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Alpine, which specializes in car audio and navigation systems, is an Apple-endorsed aftermarket solutions provider for CarPlay. On Monday, the company announced its first aftermarket in-dash receiver designed to work with Apple’s CarPlay, the iLX-007.

The $800 accessory features a seven-inch capacitive touch screen and supports the full range of CarPlay functionality like making and receiving phone calls and messages, listening to music, navigating with Apple Maps, conversing with Siri and more.

The receiver is housed inside a three-inch chassis and routes audio, driving directions and phone calls through your vehicle’s speaker system.

Other features include three (2V) preouts, one aux input, Alpine’s MediaXpander technology for improved playback of compressed media and an input for a rear view camera system (sold separately).

The free Alpine TuneIt app allows you to adjust a wide range of sound settings on the iLX-007, such as time correction, parametric EQ, crossover points, preset EQ modes and more.

Features commonly found on other in-dash receivers like an integrated CD/DVD optical media drive or memory card slots are nowhere to be seen on Alpine’s unit.

Alpine iLX-007 (dash 001)

The iLX-007 is available for $800 and now shipping to select authorized Alpine retailers. Talk to your local Alpine retailer for availability.

Key highlights:

  • Audio/video receiver with 7-inch capacitive touch screen
  • For use with Apple CarPlay to provide a seamless iPhone experience in-vehicle
  • 7-inch WVGA touch screen
  • Voice-activated controls through Siri
  • Three 2V preouts included
  • One aux input
  • Alpine’s MediaXpander™ technology for improved playback of compressed media
  • Input for a rear view camera system
  • Audio, driving directions and phone calls are played through the vehicle’s speakers
  • Uses Lightning connector
  • Compatible with iPhone 5 or later including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and the latest version of iOs
  • Compatible with the Alpine TuneIt® App (version 2.0) for customized sound tuning

“Apple CarPlay is an incredible experience for drivers,” said Hirofumi Morioka, Alpine’s senior director and CTO. “We are pleased to offer Alpine users a product dedicated to Apple CarPlay, which provides access to the iPhone features they want to use most while driving, such as Maps, Messages, making calls, listening to music and more”.

CarPlay uses a Lightning connector and is compatible with all iPhones from the iPhone 5 onward with iOS 7.1 or later.

Pioneer recently issued a firmware update which has enabled CarPlay functionality on half a dozen of its existing in-dash receivers. The company also announced a new $600 smartphone receiver, AppRadio 4, with CarPlay compatibility.

[Alpine PR]

  • Stefano

    this is not all that bad for $800

  • alpine…the default iDevice SSH password.

    • Glad I always change it right away.

    • Ali

      And exactly how is this related to the article?

      • InfinitePlusOne

        alpine as password, alpine as brand, they have similar name. duh!

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        Internet police over here eh

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  • Greg Warren

    No HDMI input, only one USB input port on the back. Can’t tell if the faceplate is removable or not, but at $800 MSRP I’ve already listed two big things that my Pioneer 4000NEX can do that this Alpine unit can’t, and another that looks doubtful. The 4000NEX has an MSRP only $50 higher, but is regularly available for closer to $550-650 on Amazon.

    Same sized screen, and as much as I would love to try it out because Pioneer’s experience has just been underwhelming at best, I can’t bring myself to pull the trigger on it.

    • Greg Warren

      Having said that, Pioneer’s implementation of CarPlay has been a colossal disappointment, to the point that I have completely disabled it, and continue to just stream music via BlueTooth while charging my phone through the standard cigarette lighter adapter. Enabling CarPlay (even if you don’t have the phone plugged in) causes BlueTooth streaming to be shaky at best. My stereo started showing that I was calling someone all of the time, despite the fact that I wasn’t in fact on a call. It was an utter disaster.

    • DIesel

      Who the hell needs an hdmi input to their car?

      • That could be another dimension of usage, similar to how touch-screen monitors work for Windows 8 Desktops. Instead of the monitor (or car radio in this case) having it’s own GUI, it could just be an extension (or mirror) of your SmartPhone’s display on a second screen…that would be an even smarter SmartPhone PC.

      • DIesel

        or an $800 ipad car mount?

      • Huh?

      • Greg Warren

        You can mirror the display from your phone or tablet on the screen. It can also be used to send video/audio to additional screen(s) in the car IE: for kids.

  • Omar Ruiz

    I wonder how I would go about installing it D:

  • Guest

    you can get unlimited backup using Carbonite for $60 a year or just $5 a month

  • DIesel

    Dam I want that

  • I completely forgot about CarPlay, Anyone else?

  • Linton Findlay

    who pays $800 for a car radio

    • Rowan09

      That’s normal for top of the line radios. Anyone that buys a new car with the navigation package pays about $2000+, so this is way cheaper.