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Premium audio company Bose Corp. and the now Apple-owned Beats Electronics have settled their patent infringement suit, reports Bloomberg. The two companies a U.S. court in Delaware they’ve settled their claims, and asked the International Trade Commission to cease its investigation.

Bose originally filed the complaint against Beats in July, claiming that Beats Studio and Studio Wireless headphones, which both feature “adaptive noise cancelation,” infringe on five of its noise-canceling patents. Clearly a settlement was reached here, but terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The news comes as a bit of surprise, as tensions between the two headphone-makers heated up this week. Bose struck a new partnership with the NFL, barring players from wearing Beats and other non-sponsored cans while on camera, and the league has already begun doling out fines to violators.

Things could escalate even further in the coming weeks, if rumors that Apple is pulling Bose products from its retail stores turn out to be true. Earlier today, MacRumors reported that Apple Stores are being instructed to begin removing all Bose audio gear from shelves and demo tables next week.

Apple, of course, completed it’s $3 billion purchase of Beats Electronics in August.


  • Anthony Nguyen

    Apple-wned? Haha.

  • HooDatty

    Someone from a large publication needs to put out an article for the masses shaming Bose for the craptascular company thye are and the terrible quality of the products they produce. They need to be put in there place, and smack talked over the true quality (or lack thereof) of the products. Smh.

    • Beta382

      You meant to say “Beats” there, right? Cause Bose makes some quality audio equipment. Their headphone line is superior to Beats, and, in general, less expensive.

      • HooDatty

        No I meant to say Bose. But beats is equally as bad, in fact they are identical. Overpriced crap with marketing that fools joe average sheeple consumer. And that’s really sad as it goes to show how stupid people really are.

    • Sad

      A hardcore fanboy if I ever seen one. To even suggest Beats is the same quality as Bose when comparing products of the same class is laughable.

      • HooDatty

        They’re both the exact same thing. Overpriced crap.

      • Tommy

        Oh shut up already.

      • Dan

        But… But Beats are designed by a Dr!

        I agree, Bose is superior. I’m ashamed that Apple bought Beats. Overpriced crap.

  • workin

    I was of the opinion Beats were poo. But I was also of the opinion copyright was about ethics. New dimension to the old saying ‘money talks, bs walks’

  • Lux

    What I find hilarious is that before Apple bought Beats most people on this site were always trash talking Beats but now Apple owns it those same people are bending over backwards to defend Beats. Too funny. Eats popcorn.

    • AnArcticMonkey

      Apple could buy Monsanto and people would still conjure up some excuse as to why they love the company now. Apple has not even changed anything yet and people are acting like Beats have grown leaps and bounds in terms of quality.

    • gittlopctbi

      Ah, the m.o. of the Fanboy…

    • Ian Leon

      i think beats suck and they’re ugly. I’m on Bose’s side of this lol

    • Joey Johari

      With u there bro

  • Wonder if the threat to remove bose products from the Apple store was all it took to settle it…wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case.

    • That and the fact it’s probably cheaper to settle. If Bose takes their case to the courts nobody wins but the lawyers. If they’re lucky they’ll get some money, if they’re really lucky they’ll get the products they claim infringe banned, if they’re unlucky they’ll lose the case altogether. Either way if they take it to court nobody wins but the lawyers it’s probably much better for Apple (Beats) and Bose to settle out of court…

  • Ian Leon

    IMO Bose makes more tastefully designed headphones

  • thomas

    in my opinion bose products are ugly