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Episode 54: Sebastien and Cody hold down the fort in Jeff’s absence. A discussion about the iPad Air 2, Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and plenty of things you don’t want to hear.

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  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    Just so you know Sébastien, every Apple Store in the United States will honor the 1 year warranty on anything Apple branded. And when something is replaced, that 1 year warranty is usually reset from the time of repair to the following year. But most importantly, if you don’t have a receipt, they can always look up your receipt via your email address to pull up a purchase history, or credit card if you still have it. But if you don’t have any proof of purchase, then don’t count on Apple swapping something out; most of the time, it is out of courtesy that Apple will swap something out. If you don’t have the receipt and they do swap something, it is called a “no receipt return”. They are usually very nice most of the time.

    • Beowulf

      1. It does not reset
      2. They could check via serial number. You don’t need recipes or a credit card.

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        My mistake, you are correct that it doesn’t reset the warranty, that wouldn’t make sense… silly me, ha. The only serialized products sold by Apple are iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple TVs, Macs, Time Capsules, and Airports. Lightning Cables, EarPods, and all of the other Apple accessories are not serialized, which would then require a receipt, a credit card (unless you paid in cash), or an email address. And that is if they aren’t willing to look past that you don’t have the receipt. Sometimes out of courtesy, they do a “no receipt return” like they did for Sébastien.

      • Beowulf

        good points

  • Cody

    Meanwhile in Russia: People demolish Steve Jobs Memorial because Tim Cook came out gay.

    • Pawel Nowak

      Demolish or remove?

      • Cody


  • George

    Great convo on Tim cook!

  • Esteban Gonzalez

    You are not paying for a dog, you are paying a re-homing fee

  • Apologies for this not being the place to ask this but I have just noticed that when I go to send a photo via email from within the photos app it brings up the screen listing all of the available mail providers as if I haven’t got any email accounts configured even though I have iCloud mail setup on my phone, my phone is jailbroken with all available pangu and cydia updates installed, does anyone else have this issue or could it be a tweak that I have installed causing it? My wife’s iPhone 6+ is not jailbroken and she has no such issue

    Edit: never mind it was the tweak ‘socialenhancer’ that caused me the issue

  • Pawel Nowak

    Thank you Burge for clarifying the matter.Cody lets not bend the truth shall we?Not all Russians are homophobes you know,most of them are quite tolerant and friendly.No hard feelings i hope?Thank you