Episode 79: We discuss the Pangu jailbreak for iOS 8, including the current state of the jailbreak and Cydia. We also talk about the newest tweaks to be released, such as the Apple Watch UI concept, Reachability tweaks, and other releases we’d like to see for iOS 8. Also, Sebastien talks about his cool life saving experience at the beach. Don’t miss the fun.

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  • Merman123

    I agree with you Jeff. If jailbreaking breaks Apple Pay, I’ll have to skip jailbreaking.

    • Of course this is only a temporary problem.

    • Skoven

      As a user above mentioned – jailbroke iPhone 6 an used it for apple pay – so it works now on 8.1 i presume.
      So i dont really se how Apple will be able to break it… unless they release 8.1.1 that doesn’t break the jailbreak but only Apple pay, if thats even possible? – but if they do that someone in the jailbreak community will properly make a fix for it.

      • The only reason it doesn’t work is because you can’t safely have a password/code and reboot the device. Until we can enable the PW and have Touch ID we won’t be able to have Apple pay with a jailbreak.

  • Scott Werner

    I have an iPhone 6 jailbroken. I used Apple paid yesterday and it worked fine

  • Troy

    whats the passcode work around?

    • ra1nmaster

      Essentially, Apple stores some data on the system partition that Cydia would rather have room for. So, it moves this data to the user partition and replaces the Apple data on the system partition with symbolic links to the user partition. When the device starts up and it wants to find the lock screen wallpaper, etc, it must read from the system partition, which is now replaced with symbolic links. When it tries to trace the symlinks to the user partition, it cannot, because in iOS 8 apple added some new encryption to the user partition when devices use a passcode :/

      The solution is simply to move everything back to the system partition through repeated use of the mv command in the shell :). You can see the full instructions here (http://www.jailbreaknation(dot)com/pangu8-bootloop-fix-do-not-open-cydia-until-you-have-done-this)

      It’s at the bottom of the page. I didn’t do this because it will interfere with an official fix when it is released, so I’m just going to wait for now. However, not everyone would be fine with waiting.

      • Troy

        Oh I see but I rather wait. I don’t even turn off my phone that often so it shouldn’t be a problem as long as I turn off passcode before reboot. Thanks anyways

      • Skoven

        Nice explanation ra1nmaster.
        it sound like this can be fixed quite easily then?
        Hope Pangu releases a jailbreak tool that includes Cydia soon (and fixes the problem you explained) – i miss my jailbreak…

  • NeftyCorrea

    When will the pangu team come out with a tool to jailbreak on a Mac wtf man .

    • Probably when it’s stable enough for everybody to use and Cydia and Cydia Substrate has received any necessary updates. An OS X app is probably last on the to-do list…

      • Guest

        yea that could be true i just want to jailbreak i really can’t wait till everything if FUNCTIONAL and runs smoothly like iOS 7.1 did . I MISS ALL MY TWEAKS and MYWI

      • The jailbreak is really buggy right now and a lot of tweaks don’t work. Trust me you don’t want to be jailbroken right now not yet 😉

        I did jailbreak my iPhone 5s and iPad Air 2 and have already restored both devices and am happy on stock iOS 8.1 because of how buggy everything is…

      • NeftyCorrea

        yea that could be true i just want to jailbreak i really can’t wait till everything if FUNCTIONAL and runs smoothly like iOS 7.1 did . I MISS ALL MY TWEAKS and MYWI and My Theme’s I’ve CREATED . FLAT SHADOW7, iMix7, AND MANY MORE THAT I HAVENT POLISHED YET

    • Run PanGu in a windows virtual machine! Works amazingly and it’s super easy.

      • NeftyCorrea

        Yea already done that works boss

  • Austin

    When i try to jailbreak my iPhone 6 it gets stuck on step 2/6 repeating downloads
    any news??

    • RussianMamba

      Remove find my iphone and passcode

      • Austin

        I tried it still didn’t work

      • Back up first then reset to factory settings. Now jailbreak and restore from that back up and don’t use passcode for now.

  • Walter White

    I’ll jailbreak if I can set my passcode and cydia comes with pangu.

    Hopefully that day is today cause I miss it sooooo much 🙁

  • Chris Gilmore

    Has anybody tried Bootlogo and see if it works? I know 7.1.2 broke it but…? I was new to getting it to work and as soon as I realized how awesome it was, it was no longer able to be used.

  • utubestrong2 .

    Jeff remember DreamBoard the Apple Watch UI def could be a UI Interface for that jailbreak tweak!