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If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone 5, iPod touch 5th gen, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, or any other 32-bit iOS device, then perhaps you’ve encountered the problem that this update fixes. The launchd process would “spin” continuously burning CPU and battery, and in some cases, even making the device run extremely hot.

I’ve seen various reports about iPhone 5s running hot, but never really took them seriously. That probably has something to do with the fact that I’ve only jailbroken 64-bit devices like the iPhone 5s and 6 Plus. But apparently, this was a real issue affecting more than just a few. For that reason, Pangu has issued an updated version of its Untether package to fix the problem.

Head over Cydia now to find the Untether update. Once you install it, you’ll need to reboot your device.

Here is the full change log for the update:

Version 0.3 of this package fixes the issue where, on 32-bit devices (iPod 5, iPhone 4S/5, iPad 2, iPad Mini 1) a specific background process (launchd) would sometimes “spin”, burning CPU and battery, or even heating up.

Even if you’re running a 64-bit device or haven’t experienced issues on your 32-bit device, it’s still recommended that you update. Be sure to save any work before you update, because as stated, the update does require a reboot.

Have you experiences any problems with the jailbreak regarding excessive heat? If so, sound off down below with your comments.

Update: This package has been pulled by Saurik for the following reasons. Quoting Saurik on /r/jailbreak:

Some users on 64-bit devices are reporting mild to serious issues with this package. According to the Pangu team, they have changed almost nothing on 64-bit, and have not seen the issue themselves in their testing. We have pulled the package anyway, and the people at Pangu are working on doing a more detailed analysis of the issue.

Looks like those who weren’t able to update will have to wait a while for the fix.

Update 2: it’s back up now. Have at it and let us know what you find.

  • Sami

    iphone 6 plus , everything was perfect until i updated the pangu untethered 0.2 to 0.3 via cydia after it was pulled and back again and oops it got my phone to apple stuck logo and had to restore ! stay away

  • ante markov

    iPhone 5s stuck on Apple logo after update Verzion 0.3…..had to do restore and jb again

  • yermum

    Well this is phucked. My 5s has been perfectly fine all this time, through reboots, resprings, and everything – and now this morning after installing this (again released) update to 0.3, the phone is like its on fire and I’ve blasted through almost 20% battery in under 30 minutes… Yay. Time to restore and jailbreak again so I can get back to 0.2…

  • Arthur Geron

    I don’t know why no one herad me, or why iDB didn’t do a warning post before, I experienced this overheting since the first Pagu JB release for iOS8.. It’s just not worth JB now, as I said before, we need to wait more until it get stable ..

    • For the majority of users it is pretty stable. Not everyone is having these issues. Unfortunately they won’t know how bad it is unless everyone who has it lets them know about it.

      • Randy Galbraith

        the ppl with the higher end devices (64-bit) are running into a huge issue with boot loops

      • I have a 6 also, no issues here…

  • Sandro Michailidis

    Just updated to 0.3 rebooted , but this thing called launchd is still draining my battery like hell om my iPhone 4S here , so i guess this is not working ?

  • Guest

    Returned my iPhone 6 Plus. Not worth the $1,000 for a device with 1 GB of RAM. I can buy a MacBook Pro with that money!

  • Rafael

    My iphone 4s ( ios 8.1 ) is restarting ramdomly after jailbreak. And this continues even after upgrading to version 0.3!

    • SIMTester

      Have you encountered the Safari infinite reload/timeout glitch on graphic-intensive webpages?

  • Feivl

    My 5s is burning. (ios 7.1.1). Anything I can do except waiting? As it seems here, updating to ios 8.1 doesn*t help.

    • Feivl

      Is that even possible, on ios7. Or is that caused by sth else?

      • Feivl

        Please guys, help! Battery is draining much too fast. And if i launch top in mobileterminal, it says, top itself uses 99% of cpu. Please help! Anyone?

  • Yushinbe

    Random reboots are still issues to be fixed. I am on iPhone 4s.

    • SIMTester

      Have you been able to fix the issue where Safari cannot load most webpages without reloading repeatedly? You can test this issue on a page with a lot of graphics/content or simply open another app like Facebook prior to using Safari. It’s happened on all 3 of my 4S’es.

