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Earlier this month, Apple SVP Jony Ive participated in a brilliant on stage interview at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco. The design chief talked about a wide range of topics, including Apple’s design process and his thoughts on copycats.

As an executive of one of the most secretive companies in the world, Ive rarely speaks so candidly—especially on stage, so as you can imagine, the event went viral. Well now you can see what all of the commotion was about, as the full interview has been posted online.

The clip runs just under 30 minutes long, and is definitely worth watching. Ive has been a busy man in recent months, between launching two redesigned iPhones and the Apple Watch project, so the designer has no problem finding interesting things to talk about.

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Thanks Matt!

  • Rahul

    Was he on drugs before the interview?

  • Alexander Gennadievich

    Actually this is not a full interview. In the shorter clip he talks about Steve.

  • Martin 

    He’s definitely on something…

    • Dan

      glad to hear I’m not the only one who thought so

    • DIesel

      He seemed relaxed and clear-headed to me; I don’t get any sense of him being high

  • WiseBlasian

    hes a weirdo but most geniuses are

    • BoardDWorld

      Weirdo, nope, looking at what you describe as weird you’ll realise that much of that is what makes him decisive & clear minded about what should or shouldn’t be. I find small minded people weird, it all depends who is looking at who…

      • WiseBlasian

        We are not worthy of your internet persona’s great mind please forgive us small minds for we cannot see clearly!

      • BoardDWorld

        I was only speaking sense, hopefully they open their eyes/mind a little.

  • onesimpleclik

    Hearing Jonathan Ive talk puts me to sleep. His voice is so drab & uninspiring.
    Steve Jobs on the other hand, spoke like a visionary & made you feel excited.

    • RandomThis

      most designers appear that way. that’s why they’re designers and not public speakers.

  • jack


  • 4pp1e

    I can listen to him all day,

  • zeekfizz

    no way this is the full interview. Doesn’t talk about Steve and just how it’s cut off at the end. Why say it’s the full interview? Really hate liars

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Im stopping at the part that discussions how the design teams comes up with a new product. Lets be real here, does it take 15 guys to come up with the idea, “hey, lets make the same product we have been making every year thinner?” And dude was high during this video.

    • Wendy Morales

      Why change something that works. It makes me laugh that people keep saying it’s the same product every year but yet they outsell the competitors. 10 million phones in just a week. Go ahead and show me Samsung, HTC or LG selling 10 million phones in less than a week? So to answer your question. If the product works then why change it!!!!!!

      • coLin

        people prefer to buy Apple products because of their culture, not because they are necessarily better

    • Spencer B

      Who knows what they (Apple) are working on? How many products are sitting on that table right now that we may never see? Who knew that they were working on the iPhone 9 years ago? They were pushing out computers and iPods each year with minor upgrades. He even said in the interview that the phone nearly didn’t happen, it was a concept initially that has grown each year until now and beyond. Had the iPhone not arrived, then perhaps we would still be texting on a numeric keypad on a phone the size of peanut! Let’s face it Apple made the Walkman better, the cell phone better, many would argue the computer. They made tablet computing popular and put the compact digital camera into the museum.

  • Jeffrey

    That was a very interesting interview. I love Jony Ive. He was shaking a lot though and he has been looking awful lately, I really wonder if he may be (seriously) sick…

  • Giovanni Cardona

    He seems like an anxious person. No wonder he doesn’t do stage presence on Apple events.

  • coLin

    does he wear red socks??

  • JS3

    nice interview… ppl who think hes on drugs is just stupid AF and looking for attention. BUT in my opinion the only thing i didn’t like is how he seemed like he was walking on egg shells not trying to say to much and acting like he can only say certain things even on products that are already out…. idk i know apple is all secretive about everything but come on… why not give us a good interview and tell us something cool…. whats the big deal?