Normally, when you press the Home and the Power button simultaneously on your iOS device, a screenshot of your whole screen is taken right away. Unfortunately, there’s no way that you can take a screenshot of a particular portion area of your screen other than cropping it manually. This is why a new jailbreak tweak known as CroppingScreen debuted on Cydia recently to make your work a whole lot easier.

As obvious as the name sounds, CroppingScreen allows you to capture a screenshot of a specific portion of your device’s screen, just like how it works on Mac. This saves you time from going into the Photos app and manually cropping a screenshot to reveal only the portion you want.

If you’re wondering how it works, the tweak smartly takes advantage of the current activation method of Screenshot to do its job. After pressing the Home and the Power button simultaneously, instead of taking a screenshot of your whole screen right away, the screen grays out allowing you to drag onto it to choose a specific portion which you want to take a screenshot of. After raising your finger, the screenshot will be saved to the Camera Roll. To take a screenshot of the whole screen, all you have to do is to press the Home button again.

The tweak comes with no configuration to make so once you’ve installed it, you can start capturing a specific portion of your screen without any hassle.

Personally, I use the Screenshot feature on my device frequently and this tweaks makes it a whole lot easier to take a screenshot of any part of my screen quickly without doing it manually and it works flawlessly.

If you’re like me and take Screenshots regularly, you’ll definitely find this tweak useful. CroppingScreen is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free and requires iOS 7 to function properly.

  • Chris

    Tried it and have to say it’s very awkward to use as I could never get it to start from the edge of the screen.

    • Ant

      You should have tried the Note 4 at Best Buy. It’s very convenient.

      • Chris

        Fly me to America and I will

      • Ant

        😀 It looks so much more premium in person by the way

  • The tweak I use for screenshots is almpoum, it takes a screenshot of the whole screen but comes up with share and save options straight after the screenshot is taken, I like the save option as usually I take a screenshot just to send it to someone so with this tweak I don’t have to delete it if I choose not to save it or if I do want to save it I can store it automatically in a screenshot album within photos

  • Tim

    snapper works great too

    • Shay Shtern

      iOS 8 Support?

      • Tim

        Unfortunately its not supported yet

  • ⌘+⇧+4 … 😛

  • Dan

    kind of like the feature on Galaxy Note 4, but less useful since no stylus

  • Rob

    Snapper is my favourite, it’s separate from the screenshot function and u just set an activator action to initiate it. Works the same way except when uv dragged the portion of the screen u want it gives u the option of save to camera roll or copy to clipboard, or u can simply keep it on the screen while u navigate somewhere else, and u can resize or move it anywhere on the screen, very handy for referencing. It’s a paid tweak but it’s worth it.

    • Shay Shtern

      no iOS 8 Support yet…. 🙁

  • ✯Mike✯

    Off topic, does anyone know the best way to customize the signal strength dots?I usually have the negative numbers set but since we have the world of jailbreaking back with us, figured there is a better solution.


      Hmm try “bars” tweak though its not updated for ios8 i think

  • The_Kingfish

    Cydia page says it’s compatible with iOS 8 but crashes my 5s into Safe Mode. Uninstalled.

  • Damian

    Crashes into safe mode when pressing home button. IPad

  • Toon

    still crashes on my i6 when i try to make a screenshot from a website

  • Toon

    dev says it will be soon available for i6

  • lookHOWMADheis

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    • lookHOWMADheis

      and i know you can make at least 20,000$ off 2 of the ideas if you charge 1$.