Along with having an all around flatter design, iOS 7 heavily uses blur effect across the whole interface. If you ever wanted to adjust the blur level of various aspects of iOS 7, you should probably check out a brand new jailbreak tweak known as Flurry.

Developed by dantesieg, Flurry allows you to easily configure and adjust the blur and tint level of iOS 7. Any changes that you make will be applied to various interfaces such as the Notification Center, Control Center, Lock screen passcode, Home screen dock and way more.

In addition to the above mentioned interfaces, the tweak also blurs the Navigation Bar, Tab Bar, buttons as well as the Action and the Sharing menu.


Once you install Flurry, navigate to the tweak’s preference pane from the stock Settings app in order to configure it. You’ll find a kill-switch toggle that allows you to enable or disable the tweak as well as various sliders that allow you to adjust the blur, tint and the saturation level. Once you’ve made the changes, you’re required to respring your device.

Personally, I like the idea of the tweak except that the blur style doesn’t go along with various iOS 7 elements such as the dock, which doesn’t look good after enabling the tweak. To fix this, the developer could also provide an option to users to enable or disable the various interfaces that the tweak will work with.

If you want to give this tweak a try, head over to Cydia and download Flurry from BigBoss for free.

  • Eni

    I miss Virtual Home tweak

    • Varun Soi

      Why so did you upgraded to ios8?

      • Eni

        I know it was stupid thing to do, but it happened and now i am regretted

  • Stijn

    i have been waiting for a tweak like this for so long now, i hope it works nice

    • EetFuk

      It messes up safari even more.


    Well it messes up on two things
    1.dock(making it more whiter) and
    2.safari(looks tooo.. messy only on dark webpages)
    Other that that this is a solid tweak very nice to get translucent keyboard and other UI transparent parts

    • CobaltCrow

      Where did you get that SAO font :O


        You mean SAO anime?? That’s a good anime indeed if you meant that,
        I just selected this font purely for small letter spacing so that I can fit all the status bar icons precisely,
        The font name is “AgencyFB-Bold Font”
        cydia://package/com.modmyi.agencyfbboldfont from modmyi
        Hope this helps….

      • CobaltCrow

        Yep. That anime. Thanks.


        Nice 🙂

    • Pablo Olivos López

      which tweak is the one with the whatsapp logo at side of the battery icon?? sorry my english