iPad Air 2 thin

Apple is holding its much anticipated media event at the corporate Town Hall campus in Cupertino, California and the company has just announced the next chapter in the iPad story, the iPad Air 2.

As suspected, the tablet is even thinner than the current-generation iPad Air and, yes, comes in Gold.

And guess what it’s called. Yes, the iPad Air 2. It’s an incredible 6.1 mm thin, which is 18 percent thinner than the iPad Air, enough to call it the “world’s thinnest tablet”. There’s Touch ID, better cameras, Apple Pay, faster chips and lots more, all listed after the break for your reading pleasure.

The Wi-Fi-only edition measures 9.4 inches tall (240mm), 6.6 inches wide (169.5mm) and 0.24 inch thick (6.1mm) and weighs 0.96 pound, which works out to about 437 grams. The Wi-Fi + Cellular edition is a little heavier at 0.98 pound, or 444 grams.

The team has achieved the product’s thinner appearance by optical bonding that removes the air gap between the cover glass and the display itself. The fully laminated display sports has an anti-reflective coating to reduce reflection by a cool 56 percent, which Apple says has never been done before on a tablet.

iPad Air 2 hand

By the way, the 9.7-inch Retina display still uses the 2,048-by-1,536 pixel resolution at 264 ppi, just like prior full-size Retina iPads. The iPad Air 2 is powered by the A8X chip that packs in an astounding three billion transistors, offering 40 percent faster CPU and 2.5 times faster graphics performance.

ipad air 2 reduce reflection

The iPad Air 2 still has a ten-hour battery life and features a barometer sensor and Apple’s M8 motion coprocessor, both of which are found inside the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The back-facing iSight camera has an improved eight-megapixel sensor with a wider f/2.4 aperture. It takes great still images, including 43-megapixel panoramas. Time-lapses and Burst images are supported, too.

Note that Panorama, Time-lapse and Burst shooting modes are all firsts for the iPad.

ipad air 2 isight camera

In terms of video, the iPad Air 2 takes 1080p video at 30 frames per second with software-based video stabilization (the iPhone 6 does 1080p in 60FPS), by leveraging an Apple-designed image signal processor that’s part of the A8X chip.

Another first for the iPad: Slo-mo video capture at 120 frames per second versus the iPhone 6’s Slo-mo capture at 240 frames per second.

ipad air 2 facetime camera

A souped up FaceTime HD camera is still 1.2 megapixels with backside illumination, but now has a larger f/2.2 aperture. It does 720p HD video capture, single-shot HDR photos and auto HDR photos and video.

Other FaceTime HD features on the iPad Air 2 include improved face detection, Burst mode, manual exposure control and Timer mode.

Last but not least, the iPad Air 2 has dual microphones, Touch ID, Apple Pay for purchases online and in apps (not at retail stores like the new iPhones), in addition to a faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi and 150MbpsLTE with carrier aggregation, support for 20 LTE bands and more.

ipad air 2 touch id

For those wondering, the iPad Air 2 comes preloaded with iOS 8.1

Available in Silver, Space Gray and Gold colorways, the Wi-Fi-only iPad Air 2 costs $499/$599/$699 for 16/64/128GB varieties (yes, Apple pulled an iPhone 6 here with storage tiers).

ipad air 2 wifi price

Cellular versions are an extra $130.

ipad mini 3 cellular price

Apple will take pre-orders for the iPad Air 2 starting tomorrow, October 17,  and ship it the following Friday, October 24.

ipad pre-order date

As you can see, the new iPad Air is an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary upgrade, but that’s OK and in line with Apple’s product philosophy where they take the world by storm with a leapfrog product and then iterate it tirelessly.

ipad line up

So, how do you like the new iPad Air 2 and will you be upgrading?

For more details, check out Apple’s press release linked right below.

[Apple PR]

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  • David Gitman

    dafuq 18% thinner

    • andy

      18% thinner for easier bendable device 😉

  • So no RAM?

    • James G

      They never mention RAM for iOS devices. Teardown will tell us.

      • Because they never update it, I am 100% positive when they do update it, they will tell us.

      • James G

        We shall see! I was expecting Schiller to say “2 GB RAM” instead of Touch ID when he was talking up the “most requested feature”

      • The difference with the A8X chip could mean more RAM.

      • Elias Chao

        Well, they didn’t tell us about the 2GB of RAM on iPad Air 2, and I’m 100% sure there it is 😛

      • Steven Code

        Im gomna loose my mind if I only put 1GB xD

      • James G

        Reloading tabs in Safari is quite annoying, but other than that…what else would 2GB of RAM add at the expense of battery life?

      • Guest


      • Elias Chao

        Maybe the -very expected- split screen feature :p

      • James G

        I’m not sure that’s going to require 2GB of ram. I wonder if we’ll see that in 8.2? Or possibly not until iOS 9.

      • Elias Chao

        Well, if they include that feature with future iOS versions, they should bump up the RAM, or we will get very-laggy devices.

      • James G

        I think 1GB of ram could easily manage simultaneous all usage with a powerful processor such as the A7X and A8X

    • Dan

      I’m betting on 1 GB, who needs helpful upgrades, eventually the iPad will be so thin you’ll be able to slide it under a door

      • Andy

        iPad Air 5: As thin as a piece of paper, also bendable.

      • Ethan

        Lol you can already do that.

    • I’m speculating that they’re reserving that for the iPad “Pro” line…1 usability improvement at a time.

      • Kurt

        Any mention on Split screen multitasking or is apple still trying to figure it out?

      • No mention of split-screen multitasking, so, no telling if it’ll be coming in iOS 8.1 this Monday.

      • dpacemaker

        I think that when Apple does bring split screen to the iPad it will only be able to be used with Apple apps for the first year before it becomes open to 3rd party apps. I only think this because wouldn’t a app have to be able to be scaled instantly in order to work? I know nothing about coding, but it seems a app would have to be able to adjust on the fly, and it may involve a API that Apple won’t release right away. Just like the NFC is not open to developers until next year.

  • Merman123

    My 6 Plus has killed the iPad line for me. I was hoping for something very different today. It didn’t happen. Guess I will be skipping this iPad.

    • David Gitman

      I am still expecting for a new ipod generation

      • Virus

        iPod is only 3% of apple’s profit they make just as much with accessories no point for another ipod if most already have a iphone

      • jaime boy

        Yeah thats because they never refresh the lineup, and the last time they did they put iphone 4s internals in it.

    • Gucciipad

      Agreed. Next year when I get my 6s plus. It will replace my ipad. No more ipad or iPad mini

  • sivkai

    Can’t fault the tablet, but the pricing will of course be insanely high.

    Nexus 9 matches the iPad Air 2 specs AND will be a good $100 cheaper (at least). Also, Android > iOS.

    • David Gitman

      oh so you prefer a laggy OS?

      • sivkai

        Are you telling me that pure Android (which runs on the Nexus) is a “laggy OS”?

      • David Gitman

        You have said android > iOS. you were talking about android in general

      • iPodDroid

        I hope you realize that not everyone gets lag on Android. That stereotype needs to STOP

      • Kurt

        my note 3 has no lag. People on here told me I would experience it after 3 months. Its been a full year now. I get more lag on my iPad Air and get frame drops. In fact from 60fps down to 22fps during game play!

      • Sunny

        oh look another dumb ignorant fool.
        what makes you think Pure Android is laggy?
        oh i bet you used a SAMSUNG PHONE RIGHT?
        Nexus phone with pure android and no skin no lag whatsoever.
        Especially with the upcoming Android L
        Please don’t be so ignorant.

      • David Gitman

        Hmm you are so good in reading right? I never said anythink about pure android

      • andy


      • Ariel

        Sorry to break it to you, but samsung owns the Android smartphone market. I bet most people don’t even know what “Pure Android” even means. They may be so used to lag, that they don’t even know theres any better 😉

      • Sunny

        Too bad for them then, Samsung with it’s heavy marketing is making Android look bad..if they haven’t then phone like the Nexus or HTC great phones with stock or near stock android would have stood out more…
        If you read android blogs in comments you would see all us hardcore android fanboys absolutely hate Samsung lmao they just make Android look bad..

    • Gucciipad


    • HamptonWalley

      Oh yeah, is that 10mm thick or how much?

    • TechLove

      Woah! Hold your breath mate. The nexus 9 is just an ipad mini ripoff. Both start at $400. But intrestingly, iPad is better value for money.
      With iPad you get:
      Touch id
      Better optimized apps
      Better build
      iWork suite

      With the nexus you get:
      boom sound speakers

      • Dan

        The build quality, iPad wins that hands down. I’d happily take the boom sound speakers over touch id and iWork though. Pretty much all I do on iPad is watch media and surf the web.

      • Kurt

        All tablets should have front facing speakers like the surface pro 3, and I think the nexus 9 tablet? It’s not really noticiable and you can get the same sound going into both of your ears. Apple thinks we only have one ear so I pretty much hear my movies in my right ear. Not cool.

      • Frozen Bee .GFKS

        lol, i have Surface Pro 3 and when i first played a song i thought its broken because that stereo front-facing speakers souns so differently (better)….not even my Macbook sounds like that

      • Kurt

        Huh? Sorry, I didn’t understand.

  • Cameron Chao

    basically paper thin now.

    • Guest

      And much thicker with your case on it.

      • Cameron Chao

        Phone gets thinner -> phones + case gets thinner. Same with tablets.

  • James G


  • Just another bastardized ARM tablet…waiting for iPad Pro in 2015.

    • Cameron Chao

      so, waiting for a larger screen bastardized ARM tablet…

      • If that’s what it is, then I’ll proudly just pass on it…have yet to find out.

      • Cameron Chao

        pass on the tablet, comment on this blog. What are you expecting from Apple anyway? when is it possible to drop the term “bastardized” with apple, thats what they do best.

      • Such butthurt…

      • Cameron Chao

        not sure how admitting Apple bastardize their products can make me butthurt. Having only one sided opinion on why Apple sucks, maybe.

      • When they finally make something that’s up to the competition for the same price, then their device won’t be referred to as basstardized…

      • Cameron Chao

        they are metal, they look good, they are reliable and surprisingly, on paper, their benchmarks are impressive. They’ve more than shit all over the competition, even for a slightly higher price. Its better to look at the whole picture, not just at how many features the phone/tablet has or is capable of doing, most people dont need half the features android/samsung has.

      • Who’s talking about phones here? The Lenovo Miix 2 10 makes every iPad look like a toy and priced the same…like every other iHypocrite, you don’t need the features until Apple implements it…go figure.

      • Cameron Chao

        do you see how Apple implements features? they dont just implement, they also force the world to accommodate to it. So technically, yes, no one needs these features until the features are widespread and useful. eg LTE, NFC…

      • TechLove

        Lol your under utilised nexus 9 also starts at $400 but you’ll never brag about it.
        You won’t get touch id on the nexus, nor the app support, nor the metal build and still you’ll but that crap and say ipad is shit?

      • My Nexus 9? Please remind me where I kept that…did you have 1 for me? Would proudly sell that bastardized stuff any day…

    • Carlos Gomes

      God you have deep issues, dude.
      In every single article you only complain. Why are you still here? More importantly, why are so do deeply interested in Apple stuff to the point of assisting a presentation of something that you already know you won’t like it?

      I can bet that even if Apple released the so called iPad Pro, you’d whine about something. Not enough RAM, too thin, not enough mp, too expensive.


      • Cameron Chao

        his job is to just cry, stir shit up, not once, ever, have i seen him actually mention a pro of apple, not once at all, even other notorious haters here have done so, eg, Kurt.

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        You have a homo crush on me. Always bringing me up. Have a homo crush on tim cook. <–typed his name in lower caps. Bet that upsets you lol

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    Does it bend?

    • Anthony Nguyen

      Please, stop. No.

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      Only when people start inserting them to the back pockets of their pants and sit on them.

  • James G

    iPad Mini 3 got screwed out of 802.11ac & that 8MP camera

    • Noah Mospan

      Not to mention the A8X chip

      • James G

        Yeah. They basically just made a gold color, added Touch ID and called it a day.

      • James G

        Wow, iPad Mini 3 really isn’t an update at all. Seriously…just compared specs and the only difference is Touch ID and the Gold option. NOTHING else has changed (except the price of the iPad Mini 2 and 1).

      • Kurt

        I hope iDB does speed tests between iPad mini 2 and mini 3. Let’s see if Apple artificially makes the mini 2 slower.

      • James G

        They excluded some features from the iPad Mini 2 like Timer Mode from the back camera and both Timer Mode & Panorama from the front camera…even though they are THE EXACT SAME PARTS. Check the specs sheets to see what I’m talking about.

  • Tobias9413

    It’s road trip. Lol

  • Mohammed Sahib

    What?? The LTE version costs only $30 more this time? Or are my eyes cheating me?

    • Guest


  • Dan

    That’s awesome, by skipping the 32GB version, they made people who bought the original iPad air 64GB and 128GB (like I did) lose 100$ in resale value.

    imo it was already too thin, don’t plan on upgrading in a while, no wow factor for me.

    • As with many devices you won’t get the wow factor. That only happens two to three yeas of ownership. Ive yet to see a single year upgrade thats a big wow over the previous generation from any company. It may be some out there though..

      • Dan

        Well IMO going from iPad 1 to iPad 2, or going from 4S to 5 still had a wow. I guess we’ve hit a peak these days.

