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Well that’s all folks. Apple’s iPad and Mac event has come, and gone. We’ll continue talking about the announcements made today for many, many weeks, but the keynote itself and all of the speculation and rumors we heard leading up to it, are now over.

A lot has happened in the last 10 hours or so, and we understand that it might have been difficult to keep track of everything. So as usual, we’ve put together an awesome roundup for you of everything important that happened during and after today’s event.

iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

iPad Air 2 touch id gold

There weren’t many surprises in the iPad announcements today, as supply chain leaks pretty much spoiled all of the new stuff. As expected, the iPad Air is now thinner and more powerful, and the iPad mini received a minor update and saw very little stage time.

New Macs, OS X Yosemite


Apple unveiled two new Macs today: a 27″ iMac with a gorgeous 5K Retina display, and a refreshed Mac mini with a discounted entry-level price of $499. OS X Yosemite, which was introduced in June, also got some stage time and was released after the event.

Apple Pay and everything else

apple pay stage

Although Apple already talked about Apple Pay in length at its September event, it touched on the service today, saying it would be launching Monday alongside iOS 8.1. It also noted over 500 banks and several new retailers have signed on within the last month.

And that should just about cover everything. Thanks for choosing to hang out with us today, it was fun! Make sure to stay tuned to iDB over the coming weeks and months for more coverage on the new iPads, Macs, OS X Yosemite, Apple Pay, and much, much more.

  • Thanh

    I bought my iPad 2 back in 2011 for $499 without taxes. Now I wish I can have the money back and get the new iPad lol.

    • Ali

      Don’t we all wish that for every new iDevice launched?

      • andy

        I’m not impressed.
        Apple today has lost my respect.
        I expected the new Ipod touch 6th generation to come out just like all the new Idevices got upgraded. I know Iphones is the main key now but still. Personally myself i have got the money to buy the iphone but its expensive…. Ipod touch was the best is still is the best, i honestly dont care if people judge me by that fact…..
        You know apple i could have bought the ipod touch this upcoming holiday as a gift but instead no. You have gone downhill so bad after ios 7-8 causing serious issues to users, your products by its design and more.

      • jacob wolin

        They are killing the iPods, the iPods were a gateway drug to Apple’s ecosystem. They want people to buy iPhones, iPads and, Macs. And if you look at numbers they will prove that it’s working. Yes iPods were cool and still are but most people want one device so the iPhone is perfect for them. For people that want to work on the go the iPad is good for most cases but in case it’s not you can buy a MacBook Air or Pro and it’ll be super light. Apple knows how to give most people what they want. And they haven’t updated the touches since the iPhone 5. They killed off the Classic already so buy an iPhone and you will be fine. Yes a tad pricey compared to iPods but they do so much more

  • coLin

    so where is “one more thing”?

    • Probably there is nothing more 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Was hoping for a 6th generation iPod touch but oh well, not like I need one anyways.

    • andy

      Well i needed one, since the iphone is kinda expensive for me as i have the money for it.
      I’m not impressed with apple but yet okay job

  • Kash Gummaraju

    Simple recap:
    1. They once again made another product thinner for no reason
    2. Added a new color for ipads
    3. Increased the price of the ipad mini without anything different and added a touch id to both ipads
    4. Finally released a true retina imac with a 5k display
    5. no macbook air retina
    6. improved mac mini
    7. For some odd reason talked about ipad photography- the most ridiculous thing ever
    8. Yosemite is out,yay
    9. Continued to directly bash competitors without any real reason to do so
    10. Made some jokes and showed Stephen Colbert and talked about rumors and leaks
    11. Software stuff that should normally talked about in WWDC and when the corresponding product is launched or announced

    • I wonder one thing – will the new ipad air 2 bend like iphone 6 plus. I really hope it does not but as i see the thinness it will most certainly do.

      • felixtaf

        It will bend. So, dont put it in your pockets!

        There is no reason for an iPad to take such stress!

      • andy

        Buy the ipad, touch it…will bend, becareful!!!!!!!! 😉

    • TechLove

      You don’t know what you are talking about! lol.
      They didn’t increased the price of the Retina iPad mini by $100. Last year it was the same price. $399.
      They just lowered the price of current mini.

      2013 Prices:

      …………………Non-Retina iPad mini: $299
      …………………Retina iPad mini…… : $399

      2014 Prices:

      …………………Non Retina iPad mini: $249
      …………………iPad mini 2………….. : $299
      …………………iPad mini 3………….. : $399

    • Kurt

      That stephen colbert bit and bono bit reminds me of Samsung’s out of place keynote for the S4. So corny.

    • andy

      Totally agree!!!!!!!!!

  • Sokrates

    Does somebody know if they’ve released the new wallpapers yet?

  • Kurt

    “It’s been way too long” <—so did that mean anything?

    • andy

      Yet no ipod touch, thanks a lot apple! 🙁

  • Oliver Hyde


    • andy

      IM NOT IMPRESSED WITH APPLE. Expected much better, a disgrace. I lost respect for them now.

  • Rares

    The correct title of the article: “Apple event recap: new iPad, Macs and more”

  • Rupinder S

    Thanks for the hard work you guys put in; it was a hectic day yesterday, I know. (:

  • ClaudieX X

    What Apple did with the iPad Mini 3 is disrespectful. They gonna discontinue the mini series ???? iPhone 6 plus is more lucrative, so mini is over? what the hell are they thinking? 1 year waiting the new ipad mini only to see this bad joke… I’m so mad…