Cydia Substrate 0.9.5015

As expected, Saurik continues to work tirelessly on Cydia and all of its parts, including the uber-important Cydia Substrate. The latest update, which rings in at version 0.9.5015 comes mere hours after the 0.9.5014 update.

While the previous update aimed to squash many festering bugs, and did so successfully, it also introduced another bug which caused some process, like OpenSSH, not to start. Obviously this was a huge issue that needed to be fixed quick, since OpenSSH is used by lots of jailbreakers as a means to communicate with their jailbroken devices and to transfer files. As expected, Saurik responded accordingly.

Cydia 0.9.5014 changelog

Again, it is recommended that all jailbreakers head over to Cydia and update as soon as possible. If you’ve yet to install the previous update, then the 0.9.5015 update will supersede it, and that’s what you will see in Cydia when you go to the Changes tab.

Have you updated yet, and did the update fix any of issues you’ve been having with your jailbroken device?

  • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr

    so late update idb

    • efe_eme


  • Chris Longden

    I’ll jailbreak when i know i can set a passcode and use touch id…

    • Walter White

      Yeah me too. It should add stuff to the software , now it does the opposite

    • efe_eme

      As i read yesterday, ’cause “this h*es ain’t loyal”

      • Glenn DolFan Baptista

        Stop stealing my comment smh

      • Glenn DolFan Baptista

        Stop stealing my comment smh lol

      • mlee19841


  • Linton Findlay

    just waiting for a passcode fix then il be jailbreaking

  • Chang in Charge

    So so so close I can’t take it! This is such a tease. Trying my best to be patient. Hopefully all this time will allow most of my favorite tweaks to be updated so when we get a Cydia-included Mac jailbreak tool we can all hit the ground running.

    • Posted before I could finish sorry about that

      • Chang in Charge

        This jailbreak seems so buggy if it was more stable and the only thing was not having a Mac version then I would definitely jump in. But it doesn’t seem like this is worth it at all. And no passcode or touch ID is a no go.

    • Andy

      Every day it inches closer. I’m sure it’s worth the wait, especially since the iOS 8 jailbreak came out so early compared to iOS 7 last year (can’t wait to try out widgets, custom keyboards and games in Metal on my iPad Air). But after that, we’d need to wait for the tweaks to get updated. It looks like some tweak developers may charge for an iOS 8 version, while some tweaks (like Background Manager) will not be updated for iOS 8 🙁

  • Anyone tried tage app in cydia yet? It kind of a mix of auto and zephyr, comes with a 3 day trial Licence and so far so good on ios8.1

    • Derrik Reichard

      Yes. I’ve been using since I jailbroke my 6 plus. I kinda like it more than auxo because it has more customization options.

    • Derrik Reichard

      If VirtualHome tap and hold function was working, it would be perfect for me.

    • Rodolfo Aguiar

      I’m using tage (just bought it) and it’s working perfectly! That’s the tweak I’ve been waiting for!

  • NP92

    Best tweak for me is bitesms, also more than that but one of reason why I jailbreak.:)

    • Antzboogie

      Me too.

  • Derrik Reichard

    Has anyone found any quick compose/quick reply message tweaks working yet?

  • JustReboot

    Once I see Springtomize, and BiteSMS (and some others) are stable, I’m back in. I must’ve JB/restored about 8x last weekend 🙂 Now back to stock (for now)

  • andyr354

    My decision to wait this buggy mess out are proving wise.

  • sharp44MAG .

    Is the passcode/Touch ID reboot loop bug still there or did it get fixed? This is the only reason I have been holding out on jailbreaking.

    • Manuel Molina

      This is the only reason why I haven’t jail broken.

  • Hang Tai Seng

    For those who keep on complaining and being picky, can you do a better job than the Pangu Team and saurik? If not then please shut up.

  • Melma

    I had my passcode nd fingerprint on nd i didnt had any problem booting, but i did had issue trying to install App from the appstore, btw Im using an Iphone6 plus 8.1

    • Ryan Bartsch

      remove passcode, reboot, try then, hope this helps 🙂

  • Ryan Bartsch

    anyone got NEXTGENUI to work on ios 8.1?

  • SukmaHole

    Awesome. Now fix the stash problem which will allow the use of a passcode & encryption…

  • Derrik Reichard

    Am I the only one with the old cydia icon?

    • Nlt

      Nope same over here

  • Zack Ibitoye

    Guys I have a question how come when I Install App cake it wont show up on my homescreen? :O

  • Bugs Bunnay

    it’s recommended to jump the gun and update again? was there any testing done before releasing this? it only makes one wonder what else this release will break.

  • HRamos10

    I’m having trouble getting cydia apps to show on my springboard. Anyone have a fix?

    • Hitch.

      I’m having the same problem. Does anyone have a fix?

  • Lurker22

    you know now that I’m using iOS 8 I really don’t think there is much you need for me to jailbreak anymore! I’m really surprised!

  • chris

    Saurik for ever!!!