  • Chocolatewe

    Will it bend? Kappa

  • Jonathan Talbot

    The thinness of this iPad is absolutely incredible! Will be upgrading from my iPad Air to iPad Air 2 😀

    • Dan


      Personally I already found the iPad air without the smart cover a bit too thin. I would of preferred a better battery or more RAM instead of having a thinner tablet.

      • Raz

        No one said there won’t be more RAM in the air 2. Only the teardown will tell….
        Also remember that while a bigger battery would be nice, it would also make the device much heavier which would contradict the name “iPad air”.

  • Chris Gilmore

    Why don’t they just start the products at 32GB??? So stupid.

    • James G


      • Chris Gilmore


      • James G

        The cost of the 16GB memory module continues to decline, year over year so the more of these they sell the higher profit margin they’ll get on it. Also, people who dupe themselves into getting a 16GB model are likely to choose a higher storage tier when they upgrade (thus driving future sales, again, at higher margins).

      • Chris Gilmore

        Gotcha. Thanks, bud.

      • Dan

        well said

  • WiseBlasian

    *sigh* the iPad Air 2 makes my iPhone 6 look even cheaper. Why the hell didn’t apple keep the chamfered edges for the iPhone?? Even the iPod has them!! I agree with people that say that the new iphones look like toys. They managed to keep the ipad thinner than an iPhone 6!! Why couldn’t they remove that stupid Camera buldge?? Really hope they change all that with the 6s, but they most likely won’t and I wll have to wait for the 7 to correct this stupid deisng mistake.

  • Jason Baroni

    If the 1st gen iPad mini will still be around in the market, will it be possible to load the iOS 9?

    I wonder because I don’t remember Apple selling outdated products for the past years.

  • rain111

    I guess I’ll be waiting for next year model, not enough for me to upgrade my iPad Air.

  • Martin 

    I’m on iPad 3 right now and it is time to upgrade, but Im doing it because I have to, not because iPad Air 2 “blow my mind”.

    I simply expected 3 things – lighter device, anti reflex coating (or glass) and more ram. I hope it will be at least with 2 gigs of ram, because it will still have air 1 weight (with is not that light comparing to Sony z1) and there is no protection from reflexes.

    I hoped to be so exalted at this point, but I’m a bit down. I don’t need better camera – I almost not using it, I don’t need Touch ID, it also doesn’t have to be thinner…


    • Kurt

      Maybe get an iPad Air? Probably get a good one used or even a refurbed for even more savings.

      • Martin 

        but there is no anti reflex coating and this is the killer feature for me 🙂

      • Kurt


  • Sunny

    One word:

  • DIesel

    Dear Apple,

    Please stop making things thinner for a good 2 years or so..

    Am i rite??

    • Tronjheim79

      And start making the battery more than 10 hours. (Come on, it’s been several generations already.)

      • Kurt

        All 6 generations. iPad 1 was 10 hours

      • Tronjheim79

        Exactly. All of them had 10 hours of battery life. I’m not saying that’s bad for a media tablet, but it could have improved by now.

  • Jason Baroni

    iPad Air 2 is great, but I don’t think it is the upgrade that Apple need to see sales grow back again. My feelings for both, Air 2 and mini 3, are the same as last year iPad mini with Retina: Apple only gave us what we asked for.

  • JasonL1C4

    I’d rather have the Nexus 9… But that’s just me…

  • Rot Kelfer

    Wallpapers please

  • n0ahcruz3

    Meh nothing new…

  • n0ahcruz3

    Phablets/iPhone 6+ will slowly kill the iPad.

  • StarShootex

    Where’s the mute switch O_o

  • Indian Food

    anyone have the ipad air wallpaper?

  • Hyr3m

    What? No protruding camera? I’m truly disappointed… I was really looking forward to that…

    • Kurt


  • mwpitt52

    More overpriced junk hardware from Apple.

  • Andrew Roth

    Why didn’t they upgrade it to the Retina+ that the iPhone 6 got?

  • Dao Sasone

    Hahaha. U gota be kidding apple. How much longer are you gona keep playing this outdated specs game.

  • Sumeet Gandhi

    If I buy ipad air 2 with tmobile then can I use it outside US with other sim cards? Is it unlocked like the iphone tmobile versions are?

  • onesimpleclik


  • theemptyhead

    Anyone out there who wants to exchange any high end android device with my ipad 3(including bluetooth keyboard case) ?

  • gittlopctbi

    Apple proves once again that it is the king of tablets.

  • Roland Adi Nugraha

    man, technology sure kicks so fast these days, my iPad 2 is already 4 years old and still good.

  • sguyx

    air2 isnt thinnest tablet 😉