook messenger and the facebook app. I probably use them both multiple times times an hour. The reason i like it is because ive been using it for years, i trust it and ive had so many memories on it. I think its rather unfair for Jeff to say he does not care about facebook when is it just so amazing and has changed my life along with millions of other peoples.