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Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Cydia Installer just received a 1.1.14 update to fix the lingering passcode issue. You can now update Cydia on your jailbroken iOS 8 device and use a passcode without any side effects.

More impressively, perhaps, is the introduction of new multitasking capability! Yes, true multitasking with Cydia is finally here if you’re jailbroken with iOS 8. Amazing.

Then, there’s support for the iPhone 6 Plus! That includes rotation support.

Watch our video walkthrough inside for an overview of the new changes, and then head over to Cydia right now and install the update if you’re jailbroken. If you’re not jailbroken, follow our tutorial inside to jailbreak and install Cydia.

Cydia iPhone 6 Plus

Notice the full resolution on the iPhone 6 Plus. You may need to reboot to see the full resolution take effect.

Full change log:

Changes in Cydia 1.1.14

iOS 8 Passcode Compatibility

Cydia no longer causes your device to lock up while booting on iOS 8 when you use a passcode. We recommend you use a passcode for security.

(Under Settings, go to “Touch ID & Passcode”, and “Turn Passcode On”.)

If you have installed unsupported stashing modifications, you may want to restore and jailbreak again, instead of directly installing this update (those modifications are unsupported).

Multitasking Support on iOS 8

Cydia now backgrounds almost like a regular application (but only on iOS 8). This has been a major architectural change: please alert us to any issues.

This allows you to switch back/forth between Cydia and other applications (such as Safari, or the Google two-factor authentication app) without losing your package selection state.

New Window and Hijack Blocking

One of the biggest complaints about Cydia in the last year has been a new kind of ad seen on some repositories: a sudden redirect to the App Store.

Cydia now blocks “popups” and asks the user before opening the App Store.

Partial iPhone 6 Plus Support

Cydia supports rotation on the iPhone 6 Plus and has a new @3x icon and tabbar. Cydia renders at the native resolution on both the 6 and 6 Plus.

Videos Work Again (on iOS 7.1-8.1)

Cydia on iOS 7.1 had an issue where playing video would cause the device to “lock up”. This bug has finally been fixed! The new iOS 8 video issue (a YouTube error message) is also fixed.

Localization Works Now on iOS 8

Users of Cydia 1.1.13 (only available via a manual installation process) may have noticed Cydia only displayed in English :(. This has been fixed! Yay!

Queue Status is “Less Incorrect”

Sometimes Cydia would not have packages queued but claim it did, or would have packages queued and claim it did not; this happens less ;P.

How to jailbreak iOS 8 with Pangu:

How to install Cydia on iOS 8:

Biggest Cydia update ever? Saurik really went all out with this one! He’s accepting donations via the Cydia Installer page. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

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  • Logan

    Thank God, I might actually rejailbreak now.

  • Christian Mejía

    I think it might be time to update and jailbreak my 5s!

  • Martin

    Geezus, Saurik has got his work cut out. Great job!

    • Shakur Ali

      Hello Ann some one help me when I go to winscp sight were do I download the winscp from can some one that a photo for me were the link is

      • pegger1

        – Go to the winscp website (winscp dot net)
        – Cick the Download link at the top
        – Under WinSCP 5.5.6 heading, click “Installation package” link to download it

      • Shakur Ali

        Thank u

  • NeftyCorrea

    I think it’s time for pangu team to make jailbreak possible for Mac users already

  • Manor

    So do you recommend jailbreaking an iphone 5s?

    • Jonathan

      Is the iDownloadblog community, it’s like asking “Is the sky blue?” The answer is yes!! 😀

      • Manor

        LOL I’m going to jailbreak my 5s but I want to know if they fixed all the major bugs

      • Sandro Michailidis

        What major bugs u are talking about ?

      • Kieran.Lillis

        Well the passcode bug has been the biggest bug, but that just got fixed.

      • Manor

        Mostly passcode but I heard there were bugs with safari and messages.

      • Walter White

        I think thats fixed too. Anyone?

      • Derrik Reichard

        Never had any problems with safari or messages

      • Alex

        I do, haven’t got Cydia though

      • Jonathan

        Those were fixed as well.

