iOS 8 jailbreak pangu 1.1

The definitive version of Pangu for Windows is here. This version, as you’ve likely read, is complete with a bundled Cydia installation and English text. There are also a few differences in some of the screens that you’ll encounter during the jailbreak process.

If you’ve yet to jailbreak iOS 8, then you no longer need to wait around for anything (outside of a version for the Mac). This is the complete version of Pangu, that makes it super-simple to jailbreak just like jailbreaks of old. Pangu 1.1.0 is a great tool, and it works very well.

Check out our final complete Pangu 1.1 iOS 8.x jailbreak video tutorial inside. It only takes 8 easy steps.

Video tutorial

How to jailbreak iOS 8.x with Pangu 1.1

Note: Backup your device and perform a fresh install of iOS 8 via iTunes before proceeding. This will ensure that the jailbreak runs quicker and ups the chance of success. You can always restore your data post jailbreak. This tutorial is for Windows. If you don’t have a Windows machine, you can use a virtual machine on your Mac.

Step 1: Connect your device to your PC, and make sure that you tap the Trust This Computer button on your device if it prompts you to do so

Step 2: Enable Airplane mode on your device

Step 3: Download Pangu 1.1 from our downloads page and save it to your desktop

Step 4: Right click on the Pangu tool and select Run as Administrator

Step 5: Once your device is detected by Pangu, click the Start Jailbreak button

Step 6: After reading the notice presented by Pangu, click Already Did to begin the jailbreak process

Step 7: Be patient and wait for the progress bar to reach the very end, and your iPhone will reboot

Step 8: Once your iPhone reboots you should see Cydia on your Home screen. Launch Cydia to initialize it and you’re good to go

That’s it folks. That’s how you jailbreak and install Cydia in one fell swoop. How did you fare? Are you jailbreaking, or are you still holding off for some reason?

  • I have a serious question. Please provide me some advices.

    I’ve jailbroke my iphone 5s yesterday, and everyrthing is worming fine

    • pegger1

      I don’t see a question. And did you mean “working” fine?

      • Check my latest comment, this was accidentallyyyy shared.

  • I jailbroke my iphone 5s yesterday and it asks me tdy to upgrade pangu once i enter it. It says done respeing, i respring and nothing happens. Pangu app isnt upgrading.

    • pegger1

      If you’re jailbroken and have Cydia, you don’t need to update or even use Pangu.

      • Yeah, but i thought it could fix some bugs in the current jailbreak. Im still facing some crashes.

      • pegger1

        Are you experiencing bugs?
        Any bug fixes would likely be to the underlying components (Substrate, Untether, etc…). Those updates will appear in Cydia.

      • Its something related to substrate and its already up to date.

  • SkyFall

    So i tried yesterday to jailbreak my 5s, but i had done an OTA update so my photos got deleted and i didn’t manage to jailbreak. Luckily i had backed up my iPhone 3 times, but since I’m a lucky person all f*cking 3 backups were corrupted, so i can’t f*cking install my photos (main thing i want) cause of this stupid thing. So i searched and found some apps that let you see the files that are in the backup (most of them are trials and need to buy full version so it can install the photos onto the phone). Luckily one app could copy the files from the backup onto the computer. So now i plan to jailbreak and install AFC2 and replace the files with the old files i had. Will it work or not? Please someone respond.

  • behnam

    guys im on ios 8.1 but when i want to jailbreak it says iPhone 5(A1428) with ios () only available for ios 8.x!
    what is the problem?

    • pegger1

      You did a clean restore to iOS 8.1 using iTunes?

  • khmi

    Cant reboot after jailbreak and restore. Stuck on Apple logo. Any ideas?

  • Sachka

    I’m still having some issues with safari, apple website for example gets really buggy and crashes, it doesn’t crash safari it crashes the tab and returns an error

    • Will Wong

      Still getting frequent Safari mobile crashes within tabs as mentioned by Sachka on an iPad mini 1. Trying a fresh Restore through Pangu app to see if this resolves.

      • Vittorio

        Any luck?

  • adrian

    apple logo bootloop….ip6 8.1
    everything works until i restart the phone….with touch id and passcode activated

    • Yes, the issue is persisting…
      Try using without security…

      • adrian

        i’ll wait until they fix this

      • Todd Young

        yeah, sounds like there’s still some notable bugs with this JB release. I’d recommend folks wait a few more days for another release (unless you have time to burn on restoring your iPhone a few times).

      • So am I… 🙁

  • John Mclean

    give me mac verion of jailbreak pls

    • Abe Villa

      Ppl in this community are very serious when you ask for something other than what’s availabe. Please save yourself. Lol

  • Oscar Quiroz

    How can I remove the pangu tool on the springboard?

    • Abe Villa

      Use titanium backup or root explorer to uninstall. Oh wait…. That’s android. Sorry.

