Fitbit Flex

Apple has followed through with plans to stop selling Fitbit devices. As noted by MacRumors, the company has pulled all Fitbit products from its online store and has begun removing them from the shelves of its retail stores as well.

Previously, Apple carried the Fitbit Flex fitness band and the classic Fitbit one, both of which connected to iOS devices. The reason behind the removals is unknown, but there does appear to be tension brewing between the two firms.

In October, Fitbit confirmed that it had no plans to support HealthKit, Apple’s new health data aggregation platform. As the number one fitness tracker maker in the world, Fitbit’s announcement likely made significant waves for Apple.

fitbit gone

Additionally, Fitbit recently announced a handful of new products, including the Surge smartwatch, which encroaches further on Apple Watch territory. It’s possible (though seemingly unlikely) that Apple dropped Fitbit for competitive reasons.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Apple removing products in recent weeks—last month, Apple pulled Bose audio products from its stores. Interestingly enough, it’s still offering other brands of headphones and fitness trackers, for now.


  • Anon 2.0

    Damn…. is there a way to get a refund? I am starting to hate my Fitbit Flex since the company mentioned they ain’t be supporting HealthKit…

    • WTF?

      Not sure if stupid or….

      • Anon 2.0

        Whats the matter lol I think all the Fitbit owners are thinking the same thing. Fitbit products were on sale on Apple Retail/Online stores for a long time and they said they won’t support HealthKit…. don’t you think THATS stupid?

  • k4lsu

    I seriously think Fitbit ought to rethink its position. Apple is a monster swallowing up anything in its path and I’m afraid they are going to get gobbled up. Either Apple buys them out or they starve their business.

    • Niclas

      Dropbox are doing pretty well…

      • Anthony Antunez

        Apple doesn’t offer what Dropbox does. iCloud Drive is the closest thing and that just came out so its not surprising that Dropbox is still around.

      • Niclas

        Neither does Apple offer what FitBit offer… But maybe in the future. Just as the case with Dropbox.

      • k4lsu

        The Apple Watch will directly compete with Fitbit and it will have more practical capabilities as well as relate with HealthKit and other Apps that Fitbit will not. Dropbox and Fitbit are two different companies in two completely different situations, not even close to being comparable.

      • Niclas

        Wow, you have no idea what you are replying to huh?
        Apple competes with Dropbox.
        Apple competes with FitBit.

        You know Apple tried to buy Dropbox?
        Now they are competing, with iCloud Drive. Still, Dropbox is only growing…

  • Chindavon

    An all our war in wearables in 2015 is going to be fun to watch.

  • sosarozay300

    another one bites the dust

  • Jesse

    They should sell both on there store and see which one sells better Apple Watch or Fitbit.