Holding MacBook Air

In spite of both The Wall Street Journal and Re/code’s reliable John Paczkowski cautioning against a Retina refresh for Apple’s MacBook Air at tomorrow’s event, the hit-and-miss DigiTimes on Wednesday quoted Taiwanese suppliers as saying that small-volume shipments have already begun.

More interesting than that, sources asserted that the Cupertino firm is planning a major switch to using laser cutting and some advanced embedded technologies to make the Apple logo on products “3D-like and shine at the edges”.

This is allegedly a large-scale effort as all Apple products reportedly are going to feature the new logo in 2015, ”starting with the next-generation iMac”. As a reminder, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks the next iMac with a 5K Retina screen will be unveiled at tomorrow’s event, among other goodies.

DigiTimes’s source added that Tim Cook & Co. are expected to unveil a Retina MacBook Air at tomorrow’s event, and of course new iPads.

As for the laser-cut Apple logo, the “unique embedded technologies” are said to replace the current processes Apple uses for printing its logo onto devices.

“Currently, Apple is able to ship 12-13 million MacBooks, 4-5 million iMacs, 75 million iPads and 180 million iPhones a year,” DigiTimes writes. ”Therefore, the company is treating the logo upgrade plan carefully,” the report adds.

I’m not sure what to makes of this because DigiTimes is not the most reliable of source when it comes to the Apple rumor business. On the other hand, the trade publication does have some deep connections inside Apple’s vast network of suppliers and has proven accurate for the most part reporting about suppliers’ plans concerning their #1 client, Apple.

I, for one, would sure as hell love all my Apple gear adorned with the logo that shines at the edges.



  • SDR97

    This is going to be great for the half of TV shows that show the Apple logo. But it’ll make it tougher for the other half that cover it up. (How on earth does Apple decide which are which?)

    • Hyr3m

      Product placement. If Apple doesn’t pay for it, the TV show or movie will not show it. Maybe the tv show or movie producer refuses to work with crAp(ple) or maybe Apple decides not to appear in certain somewhat dodgy shows/movies and maybe it’s a bit of both…

  • hkgsulphate

    drains less battery and looks better (hopefully) 🙂

    • Carter M

      The light for the Apple logo is the back light for the display panel so it doesn’t use any extra power. If you change the brightness of your screen you will see the same happen with the Apple logo on the lid.

      • hkgsulphate

        oh o_O

      • Chris Wagers

        Thanks for the info. That’s cool.

  • Creavite

    It kinda matches the invitation outlined logo, doesn’t it?

    • imagine if you could change the shine to any color you like.. even rainbow style for some retro love.. now that would be cool.. something like alienware does for gaming PC keyboards.. Each Mac would have it’s own personality “shine” through the Apple Logo depending on the user.

  • TheAngryPenguin

    “that that”?!?

  • Xee

    Is this a sign that they will be moving to OLED soon? As the glowing logo wont work the same without LCD back light.

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  • YungCinnabunDatNigga

    Why do you IDB fagg0ts always delete people’s comments

    • regkilla

      They deleted a funny joke I made in here months ago.