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Episode 53: Sebastien gushes (sort of) about his new 5K Retina iMac, Jeff laments about merchant response to Apple Pay, and Cody reveals his admiration for Christian Bale.

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  • Martynet

    Hey guys, I’m just curious why Sebastian’s “old” iMac was so slow. I have to 27″ iMacs. The one at home is late 2009 model (core i7), which I upgraded with 500 GB SSD and 16 GB ram and Late 2013 model in the office, which is the top specs…500 GB SSD, 32 GB ram etc… And to be honest there is not HUGE difference in performance… I mean, there is a difference but the 2009 iMac is still great machine and after the SSD upgrade still powerful enough.
    I would says Sebastian’s HDD in the old imac was probably the cause and believe, if you change it to SSD and do clean install, you would be surprised with the results.

  • Jay York

    Loved the conversation about 1Password. I grabbed the iOS version back when it was free and the Mac version when it was on sale (Team Cody) but I must say a agree with Sebastien that starting from scratch, it can be slightly intimidating/confusing getting all my devices set up and working together. @JeffBenjam I smell another iBook. Or at least a more in depth walkthrough from start to finish??

  • Omar Ruiz

    My shopping patterns will definitely change depending on apple pay. For example, a walgreens and CVS are at the same distance and sell about the same. It’s just more convenient to pay at walgreens.

  • Sandro Michailidis

    Why u guys keep naming
    Let’s Talk ” it’s just business ” ?

  • Jjjjjpp

    I’ve been browsing the webb trying to find a tweak that works like androids one finger zoom.. When u r holding ur phone i one hand it’s so much simpler to use one instead of two fingers. Seems like there is a few tweak requests on reddit but nothing but in to reality. Does a tweak like this exist? (: