Apple Watch UI Concept Featured

Yesterday, we posted an article showcasing a developer’s concept of the Apple Watch UI running on the iPhone. The response was mixed, but it leaned more towards the positive end of the spectrum than I anticipated.

Seeing someone demo a concept on video is one thing, but trying it for yourself is something altogether different. Thanks to developer Lucas Menge, who made the project open source, the code has been compiled and posted as a Cydia package. This means that everyone can now try out the Apple Watch UI concept on their iPhone.

After the break, watch me demonstrate and comment on the Apple Watch UI running on my iPhone 6 Plus. I also showcase how you can get the Apple Watch concept on your iPhone to try out yourself.

To try out the concept yourself, you’ll need to have a jailbroken iPhone running Cydia. If you’ve yet to jailbreak iOS 8, you can learn how to do so here.

Step 1: Open Cydia and tap on the Sources tab

Step 2: Tap Edit → Add, and type in the following repo address: “” without quotes, then tap Add Source.

Step 3: Open the Lamerz source, and find the Apple Watch SpringBoard package. Install the package and reboot your device.

Step 4: Launch the “WatchSpringboard” app (it should be an app with no app icon) and you’ll see the Apple Watch SpringBoard concept.

Keep in mind that the concept is just that—a concept. Hence, launching apps doesn’t actually work (it just launches a dummy app). Nevertheless, this provides some great insight into how an alternative UI like the Apple Watch UI would work on a large screen device.

I have to say, I like it. It’s different, but with a little tweaking and modification with the additional real estate in mind, it would be very interesting. That said, there are definitely caveats, like app organization. I guess folders could still technically work. At any rate, it’s good for a nice discussion.

What do you think, and have you tried it? Sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts and opinions.

  • U Kn0w What 1t 1s

    First comment! I think it is a cool concept to play with, but I don’t think I would like it as the new UI. It lacks functionality and organization of apps. They do need to do something different soon though. 7 years and all that has changed technically is color schemes. We need widgets and to be able to place as many or as little icons on our home screens where ever we want.

    • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

      I honestly fail to see the need for widgets on a smartphone. Could you please point out a scenario in which a widget would make your user experience better? Keep in mind the power consumption to usability ratio. Thanks 🙂 *probably blind to the issue after being an iOS user for 5 years now*

      • s0me

        A widget is a simple interface of an app on wich you can access its features and info without the need of opening the “advanced” interface of the app. Widgets you can use on your notification center in ios / android homescreen that could make your experience better: Sticky Note widget , weather widget, rss feed widget, music player widget, calendar+events widget, system info, battery monitor etc. It really depends on how you use your smartphone. I own 2 smartphones ios and android. I never have battery problems on both smartphones and I use them a lot at work and free time.

      • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

        Ok thanks

      • tumadreentanga

        eres un pipa

      • tumadreentanga

        los widgets valen para mucho lo que pasa que eres un pijo que no prueba otros móviles y te quedaste anticuado 🙂

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Does it work on iPad? I left my iPhone with the stock configuration since I can’t have jailbreak and keep a password

    • Jonathan Talbot

      Once you have jailbroken, you can put your password up again… You just have to take it off for the jailbreak process

      • Matheus Lisboa

        Oh really??? Thanks!!!

      • Jonathan Talbot

        Omg im so sorry 🙁 i was mistaken sorry… Hope i havent caused u guys any problems 🙁

      • Fanboy 

        Are you sure about this? Have you been able to confirm this? I thought having a passcode caused a boot loop, its the only reason I’ve been holding out!

      • Jimmy Velletta

        Everybody says something different about passcode…

      • Jonathan Talbot

        Sorry my mistake!! Im so sorry p.. Hope i havent caused you guys any damage 🙁

      • Nick

        Careful because i bootlooped my phone by turning off password but leaving on touch ID for app store purchases. The bootloop cannot be fixed by booting while holding volume up. You will end up having to boot into dfu and restoring. This was my experience anyway. Hope it helps someone.

      • WonkieInc

        The boot loop is caused by invoking default iOS encryption. So having a passcode or touchID set at all while rebooting is gonna mean you have to restore.

        You can though have a passcode while the phone is on, then remove the passcode any time you’re going to power down or reboot.

      • Daniel Altenhofen

        Not true, if you don’t apply a proper fix (can be done before or after you open cydia) then a reboot bricks the phone. GL with that.

  • Jeffrey

    I like it, but I sure as hell won’t want this as my standard home screen! Maybe a choice between the original and this home screen would be an option.

  • David Gitman

    Ugly like the Apple Watch

    • Jeffrey


  • Imran Ar

    Does it work on jailbroken ios 7.1.1

    • SukmaHole


    • Not working on 7.1.2, so I think it will not also work on your ver.

  • sharp44MAG .

    Is the passcode/Touch ID reboot loop bug still there or did it get fixed? This is the only reason I have been holding out on jailbreaking my iPhone.

    • Wolfer

      It is still there!!! In the home page of Cydia Saurik explain it. Im jailbroken, and yes need the passcode and touch id, but well…untill then my iphone is not geting out of my sight for a second!!! I try to put the passcode and f..!! Ended restoring it and begining from 0!!! 3,000 aprox. Pics, 260 apps, songs, it took me like 3 hours for restore all the process!!! One question, and Im not going to test it until someone giveme a good explanation…can we at least turn on Find my iPhone? I try it too but before the pangu update and well ended those 3 hours or more u know doing what!!!

  • Oscar Alfonso Flores O.

    is it compatible with iPad? it gets stuck on bootlogo 🙁

  • Manny

    Really Nice concept, but would’ve been complete if you can actually launch an app form the UI.

  • Saulo Benigno

    Tried on 7.1.2 did not work 🙁

    • sriram varadarajulu

      damn… and i was just downloading it 🙁 thanks for the info any way

  • Xee

    I really like it. I would use or try it for real on iPhone. I think it works better on the iPhone then a watch.

  • Dave

    Nice for a watch, too unpractical (no real order → difficult to find apps) for a phone with a lot of apps (I have around 150…)
    Instead, to enhance functionality, nested folders as a standard feature would be helpful.

  • Fabe

    What would we do without Jeff ??

  • SukmaHole

    Doesn’t work. iPhone 5s on 7.1.2.

    • Giovanni Casari

      i think that it works only on iOS 8

  • Alberto Espinal

    It will be cool if it’s integrated in folders only!

  • @dongiuj

    100% clutter. No thanks. Fugly like the apple watch.

  • Inseltraeumer

    I think it’s a nice UI for a screen the size of a watch and its limited functionality , but concerning the phone I don’t think it’d be a good idea to go down that route.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Make it real!!,

  • Jonathan Johnx GR

    Why they call Pangu 8 untethered, when I need boot the iPhone to install somethings tweaks and the iPhone is stuck??? Please tell me someone, what I need to do, to resolve this problem!!!

    • Wolfer

      Dont turn on passcode, touch id, and find my iphone!!! Then u will have no problem rebooting, etc!!! It is explain in Cydia

  • Did anybody else notice that the Calendar app icon says “sex”?

  • TheShade247

    I really miss ios 6

  • so, you tap the Messages app and Safari opens?
    bug or feature?

  • Walter White

    Is it stable?

  • Sujesh Vegireddy

    Does it works on iPhone 5s working with iOS 8.1

  • Pann Shiha

    does not works on iPad 4

  • DanielRojass

    it just made my screen my background … i can’t access anything on my phone, it is just my background, any ideas?

  • Muhammadh Infaz

    this tweak is not there anymore 🙁

  • Muhammadh Infaz

    its still there with the name of ” #watchSpring “