      • Walter White

        Me too.

        Update bout the integration with cydia

        Ps: it’s an official panguteam-post from a chinese microblogsite

      • Guest


  • Frostybrutality

    Quite the irony (in regards to last nights unofficial fix post)
    Glad to see an official fix released

  • Eni

    probaly going to wait until cydia is bundled with pangu. nice update thought

    • Walter White

      Why? It’s the same thing. If pangu would release a bundled copy right now , you and I would have the same cydia , same speed , same updates

  • NeftyCorrea

    Yes I would jailbreak my 5s for testing first that’s what I do every time I get a new phone. my old phone for testing before doing it to my main phone but if I was you i deff jailbreak the 5s

  • NekoMichi Kobayashi

    Just tested on iPhone 6 (iOS 8.1, Pangu8 v0.2) that was previously jailbroken and had the passcode workaround already applied, everything seems to work fine. Touch ID still works. Cydia’s window still isn’t optimised to run on the iPhone 6 resolution, though. ForceGoodFit will take care of that.

    • Reboot.

      • Derrik Reichard

        I have rebooted my phone with touch id enabled and it worked as advertised.

      • NekoMichi Kobayashi

        I stand corrected. (Turned out I respringed instead of rebooted)

  • czarczarczar

    Just installed it and I’m working perfectly fine ! 🙂 Iphone 6 with Landscape mode and Bytafont

    • max william

      The rotate i cydia is a bug ! Saurik released the cydia installer update 1.1.15 to fix this 5 minutes ago

      • czarczarczar

        It’s actually a tweak called SBFlip and it works fine with no bugs

  • dave

    Has this finally enabled purchases? Been waiting to purchase the updated TetherMe, so hoping purchases are, or very close to, being enabled.

    • NekoMichi Kobayashi

      Purchases still not enabled yet, though I suspect this is a server-side thing so when it’s ready they can just flip the switch from their end and you’ll be good to go without the need to update anything.

      If you have a separate device jailbroken and running on iOS 7 or below, you can purchase the tweak there and then come back to your iOS 8 device and install TetherMe from your purchased list.

      • dave

        Yeah, all I have are the two devices I have, both with 8.1 installed, so unfortunately that’s not an option.

  • JS3

    still gonna wait till the jailbreak process is a one stop shop and gets updated. to hell with having to manually install cydia and do this and that.

    once its updated to do it all in one go i will def be jailbreaking. plus hardly any good tweaks work flawlessly now so… might as well wait IMO.

    • Walter White

      Pangu team is close to the public release with cydia. I tweeted to Jeff about that , but no reaction

  • hotbari

    Does find my iPhone work now?

  • Ángel Cruz

    Hi regards from Mexico, I updated cydia Installer in my iphone 5 in iOs 7.1.2. and now Cydia is broken 🙁

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Way to go SAURIK! Now the real unstopable (well untill Apple decides to ruin it by releasing an update to iOS) PARTY BEGINS’!!

  • Jimmy Velletta

    Just waiting for a Mac version like…

    • Sandro Michailidis

      Just use a virtual machine ? It’s not that hard lol

      • Vince Reedy

        Except the time to build the VM just for a jailbreak.

  • Micky Ganon

    still not working !

    • Sandro Michailidis

      what issue did you encountered?

      • Micky Ganon

        boot logo TID and password

      • yermum

        You should just give up man. Technology isn’t for you…

      • Walter White

        Are there any bugs left worth mentioning? (Iphone 6)

    • Derrik Reichard

      Worked for me.

  • Jonathon Vercher

    This version of Cydia is buggy and broken. SpringBoard randomly crashes every few minutes and now Cydia won’t launch.

    I believe the launching issue is related to the new “multitasking architecture.”

    • Walter White

      Wich iphone do you have?

      • Jonathon Vercher

        I have an iPhone 6.

        I wasn’t experiencing any issues until the Cydia Substrate update last night and the Cydia Installer update this morning.