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    I updated and it boot loop ten times exactly and th booted up fine I was scared.

  • Praveen Kumar

    After updating Pangu Untether version 0.3, iphone 5c got stuck with apple logo, waited for 10 min still got stuck with bootloop and hard rebooted the 5c and that got fixed with out restoring the iphone.. 🙂

  • Gabriel Anaya

    I had this problem too.One quick fix I found was using iCleaner to disable and logging and iCloud backup daemons.Then performing a hard reboot,sometimes several times if necessary,and then it would be fixed.Thank goodness a permanent fix is here now.

  • sriram varadarajulu

    i dont think i’ve ever seen a jailbreak cause heating problem in the history of jailbreaking ios.. :O is ios 8 jailbreak really that buggy?

    • VITICO

      I havent had any problems..

    • Randy Galbraith

      boot logo seems to fail on gets stuck in boot up back to stock firmware until they get this garbage fixed… -_-

  • Mickey

    So should i download it or not? I have an iphone 6

  • Unicorn Drank

    Thankfully I haven’t had any problems and I have the update pending and it seems that it’s going to stay that way until it’s fixed.

  • Liam Mulcahy

    Im so glad havent updated to ios 8

  • Melma

    I wont update, mine is working just fine with de old version.

  • Polo

    Im getting errors on Safari, it always crashes

  • gary

    i cant get on safari also keeps refreshing all the time why is that

  • Sandro Michailidis

    After the update my phone keeps respringing for no reason ? Anyone knows a fix please ?

  • Jada

    I Have an iPhone 5 and when my battery died After charging for about 5 minutes the phone came back on but is stuck on the apple symbol.

  • smtp25

    Is pangu installer considered safe now? no spy/malware issues?

    • Chris

      It’s been safe since they first released it for iOS 7

    • Todd Young

      “Safe” is one thing (e.g. no spyware), but “stable” is another issue that is still being worked out.

  • Danyl Traynor

    The Pangu install page doesn’t seem to be active? Can’t download either .exe file?

  • Kimball

    iPad Air 8.1 and iPhone 6 8.1 seems to be working nicely, got 6-10 tweaks installed and so far no problems as others have described here, fortunately.

  • Bilal

    My device is still heating up
    Help 🙁

  • jake

    afterward my phone will have a sporadic spree of resprings, about 4 or 5 times, and once its done it will repeat the process after about an hour or so. i uninstalled the few tweaks i had downloaded to see if one of them were the issue, and the problem still occurred even after every tweak was uninstalled. is this problem happening to anyone else?? iphone 5 ios 8.1. ive rejailbroken after every update to see if issue has been fixed and every time still just that one horribly annoying issue.

  • Danny

    I tried jail breaking my iPhone 6 plus multiple times, and it usually takes a while, but after it finishes I get a blank icon on my springboard that says “pangunew” and when I click on it the app just crashes. Please help!!

  • Danyl Traynor

    Still unable to download pangu from the official site. Anybody know why? Or is there a mirror site elsewhere the installer can be downloaded from?

  • Randy Galbraith

    Now my iPhone 5s is stuck at boot logo screen after accepting the update that was on cydia as of 11/03/14… before that it hadn’t been having any issues now how do i get my device back? Also my iPhone 5s is now getting very hot while trying to boot up… Disappointed… How do i fix this issue?

  • Fais

    Am having boot loop issue with latest Pungu tool, i have done two tests (IPhone 5 & 6) both failed.
    after the JB, i restored my backup, restarted the phone .. boom .. apple logo with no luck or reverting back, i had to restore again.

  • Evereddie

    Received my new iPhone 6 Plus today. Did the jailbreak using Pangu 8 v1.2.1 and now the native keyboard shows ? on every key. Only Pangu and Cydia installed, no tweaks. Since Apple forces you to use the native keyboard in some instances I was forced to restore to no jailbreak. Bug report..and depressed

  • Drew

    How come my screen won’t turn on when I’m charging my phone? Like it’ll crash and then come back on? If I unplug my phone then it’s fine.

    • Drew

      Also I am using a 5s