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Episode 51: An in-depth talk about some of our favorite new OS X Yosemite features, plus a discussion about the things we may see at Apple’s upcoming iPad event, including thoughts on products that haven’t been updated in years. We also talk about what Apple may be able to do to reinvigorate the iPod touch lineup.

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  • Leonard Wong

    I have the same issue about deleting apps and then it totally hang.

  • Matt Taylor

    Guys, regarding the iPod, I think the obvious way forward is to go back to basics! The iPod was always supposed to be about music right… So a much smaller, more stylish iPod with 256GB storage, high def audio and beats headphones bundled in the box would be awesome don’t you think? Leave the touch line (that is basically just a disabled iPhone) behind and completely reinvent it…

    • I completely agree. Apple always claims that Music is embedded deeply in their DNA. It’s time to prove that and make a kickass iPod. I don’t think they should ditch the touchscreen altogether though. Maybe make a watered down iOS that only comes with a Music app since I like the Music app on my iPhone and I think most other people do too 😉

  • ThoseCurves

    are you guess still working on that IOS 8 Guide ? i read few days back on IDB. is it real ?