      • Walter White

        I think you could use a clean install. Tomorrow there will be an update pangu version with cydia integrated with it.

      • Jonathon Vercher

        I disagree. I just downgraded Cydia Installer and no longer have any issues. The Cydia update needs to be looked at a little more.

      • Walter White

        Sad , cause if thas the problem pangu wont push their updated version tomorrow.

      • Jonathon Vercher

        I agree. I hope Saurik sees this and takes a look at things.

  • 770yd

    iPhone 6 Plus – the keyboard goes weird in Cydia when put into landscape mode. When put back to portrait the keyboard goes black and have to close/reopen cydia to get the keyboard

  • Wilfred Lim

    my iPhone4S crash and now in safe mode permanently….after all the cydia updates completed….

    • Sandro Michailidis

      Any incompatible tweaks installed for iOS 8?

      • Wilfred Lim

        Content updated in the same session:
        Cydia Substrate
        CC Deseparator
        Cydia Installer

      • Sandro Michailidis

        Remove almpoum & CC Deseparator and update Cydia + substrate , respring and you should be fine .

  • Jose Gonzalez

    UntetheredHeySiri? Awesome! I knew we would see this and I will be installing this for sure.

    • Sandro Michailidis

      Where do you see UntetheredHeySiri

      • Jose Gonzalez

        In the article above^

        After the first video. Look at the screen shot.

      • Jonathan

        Um, did you upload the wrong photo? The fact that I see your driver’s license?

    • abhi0n0nakul

      it was easy but it takes a lot of toll on battery as the iphone wont go to deep sleep ever..
      what apple did was the iphone wont go into deep sleep only on charging so its fine..

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Hmm is it as bad as VirtualHome keeping TouchID running all the time to unlock the phone without turning on the screen?

      • abhi0n0nakul

        should be. but that also doesn’t work after long time of idle state. maybe this wont work too after long time of idling.. as eventually iPhone will go into the deep sleep state

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Hopefully, really looking forward to this.

  • jgr627

    I would love to see some type of study where they can show how many people have actually jailbroken there iDevice over the years

  • cesartostado

    It won’t let me update Cydia. Any help?

    • ooberwoot

      I can’t find anywhere to update it either. I found the deb file but it won’t allow me to install it via the last method.??>

      • cesartostado

        I guess we’ll just have to wait for the pangu update that might be out tomorrow. Or if Jeff can help us with the problem

    • Franky

      Same issue here :/

    • Franky

      It works now

  • Osiala

    How do you update it?

    • pegger1

      Go into Cydia > Changes > Should appear near the top as an Available Upgrade

  • yermum

    Thank you thank you thank you Saurik!!!!!!

    • Guest

      I can’t find anywhere to update it either. I found the deb file but it won’t allow me to install it via the last method.??

      • pegger1

        Open Cydia > Changes > it should be listed near the top

  • DG

    Will the cydia icon change on my 6 plus? It still the old ios 6 icon

  • Franky


  • mordechai eliyahu

    there should be a way to sort tweaks by whats compatible with the different IOS versions

  • JayDee917

    Cydia multitasking support = biggest Cydia update ever? No.

    • David Gitman


  • Chris Buck

    Or this method that Works every time:

    1. Get the cydia files from Jeff’s link above.

    2. Open CyberDuck or WINSCP on PC(Cyberduck is grayed out on PC where you need to send to iphone) (or Filezilla) and login into your ios device’s ip address (same process as Jeff’s vid).

    3. Now instead of just dragging the 2 deb files into Cyberduck or WinSCP, we’ll do a different approach. In “root” directory, open “Media” folder.

    4. Inside the folder should be nothing. Now right-click and create new folder “Cydia” (exact spelling, capital C ).

    5. Open new folder “Cydia” and create another folder inside called “AutoInstall” (exact spelling, capital A I ).

    6. Open “AutoInstall” folder, now we can drag the 2 deb files from Jeff’s
    link. ( I renamed the 2 files like another posting did and that worked
    for me. File with 12 in it rename to cydia.deb the file with 13 in it
    rename to cydia_.deb) Maybe try without renaming but I renamed on 1st try and worked.

