Nike Running 4.6 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Apple CEO Tim Cook has had a seat on the Nike board for quite some time now and the sports equipment giant was first out of the gate with an app that showcased the iPhone 5s’s low-powered M7 motion coprocessor. But despite close Apple ties, Nike’s been suspiciously mum regarding integrating its many iOS apps with iOS 8’s Health database.

That changed Tuesday as a new version of Nike+ Running got released with support for NikeFuel data sync with iOS 8’s Health application. The refreshed app brings out a few other nice-to-haves, such as tracking your elevation on latest devices and more.

Nike’s other iOS apps will hopefully pick up Health integration in due time. Nike+ Running is a free download in the App Store.

Note that elevation tracking requires Apple’s improved M8 motion coprocessor found inside the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3.

Nike+ Running 4.6 changelog:

  • Get more from your run: Expanded features including an updated home screen experience, adding support for elevation tracking, Apple Health integration and enhanced heart rate monitor support for devices like Wahoo’s Tickr products.
  • Design enhancements: Starting your run is easier than ever with the new quick start feature. Simply press and hold the “Begin Run” button and you’ll be off in 3, 2, 1! While you are in run, you can also swipe in either direction to control music, view your running stats, and your live map.
  • Elevation tracking: Nike+ Running is now optimized for elevation tracking for iPhone 6 devices. Accuracy may be variable for iPhone 5s and earlier devices
  • Apple Health: By accessing your Apple Health data, Nike+ can give you even more detailed information about your run, including heart rate monitor support in-run when using a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device like Wahoo’s Tickr products.

The 46.2-megabyte app requires an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or later.

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  • Ian Leon


  • Bugs Bunnay

    well about dang time. been waiting since the first iPhone came out lmao. now let’s watch as their stocks soar because of this.

    • Jordan Mcphie

      If it actually showed anything in dashboard of health it prob would…still doesnt show anything!

      • justme

        I have the same trouble. the dashboard doesn’t show anything yet. 🙁

      • Jordan Mcphie

        Shocking isnt it!

  • Jason Baroni

    Finally an iOS 7 design!!!

  • Jordan Mcphie

    Still doesnt show. Im at 3600 fuel today and still dont see in health dashboard. The fuel dashboard tab still remains empty…shocking after all this time!

  • Zzyzxd

    RunKeeper is still better.

  • Jordan Mcphie

    Still nothing im at 3900 fuel now…lol why release if still screwed? 🙁

  • Robert Fowler

    It crashes every time it try to open after updating to 4.6. Iphone 6 plus with iOS 8.1.

    • Jordan Mcphie

      I had to log out then redownload all my run data but only took 2 secs. All running now n im on same phone n same 8.1 …try that mate hopefully works for you. Still not seeing it on Health Dashboard though n i use running app daily…my fuelbands at 4000 now…no sign on dashboard! #Fail

  • Jordan Mcphie

    My nike Fuel is currently 4000 today…i wear a nike+ Fuelband SE. Im on a 6 (128gb) at the moment running 8.1. Nike really need too sort this before it gets embaressing…this update should’ve really gone-out on 8.1 release in my opinion

  • Ian Leon

    what about the fuelBand?

  • It only calculates Nike Fuel from your runs (Nike+ Running App), like the article suggest “Nike’s other iOS apps will hopefully pick up Health integration in due time.”

    • michael

      How did you get it your data to sync?

  • BudEmy

    Have iPhone 6 and I can no longer select a playlist. So annoying. I have to open my iTunes, select a playlist, then go to Nike App and open separately. You’d think they’d test these updates more thoroughly before releasing and save people a whole lot of grief.