Beats Music (Windows Phone, Android, iOS 001)

Pandora and Spotify rank as the number one and number two music streaming apps in terms of downloads, analytics firm AppAnnie reports – no big surprise. However, where things become interesting is that Apple’s Beats Music, which the company purchased for $3 billion in May, is placed ninth, below iHeartRadio, SoundCloud and Apple’s GarageBand.

You would think with Apple’s blessing Beats Music would outpace options like iHeartRadio and SoundCloud, but apparently the general public hasn’t caught on to the idea of the playlist-focused music streaming service. Furthermore, Beats Music doesn’t offer a free, ad-based model like its competitors, requiring a subscription and in turn hurting download numbers.

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The story isn’t entirely grim for Beats Music, however. AppAnnie found Beats Music sits as the third music streaming app, once again behind Pandora and Spotify. Beats Music showed improvement, climbing two spots on the chart. The study takes only in account for in-app purchases and not ad revenue.

Industry insiders are still trying to figure out Apple’s plan for Beats Music, as it’s obvious the current trajectory isn’t exactly mind-blowing. The New York Times reported Apple may absorb Beats into its iTunes product, allowing iPhone, iPad, and Mac users to more seamlessly stream music to their earbuds.

For now, could cutting the subscription cost of Beats Music help Apple’s case?

[AppAnnie via CNET]

  • If you’re talking about the US this doesn’t surprise me at all purely because Spotify and Pandora have existed for a lot longer than Beats Music. If you spin this on its head and decide to talk worldwide / international then I predict Spotify completely annihilates Pandora and Beats Music on the basis that they have so much more support worldwide whereas Pandora and Beats Music 9/10 will get you to a “Not available in your country” page…

    • Andy

      Looks like Apple forgot about iTunes Radio as well. It’s still only available in US and Australia…

      • z1n

        Create free US iTunes account, go. It’s not region protected like Spotify etc.

      • The one problem with this is afaik when I switch accounts it turns off iTunes Match and deletes all of my music until I switch accounts again and download my music again…It’d be a lot easier if Apple actually realised a lot of their money comes from international sales and talked tirelessly with the record labels in order to negotiate a deal. Then again maybe iTunes Radio is a flop and disappearing to make way for whatever Apple has planned for Beats Music…

      • z1n

        This is true. In my case I don’t use iTunes Match so I’ve never come across that issue.

        Well I’ll be watching this space to see what happens in the future. Perhaps iTunes Radio and Beats Music merge in some way. It would be nice to have a radio streaming and playlist streaming service all packaged into one and polished in the Apple way.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Second! Lol

  • FrankJL

    songza integrated with google play music = best streaming music service out there HANDS DOWN!!

  • Byron C Mayes

    “You would think with Apple’s blessing Beats Music would outpace options like iHeartRadio and SoundCloud, but apparently the general public hasn’t caught on to the idea of the playlist-focused music streaming service.”

    iHeartRadio is more about internet radio than on-demand music streaming, and what it does of the latter is more like Pandora than Beats (which really aren’t in the same space). It’s more of a competitor for TuneIn Radio.

    As for the anarchy of SoundCloud? Not even the same concept. You might as well compare skateboards to bike sharing.

  • M_thoroughbred

    Cutting prices may or may not help Apple. If Apple manages to “convince” the music labels so they can cut the price of beats music wouldn’t the industry have to do the same for everyone else?

    • You forget the fact that the music industry loves Apple 😉

      They’ve probably made so much money off of iTunes and with Apple having a way of attracting people to their products and services the same would likely happen to Beats Music too…

      If the industry offered cheaper pricing to Apple it would probably be the best thing they’ve ever done purely because cheaper subscriptions means more subscriptions which means more money. Of course at somepoint they’d have to offer cheaper prices to everyone otherwise there’d be no competitors which means various groups, organisations and governments would likely step in…

  • z1n

    Is it because iTunes is a built in app that they don’t include it here? Obviously I don’t expect it to be included in the download numbers, but rather in streaming numbers (with iTunes Radio). It’s free (with ads) and works internationally (cause it’s so easy to set up a US iTunes account) without the need for a VPN/proxy (looking at you, spotify).