Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (image 001)

Software giant Microsoft is reportedly considering developing a bigger Surface Pro tablet with a thirteen to fourteen-inch screen that should appeal to business users for whom productivity is the chief concern, according to a rumor Tuesday out of Taiwan.

As reported by DigiTimes, a Taiwanese trade publication, success of the current twelve-inch Surface Pro 3 — Surface business revenues surged 127 percent to $908 million in the third quarter of 2014 — has encouraged decisions makers at the Redmond firm to consider an even bigger tablet.

Based on the improvement in sales of the Surface Pro 3, industry sources told DigiTimes that Microsoft intends to develop a thirteen or fourteen-inch Surface Pro targeting the business segment, adding that “the plan is still at its early stage, and it still remains uncertain if Microsoft will proceed with the plan.”

The timing of this rumor is especially interesting.

As per a sketchy report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News yesterday, Apple may be planing to gradually wind down development of the iPad mini after realizing that consumers are increasingly gravitating toward oversized tablets.

The Cupertino firm is said to be developing a new ‘iPad Pro’ model that will be thinner than the iPhone 6 and pack in a screen measuring between 12.2 and 12.9 inches, a faster processor with more RAM for fluid multitasking, dual stereo speakers and other goodies.

According to IDC, Gartner and other research firms, sales of Windows-based tablets have stagnated and accounted for only a meager three percent share of global tablet market in the second quarter of 2014.


  • Jonathan

    Rumor: Microsoft developing next-generation Surface Pro with 40″ to 42″ screen

    • AppleFanboy

      Are you saying the Surface will survive till 2030?

      • Jonathan


      • Jeffrey

        Running an aggregation of OS X and iOS with it’s 97.2% market share on the mobile and desktop device market;)

  • August Ebbesen

    Wait, why are we talking about Microsoft?

    • Rowan09

      It’s a tech blog that speaks about the competition as well from time to time.

      • Tommy

        U mean “it’s an apple blog that provides space for bashing the competition from time to time”.

      • Rowan09

        Where’s the bashing in this article?

      • You’ve been here long enough to realize such articles usually ignite competitor hatred in the comment section…

      • Rowan09

        That’s true. No one should hate on the Surface Pro, it’s a great product (from what I’ve heard since I don’t own one). I like reading about new products from other companies because I’m not searching Android Authority for a new Android device, etc.

      • Guest

        On iDB? You and 3 other people.

  • Rowan09

    It makes sense because for it to be a real laptop hybrid it needs a big screen. It won’t be considered as portable anymore though.

  • Eni

    The sucface is the best product of microsoft until now

  • It better be just another option instead of the only option…many are asking for a bigger screen, but not everyone. I much prefer the screen size of my Pro 2; it’s the perfect fit of a Tablet and Laptop for me.

    • You know Microsoft. They do something right then they break it.

      • Haha, can’t deny that. They’re always trying something new/innovative instead of living the competition to do that…that’s a double-edge sword.

      • Rowan09

        I agree they should make 2 sizes, but I doubt they will.

  • Julio M.

    “…’iPad Pro’ model that will be thinner than the iPhone 6…”. Maybe it’ll bend more easily than the iP6, just saying.. 😛