Spotlight OS X Yosemite

Spotlight has been improved through and through to be more useful in OS X Yosemite. It has adopted an Alfred-inspired interface that makes working with Spotlight easier and more powerful.

Want to see some of the main differences in action? Have a look at our video walkthrough as we showcase some of the new things that Spotlight has to offer.

Like its iOS counterpart, Spotlight can look up information from a variety of sources. Those sources include: Maps, Wikipedia, iTunes, Fandango, and Bing. Spotlight is also great for local file search, and returns dynamic results with improved previews and information about those results.

Spotlight has always been used to launch apps, but now, thanks to its front and center interface, launching apps via Spotlight feels more natural. There’s even a calculator built into Spotlight for performing equations and conversions.

What do you think about Spotlight in OS X Yosemite? Is it good enough to work as your daily launcher/search tool on the desktop? Or will you be sticking to a utility like Alfred?

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  • Wowzera

    As far as I am aware, spotlight always worked too as a calculator…

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Jeff, 3 articles in a row! 😀
    I’m noticing you for the past few days , you’re back with your regular articles writing schedule i think.
    You said you were working on some project and excited to show it to us.
    When will that day come Jeff? I cant wait!

  • rockdude094

    Not sure if anything is new other than it being on the center of the screen. Just by looking at Yosemite, I can see that apple is moving towards touch enabled Macs.

  • Oscar Alaniz

    Apple should buy Alfred and integrate it to Spotlight.

  • siddique

    spotlight also a currency converter 😀

  • Marcus Livers

    I’ve always loved spotlight, but now that its right in the middle of the screen its driving me crazy!! I can’t see whichever window is behind it! I often use spotlight to do math calculations which usually requires getting numbers from the window I was using at the time. Now I have to input the variable into spotlight, close spotlight, get the next variable from the window i was working in, reopen spotlight and add the new variable, close it and repeat. WHAT A PAIN!! PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION TO PUT IT BACK IN THE TOP RIGHT CORNER APPLE!! Yours Truly, An Ex Apple Genius

    • James G

      THIS! I do calculations with Spotlight ALL THE TIME at work; literally every day, and this makes it really tough when I’m trying to do calculations of numbers that are right there on my screen.

      If anything, let me move spotlight around.