Tamil Nadu-based company iVoice Enterprise is moving forward with its challenge to Apple’s ‘iPhone’ trademark in India, reports PatentlyApple. The firm has asked the country’s Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) to remove the trademark from their registry.

The initial complaint, known officially as a “rectification petition,” was filed on October 20, and many figured it would be immediately tossed out. However, today it is being reported that the IPAB is taking the trademark issue seriously, and has asked Apple to respond.

PatentlyApple shares part of the decision: “The Appellate Board directed Apple Inc. to file the application for condoning delay and serve the counter statement to the applicant (iVoice Ventures Pvt. Ltd) under intimation to the Registry.” Apple has until November to reply.

Details of the complaint are not yet known—particularly why iVoice feels that Apple’s iPhone trademark is invalid. This wouldn’t be the first time Apple has been called to defend the iPhone mark abroad, as it has faced similar registry challenges in both Mexico and Brazil.


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    Only two things matter in this case: first, how old is their claim to the iPhone name. Second, how vigorously have they attempted to defend the trademark since its inception.