os x yosemite today

Mac and iOS software chief Craig Federighi just announced that OS X Yosemite will be available to the public today, as a free update in the Mac App Store. As long as you have a compatible Mac machine, you’ll be able to grab the software at no cost.

Announced in June, Yosemite is a significant update for Apple’s Mac operating system that brings about a fresh new design, and hundreds of new features including Notification Center Widgets, Handoff, Continuity, text message forwarding and more.

Here is a brief overview of some of the major new features:

  • Today view in Notification Center, giving you quick access to informative widgets for Calendar, Weather, Stocks, Reminders, World Clock and social networks. You can also add widgets like Yahoo! Sports from the Mac App Store to customize your Today view
  • New Spotlight, delivering rich information right to your desktop from Wikipedia, Maps, Bing, App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, top websites, news and movie showtimes
  • iCloud Drive, so you can store files of any type in iCloud, organize them any way you like, and access them from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or even a Windows PC
  • a streamlined new Safari that delivers the fastest performance, as well as the longest battery life for web browsing and Netflix HD video streaming on the Mac
  • an updated version of Mail, which includes Markup for quickly filling out and signing forms and PDFs right within Mail, plus Mail Drop, which makes it easy to send large attachments up to 5GB for free
  • enhanced Messages, so now you can add participants to your ongoing group conversations, see their locations on a map, quickly access attachments and even mute notifications
  • iTunes 12, which has a sleek new look, is fast and simple to use, and makes it easier to switch between browsing your music library and discovering new music on the iTunes Store. A new Recents view makes it easy to access the media you just purchased or recently played
  • Family Sharing, so family members can now browse and download each other’s iTunes, iBooks or Mac App Store purchases.

And from Apple’s press release:

“OS X Yosemite is the most advanced version of OS X we’ve ever built, with a brand new design, amazing Continuity features and powerful versions of the apps you use every day,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering. “OS X Yosemite ushers in the future of computing, where your Apple devices all work together seamlessly and magically. It’s something only Apple can do, and it’s available today.”

Stay tuned to iDB for more OS X Yosemite coverage.

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  • roo333

    Anyone know when it will be released today??

  • James G

    Finally. My work MacBook Air looks hideous compared to when I run Yosemite on my rMBP at home!


    no any update Alerts yet !! from App Store

    • James G

      Probably coming after keynote is done.

    • rockdude094

      It doesn’t come in the updates section. You have to download it form the App Store like an app then it does its thing.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Mavericks came in the updates section.

  • Thoman

    no any update now?

  • G-HaB

    so when will this be available I’m still waiting

  • vivalaivsca

    Refreshing App Store non-stop. Try it; its fun. =)

  • Mitchell Flores

    it says unavaliable in the US?

    • sid3001

      Also unavailable in Canadian Store

  • Alex

    anyone have an idea of when Yosemite will be released? I am looking around and no one really knows, they all say “later today” lol

    • rockdude094

      Today – at anytime

      • Alex

        lol they’re teasing people because there website says upgrade now

      • rockdude094

        Lol did you get the update already ?

      • Alex


  • Fanboy 

    Downloading 😀 currently at 37%

    • sid3001

      From where?

    • Alex

      in which store? not in the U.S store lol

  • Dalvonta™

    Waiting impatiently…

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    • Cristian Meneses

      Same here in Chile, still waiting 🙁

  • Bùi Anh Thắng

    I changed few app store and none of them available now 🙁

    • RatZ

      any luck ???

  • jaysoncopes

    Any idea why Apple would release Yosemite with a link to it in the App Store but leave it unavailable?

  • Luis Santana

    This is unbelievable … Unable to download in the US. Shame on The Apple.

  • Luis Santana

    in other news, apple just release the biggest troll for the moment hahaha =)

  • Yarin Azulay

    iOS 8.1 GM? 🙁

  • Prince

    in which store the upgrade is available ?

    still unavailable in the U.S..! O_o

  • Nothing in Canada. Why have a link at apple’s site that doesn’t work?

  • Golicza Alpár

    They didn’t accept it in their own App Store. 😀 😀

  • AF

    Any updates from where I can get it?

  • slow release in the US. Should there be any bugs or glitches; it seems obvious Apple wants it to happen in the UK

  • Matty_1995

    its already in the app store, you just have to type in os x yosemite in to the search section

    • Rahnold

      It JUST appeared, yes. However it doesn’t appear they’ve made the download available yet (or the servers are overloaded). Encountering “Item is not yet available” then (null) error.

      • Chris Brown

        got the same thing here

    • Rhys Roderick

      yes just typed it in installing it now yay! 🙂

  • Rhys Roderick

    It’s available in the app store now guys!

    • Chris Brown

      ya but have you tried downloading it yet, still says unavailable for me

      • Rhys Roderick

        I Have the same problem “Temporary Unavailable “, Apple better sort this out quick!

  • Luis Santana

    Downloading… =)

  • SBG

    Yea is on the way down 🙂

  • SBG

    50 mb in 15 min

  • Babou

    what about i have os x Yosemite public Beta installed on my macbook
    so do i need to download the full version or just from Update ?

  • Guest

    where is the handoff/continuity feature?