      • Hang Tai Seng

        lol you came to the wrong blog then

      • Abe Villa


  • DWayne Robinson

    Is there not a way to get rid of the Pangu app off the springboard?

  • bushygoodness

    …still stuck on 2/6

    – Fresh restore for iPhone 5s, DL newest version of Pangu, turned off Find My iPhone, passcode disabled and put in airplane mode (also tried without airplane mode)… also DL Tongbu Assistant and cleared the mb to 0… anymore advice?

  • bushygoodness

    …still stuck on 2/6

    – Fresh restore for iPhone 5s, DL newest version of Pangu, turned off Find My iPhone, passcode disabled and put in airplane mode (also tried without airplane mode)… also DL Tongbu Assistant and cleared the mb to 0… anymore advice?

  • khmi

    I solved my reboot problems!!! Here’s what I did.
    Step 1: Backup with passcode or icloud turned OFF
    Step 2: Clean Install of 8.1
    Step 3: Jailbreak
    Step 4: Restore phone
    Step 5: Turn on icloud…Then restart, see if phone boots back up
    Step 6: Set a passcode and touch ID
    Step 7: Reboot
    If it works, enjoy!

    • CrissCross

      are you sure about this cuz i dont want to restore the 7th time till now and i have over 80 gb on the device ..

      • khmi

        Give it one last try. I tried 7 times also, this method worked for me.

  • Alex Graham

    Can somebody please help me! I have no idea if I’m on the latest version of pangu or not. When I open it says v 110 available. I update it but still having a lot of bugs. Phone keeps going into safe mode whenever I get notifications. Safari and messages crash all the time. Do I need to install open ssh for that or what? Thank you

  • CrissCross

    jeff did you test this shit not like last night jailbreaking and everything after that resoring from backup and here it is the damn bootloop is back !

  • Lex

    is there appsync for ios 8 already?

  • B.A

    Is it okay to delete the pangu app on the homescreen?

  • Todd Young

    I would recommend folks wait for another JB release, as this one is still buggy.

  • Chris

    I’ve been holding off until the major bugs have been fixed, today I jailbroke my iPhone 6 with 60GB/s of music and videos and it had no issues, took around 20 seconds to complete the entire process.

    Is it safe to turn Find my iPhone back on or does it still cause boot loops with tweaks?

  • cr0w_69

    does this fix the stuck on reboot logo? Because my iPod 5th Gen was jailbroken (iOS 8.1) and it was fine until the battery died, once i tried to turn it back on, it couldn’t, I tried everything on the web and eventually i ended up having to restore it. Thankfully nothing was lost, but I decided not to jailbreak until this bug was fized (assuming it IS a bug)

  • Niko

    I was able to jailbreak my iphone 5 and it was working fine, including the tweaks I installed this afternoon. Now, all of the sudden my phone everytime it goes on sleedmode, I can’t turn it back on. And I have to hard reboot it (when you press the power and home button at the same time) to make it turn back it, but once the screen goes dark, it happens agains.

  • micko-300

    My iphone 5s on 8.1 and jailbreak 1.1 all good, but having a glitch/frozen screen, then reboots when plugging in and out the charger. every time.
    Any ideas what’s causing this???

  • Kevin Rauseo II

    I keep getting stuck on sep 2/6 :/ any suggestions? passcode and find my iPhone are off. airplane mode on. left device unlocked

  • Jorge

    Speaker not working for some reason after I jailbroke my iPhone 5s. Does any one know how to fix it

  • Kilroy672

    I’m definitely going to wait for real stable version. I’m glad I haven’t jumped the gun at any jailbreak at this point. Hopefully in a few days or weeks. I’m not going to ruin my iPhone 6.

    • Tnt4ever

      latest pangu release working fine on my i6+

      earlier release has far more crashes

      • Raul Torres

        Hows battery life on the i6+ with the jailbreak?

      • Tnt4ever

        well done few hours ago can say anything precisely about battery.

        when ever you restore any smart phone (even windows & android) it comes back to optimum state after 5-7 days. after learning user’s habit/apps

        since its the latest restore + jb so can say anything before 5days.

        people complaining battery issue right after purchase/update / restore are foolish with built-in complaining feature in their personality.

        even on purchase on my i6+ in first 3 days. it gave me 10hrs max now it cam to 2 days & might be better soon.

      • Raul Torres

        Ok keep me updated on how battery life is on the jailbreak on i6+ after a few days !

      • Niclas

        Actually, there’s no break-in time for smart phones to reach their “optimum state”. Some things gets cached but nothing needing several days to get done that affects battery life.

  • asdf

    Just tried to jailbreak my ipad2. Pangu said it was successful, but now it won’t boot up at all!

  • Osama Al-Shaheen

    i tried to jailbreak my iphone 5 ios 8.1 when i did the putting a passcode then i reboot my device it get stuck it’s not fixed and cydia changelog said it did ?

