1password yosemite 2

Adding to the list of growing OS X Yosemite software updates, AgileBits posted a new version of 1Password for Mac this morning. The update, which brings the client to version 5.0, offers full support for the just-released OS upgrade, complete with refreshed design and other improvements.

Among the improvements is enhanced iCloud sync, which is faster and more reliable than ever (note: iCloud sync now requires 1Password 5 on iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite to function). Wi-Fi sync also got an upgrade, and now allows users to sync attachments with devices on the same network.

There are other small additions worth noting, such as 1Password’s support for Yosemite’s Dark Mode, and its new icon that better matches the design language in the latest Mac operating system. AgileBits also notes that the update has “many improvements and fixes based on user feedback.”

1password yosemite

For those unfamiliar with the software, 1Password allows the storage and management of user names, passwords, credit cards and other sensitive data.  It’s easily the most popular app in its category, and is often mentioned among the best general productivity apps on both iOS and Mac platforms.

The good news is, 1Password for Mac is actually on sale right now. At $34.99, it’s sitting at a discount of 30% off of its normal retail price of $50. If you want to check it out, you can grab it from the Mac App Store here. Additionally, 1Password for iOS is now free and works great with iOS 8.

  • QuarterSwede

    It’s good to see a popular app support dark mode.

  • Rob_Huska

    Note that the Pro features for the iOS 8 app will still cost $9.99.

    • But if you don’t use the pro features you get to use it for free. This is where the freemium business model works best not useless games trying to grab your money but apps like 1Password. However it does mean because it uses in-app-purchases it won’t support family sharing which sucks…

      • ThoseCurves

        That is exactly why they took that route. ” to avoid family sharing”.
        I see a lot of people talking about 1Password, although on my part i am not sure if i should go ahead with the mac and iOS versions. how is this different then iCloud Keychain?

      • You can store any type of details such as credit card, serial numbers, etc and encrypt small files such as documents or receipts.

  • ThoseCurves

    Help Here, is this better then iCloud Keychain? $35 for mac + $10 for IOS.. that’s too much for an app considering every second release is chargeable all over again.. is it worth it ?

    • AminTj

      use lastpass! you just need to pay 12$ yearly!
      but its better! same function!

    • QuarterSwede

      Once a 1P user always a 1P user. Point is, you rarely see people want to try anything else. That’s how worth it it is.

  • omakad

    It seems that blogging community is heavenly supporting and favoriting 1pass and I can’t find any good feature comparisons and analasys between 1Password, LastPass and KeyChain. Can you guys write a non bias comparison article with pros and cons so people that are just getting into this can make their decision easier?