    7.You can close CyberDuck or WinSCP now. Now we
    need to reboot. (I rebooted with WinSCP command (reboot) and Then after it came back did the…Hold power & home button at the same time until phone shuts off. When you see the Apple Logo let both buttons go.

    8. Open Cydia app and wait for it to install. It will reboot again.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    whelp time get grab some of your favorite brew and celebrate.

  • Khalid Tahhan

    you can install the new cydia from within the pangu app now!

  • Bring on asphaelia and other Touch ID tweaks :o)

  • john doe


  • Denysk

    I am having a problem installing tweaks. Whenever i install something it is not showing up anywhere. It says installed in cydia but nowhere to be found on the device. Am i doing something wrong?

    • This is a known issue… You’re not doing anything wrong… Reboot your device and they should show up.

      • Denysk

        Just rebooted the device and now it is stuck with the boot logo. Weird =(

  • Light_man

    He works day in and day out so make sure you support him, a couple of bucks as a thank you isn’t too much 2 ask since he just freed up your $600 device.

    Also be sure to support and follow the Pangu Team on twitter.

  • Smeltn

    So here is my problem. I use my personal iPhone and iPad but receive company email on. Our company uses Airwatch, and one of the things with airwatch is, that it requires you to have a passcode on your device. If I go to Passcode Lock, “Turn Passcode Off” is completely greyed out. I can not disable this..

    How can I jailbreak if I do not have the ability to turn off passcode?

    • James G

      Restore your phone to factory settings. Jailbreak, then add your stuff back in and add company Airwatch stuff last.

    • Unicorn Drank

      If you can delete the air watch do so and then jailbreak it, but I have heard that Airwatch also have a jailbreak detection so your might not be able to do that. I say this because the company I work for also uses Airwatch and I did my homework to see the things that Airwatch does.

      • Smeltn

        You are right. I have gotten by this in past by restoring. Installing everything including airwatch FIRST, then making sure airwatch is closed and jailbreaking after. That would get around the JB detection unless you opened the airwatch app.

  • Vighnesh Manick

    1.1.15 came out just now too. Thanks Saurik 😀

  • Chris

    so after i jealbreak can I turn on find my iphone again?

    • Chris Buck

      I’ve had that turned on for a few days with no problems.

  • James G

    Looks like we are getting close…the only thing missing is a Mac OS X Pangu tool. Everything else is golden, it seems!

  • Alan

    No Pangu icon after jailbreak iphone 6 plus ios 8.1…Help???

  • komofficial

    i upgarde cydia instaler ,now cydia crush anyone know how to fix that

  • Wow Saurik amazing job! Now all I’d like to see is a design update of Cydia and more importantly make Cydia fit on the iPhone 6 / 6+. Looks kind shrunk width wise.

  • Andrew

    If I’m already on 8.1 on my 5s, do I need to clean restore and then jailbreak? Or can I just jailbreak as is?

  • B.A

    Hello. On a different note, how is iOS 8.1 on iPhone 4S and jailbroken? With regards to fluidity within the operating system as I’m still on 7.1.2. Is it just as fluid as 7.1.2? ..wondering whether to take the plunge to 8.1. Cheers

  • StormLord7

    I have a iPhone 4s and everything was fine until i ran out of power. I even updated both Pangu and cydia installer and when i turned it back on, apple logo glitch….this has happened twice now -___-

  • Ivan Macinas

    Is APTBackup compatible with iOS 8?

  • Manohar Guptha

    hey guys! i tried pangu jailbreak for my ipad mini(Wifi only) . i’ve tried it many times but always stuck on boot logo with a loading bar below it. please help me.i’ve already restored my device twice

  • mad6man

    is anyone else having a problem with the missing icons when installing a tweak like ProTube, iCleaner or any other tweaks that adds an icon to your home screen? I restored my iPhone 5 (iOS 8.1) and still the same problem but it says it’s installed in Cydia.