    • Tnt4ever

      did you installed Cydia Substrate manually ?

      • Osama Al-Shaheen


    • Tnt4ever

      i mean — did you updated cydia sources then serched for “cydia substrate” & then installed it ?

      • Osama Al-Shaheen

        No no it’s preinstalled

  • Tnt4ever

    so far going well on following devices


    will test “ipad Air wifi” & “ipad 2 wifi” later today

  • George McKinnis

    It’s amazing how many of us have been having issues all night with the iPhones and iPads going into boot-loop or freezing after following the install instructions precisely with no one from the Pangu team, iDownloadBlog staff or anyone from the jailbreak community that are the “go to” people when there is a problem, having yet commented or even posted anything here, Facebook, Twitter, forums or even any websites indicating there still is a major problem (issue) and that a fix is coming!

  • Alex

    does anyone have an issue with iPhone 6 jailbreak? if my phone is charging and the phone goes to sleep or even if i put it to sleep, then the screen stays black and i cannot get it back on unless i reset phone (hold power and home)

  • Pov Polo

    Hello Bro, after jailbreak my iPhone using Pangu 1.1.0, I can’t hold press on icon and then it auto Respring, I don’t know why? Help please..

  • Brian IObserve Create

    can we remove the pangu app?

  • Josh

    I’m also experiencing the boot loop problem. Have jailbroken three times already. I’m following the instructions to the t. Before I restore from backup, it reboots fine, even with pass code on. But when I restore from backup, I’m not able to reboot with pass code on. Only if it’s off. So right now it’s either have no security or don’t restore from backup. Anybody find a fix yet?

  • Carlos Lara

    Since I did the jailbreak on my iPhone 5 , it’s been extremely buggy!! A lot of times it just respring without notice !! I’m thinking on restore to default settings until the jailbreak is more stable

    • peticool

      Same here on iPad 4, crashed 3 times while heavy usage (guess memory leaks), once the wifi icon dissapeard on the status bar, very buggy!

  • Tim Taylor

    passcode problem still there. jailbreak works great untill you enable passcode and touch id and resart. then stuck on apple logo……

  • NP92

    Just wait few days guys, ask your selfs: if i cant wait, the whole system and tweaks only Works 50%.

    If you do wait, the system is more stable, and your journey and happiness are much more appreciated.

  • nomax

    I jailbreaked my iPhone 6 with each version of Pangu, but when I shutdown the phone it shows only the apple logo. Maybe there’s a bug.

  • Bryan Agustin

    HELP! I can’t install tweaks from cydia coz of preference loader and mobile substrate…. And this one happen after pressing refresh under sources tab in Cydia. I’m using iPod touch 5thGen.

  • Tim Taylor

    Update! Running fine on my 6+ 128gb. Once the jailbreak and my restore were complete I went into cydia is and installed Cydia substrate, and reinstalled the pangu unteather. After that enabled my touchid and passcode. Now rebooting a charm 🙂

  • Steph

    I downloaded pangu and connected my device the it rebooted.. I got a white icon with circles and lines on my homescreen and pangunew written… i opened the icon it asked me if i trust the app i tapped trust then a black screen shows up.. whats wrong?

    • Rguezlp

      Just make a fresh of ios 8 installation and turn off the password and touch id during the jailbreak,this resolve my problem!

  • Guest

    Pangu stuck at detecting device XD

    • Xin Chan

      Try replugging in your device and make sure the network is on during detection

  • tj

    anyone else have issues syncing with itunes? it syncs fine but device goes unresponsive with black screen. then once sync finishes device resprings?

  • Slacker

    No offense to IDB, but I can’t believe an article like this is actually deemed as required. If people can’t figure out how to jailbreak on their own unassisted, there is absolutely no way they should be phucking with their phones period.

  • Sharique khan

    Pangu app is not upgrading from 1.0.0 to 1.1.0……..

  • T maC

    Useless Winterboard isnt working now fs!

  • Peter

    it wont detect my phone, it just says “initializing, please wait”

  • Jessica Wilkerson

    Worked perfectly! Made simple for even the biggest dummie like me! lol Thank you for the blog 🙂

  • n0m0n

    Well I follow the steps and have received error messages about 6 times now.
    I get to where its moving resources and then in red I get a message that there was an error. I have a iPh6 with 8.1 on it.

  • rokemz

    Cydia substrate 0.9.5016 make my iPad Air 16 gigs wifi , to Stuck on Apple logo after reboot.
    I use the last jailbrake tool and its steel stuck my iPad Air on Apple logo after reboot.
    I restore my iPad Air a lot of times because of this It’s only append when I install cydia substrate 0.9.5016.

    Please give me an answer I need to know what to do how to fix it .
    Thanks very much.

  • Decio Arruda

    Will they release a OS X version anytime soon? Because I literarily have no Windows in my house or at my friends’