Apple invite (October 2014)

Apple is planning to launch its new iPads on October 24, according to a new report from MacRumors. Citing a reliable source, the outlet claims that the new tablets expected to be unveiled on Thursday will become available for purchase on Friday of the following week.

The source told the site that Apple was shipping “mass quantities” of a new product to the United States, in preparation for the October 24 launch, although they did not specifically say iPads. That being said, given timing and context, the product is almost certainly tablets. 

Apple last week invited members of the press to a low-key event at Town Hall on Thursday, October 16. While the day is an unusual one for the company, it does tend to launch newly unveiled products on Friday of the following week, lending credence to MacRumors’ story.

It’s believed that Apple will use the event to unveil a more powerful iPad Air, with a thinner profile and higher resolution display. It’s also likely that we’ll see a refreshed iPad mini, new iMacs with Retina display, and iPod, Mac mini and Apple TV lines are all due for updates.

Apple will be live streaming the keynote, and we of course will be covering all of the announcements here on iDB.


  • John Wolf

    I’m not holding my breath, but new Apple TV hardware with updated OS would be the highlight for me. iPad, MacBook and iMacs are devices I always update as they come but Apple TV is LONG overdue.

  • David Gitman

    “It’s been too long” – maybe a new iPod generation?

    • Freddie Webster

      That’s what I’m waiting for too lol

  • Decio Arruda

    Unless it’s better sound on their MacBooks or a new release of Logic because Logic Pro X isn’t really good, won’t touch me.

  • Nikhil Tandon

    It’s not an unusual day for the company. It’s Steve Jobs Day on 16th October!